Monday, December 3, 2007

December is here and going

I remember has a little child how I used to look forward to the month of Decemeber,

Decemeber was truly the season to be merry.

I remember how we decorated the whole house first week of Decemeber, we usually start decoration on a saturday morning.We'll clean the house first,thorough cleaning ,different from the usual saturday routine, then we'll bring out all the decorations and sort them, the old ones that can be used,the old ones that could still be managed, the brand new ones. You need to see the excitement on our faces(me and my silblings) as we sort with our uncle.

The highlight of the whole decorating event, was putting the christmas lights around the house and decorating the christmas tree, with christmas carols playing on the record player (btw, do the still make them?), it was like going to heaven, I really cannot describe the euphoria.

December was a month of plenty parties, plenty new stuff,plenty food, plenty freebies, plenty fireworks and bangers,plenty goodies and plenty everything-merry. I rememember our end of the year party in primary school,the presentations, the showing off of different outfits, the smiles of faces of teachers and parents, the month of december brought along with it, a good feeling.

Decemeber was and still is the month, for travelling. You get to see your family and friends who haven't seen a long while.

I loved the month of december.

But has I grew older, the month of December lost its appeal for me,

the decoration routine has worn off in my household, we only put up the christmas tree now,

only other decorations are considered panti (rubbish) now. I don't know why I don't get the euphoric feeling anymore.

The month of December is the time now, I do an audit for the year, what did I plan to do? What did I achieve? What can I still achieve before the year runs to an end.

There is still loads of parties, especially weddings to attend in december, but now I defintely will not attend all, you have to choose attendance in order of prioroity. I have to write out a list of who am giving christmas cards and gifts,I have to save up in time to get at least one new outfit, to recycle with the old outfits I have.

I smile now when I see children now, shopping with their parents, preparing for the end of the year parties, et al. (Gosh! I feel like an old woman).

December is also the month of hope, hope for the new and better things.
Merry Christmas everyone and a splendid new year.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I was tagged by Tlk.

There are so many things to be thankful for, so many things I take for granted.

I am thankful for life,that I donot pay for the air I breathe.

I am thankful to have an avenue to be thankful.

I am thankful for my family, both nuclear and extended.

I am thankful to God for giving a blessed woman like miracle worker,I am privileged to be her child,I laugh now when I look back at many mother-daughter fights we had, and how I swore and was sure I'll never be her but everyday people tell me,I am look like my her.
I am thankful for my brother blessed with wisdom beyond his years, his humour,his love, his sweetness, his essence,thank you lord.

I am thankful for my crazy, creative, funny, smart, pretty and sexy sister. I couldn't have had it better.
I am thankful for my father, whose pampering and worrying and overbearing love I complain about, but I am thankful for a doting father.

I am thankful for his grace, his love, his mercy upon me, all this things I am unworthy of, even despite my faithfulness and unfaithfulness.

I am thankful for shelter,I am thankful for my health,my senses, safety, food, light,clean water and good W/C.
I am thankful for my friends, I am blessed among men.
I am thankful for my job and all it has taught me, I am thankful for all the colleagues and ex-colleagues.
I am thankful for Lagos, though the city is crazy, there always a fun part to it.
I am thankful because Nigeria will never break into a war again, our progress maybe slow, but we are making progress, gradually.

I am thankful for my ability to learn.
I am thankful for strengths and weakness and all that make me.
I am thankful for my blog and avenue to talk, share and learn.
I am thankful for my faith.
I am thankful all the lives that have blessed me.
I am thankful for all my experiences,past and present.
I am thankful for the opportunities availed to me.
I am thankful for everything.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

no title.

My heart broke today,
I am alive
And can feel the howling pain.
My heart broke today,
The bloody rain from my soul,
could not ease the pain,
My heart broke today,
In an unusual way,
The way that changes things,

but they remain the same.

My heart broke today,
And all of me gave way,
In bits and pieces, like shards from a glass pane,
That can never be put back together again,

My heart broke today,
I felt nothing near fear or shame,
Only pain, torturing pain,.

My heart broke today,

But I am glad,
she fulfilled her dreams of
joy, sadness, love, laughter, anger and now pain.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Where I have been?

I wish I could answer and say,
I have been to London to see the Queen, but on the contrary, I have been in Las gidi.
Where I have been?
I have been in out of my mind,
wondering, praying, asking questions, going crazy, returning sane.
Where I have I been?
I have mad busy and a bit lazy.

Recently, in Lagos traffic has been crazy(I know this is norm) but now it is like mad crazy,
The work on Ikorodu road on BRT lane, the construction of road in Yaba, the collapse of the bridge in Ikorodu, its like all hell has been let loose on our all mad traffic, it really a sun kere fa kere situation. The transport system of Lagos needs a total over haul.
It is not just about providing more buses on the road because at this rate now, I think I am going to be needing chopper rides across town.
It is about everything, the road networks, the roads (gosh! most of the roads in Lagos are BAD!),
the traffic officials,the yellow buses(yeah that's me!) the heavy duty trucks and tankers, the OKADA RIDERS! and the private car owners and commuters, everyone and everything.

Where do we begin? Is it from the every increasing accidents on the road?
Can't heavy duty vehicles be banned during the day? Can't their restriction be limited to a certain time, maybe like from 11pm - 6am? Do we have to move all goods by roads? Can't one of big boys buy the whole rail line and monopolize it? (Economist and those that have a say in the matter, please help here) Why do the foolish trucks drivers double park on express?

If Okada is banned? what will be alternative means of transport within short distances?
Are the riders trained? NO! Isn't there a way the riders can be scrutinized?

Why do some private car owners, who are considered the sanest on the madness chain of Lagos road users still drive on one way? Why do commuters cross the express when there is a pedestrian bridge very close by and it is not very late?

Why are accident vehicles left on the road a month or two after the incident?
Is it only me that is appalled by the unnecessary traffic and madness?
At the rate at which, we are going, won't we need mobile toilets in traffic, mobile restaurants and even mobile showers?
The beggars and destitutes on the road have become an eye sore.
Will the traffic lights and street lights ever work? (foolish question! I know)
I am just fed up with it all really.
What can I do? What can we do?

So this is where I have been,
In the centre of Excellence, with our posh vehicles on dirty roads,
sitting and seething in traffic forever, with the fear of being robbed.
With our "big" attitudes, plenty grammar, no action, no concern and increasing madness.
Who will save us?

By way, where have most of my neighbours gone? Fine boy, Alaye, Vera, Blacktinkerbell and sparkle?
Or is it me that has been gone too long?
Confused and Tminx, I miss you babes.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tuface is alive.

I will like to dispel all rumours about Tuface, he is alive and getting better.
Read and check out more pictures Here

Monday, October 1, 2007

Nigeria is green

Today is the 47th year of our independence,
I believe the coming years will get better for us,'
The future is green.

Enjoy TY bello's single.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fave Female Singers

I was on TLK blog and saw his post on his fave female singers and decided to do mine, He stuck to ten but its impossible for me to do so, even this list I have here is not enough. I was exposed to alot of music growing up fromTina Turner,Sidney Lauper, Onyeka Owenu, I could on forever. These are songs that will last forever. I sneaked a group in to the the list, TLC, how can I leave them out. I love brandy,Monica and Aaliyah too. There are new acts everyday, that are winning my heart, Asa, Nigeria's soulful artist is just the boom! Can't wait for her album to be released.
So who are your faves?


Macy Gray

Sade Adu

India arie

Lauryn Hill

Shania Twain

Natasha Bedinfield

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

still here

I have missed blogging, but I have been busy,
so many things I want to write but no time. I will finish up my write up on my next adventure of a Lagos commuter and post it up soon.
I read this article, "Men of God as Superstars" a while ago and came across it on line today,
very interesting. Read HERE and let me know what you think.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tuface please!

Tuface is one of Nigeria's foremost artiste and I love him! Read more about him HERE.
I love his story, the humble beginnings from one of the best male vocal group in Nigeria, Plantation Boiz. I loved them, they young, fresh and unique. I was one of people that was really upset about the their breakup, even though they are back in the studio together now, but just for an album, not as a group.
After the breakup,2face, stood out! He shone like a true star, his looks, his voice and the his songs. His first solo album, Face to face was one of the hottest album of the year 2005. Everyone single song in that album was good,every single one.
Early this year, he released another album, grass to grace, it was also another hit, every song was good,lyrics, beat, rhythm. I fell in love with artist.
But I do I have a lil problem with the 2 daddy, 2 problems actually.
Problem 1: His diction, Have you seen a television interview with Tuface?
Its really sad, please let no one say diction don't matter, it sure does. Especially has a Nigerian International artiste, your diction is really important, not jaw breaking vocabulary but simple basic grammar, not the regular YES O! YES O! he adds before,in the middle and the end of every sentence. With no disrespect to Fuji artistes,even Fuji artistes are working on their diction on the daily, so why not tuface?
His label Kennis Music, do they not see a need to brush up their artiste? A popular radio presenter on one of the local radio stations in Nigeria, once mentioned it and all hell went loose!
Oga kenny will not have any of it, clearly it had to be some bad belle for the ariste.

I am wondering can't Mr.Ogungbe hear him, can the whole world be crazy and Mr. Ogungbe sane?
I would have assumed that he will get Tuface a private tutor to help with his grammar.
Has his grammar improved? No.
2nd problem with Tu daddy, is his videos, the best so far in my opinion is his African queen video,very simple could have been better, but I like the idea.
Last week, my brother bought the Video CD of Tuface with great anticipation, only for us to have our hopes dashed. The videos were just not it,I cannot find any other word to describe how I felt when I watched the videos. I expected better, he is exposed now, worked with foreign directors and even shot the video outside Nigeria(These are not factors determining a good video).
So what happened?
Do his mangers not realise the power of a good video, he won an award at MTV Europe in 2005 , does that not indicate he steps up his game? I cannot emphasise the need for a good song and even a much better video. Why is it taking Tubaba so long to get this? Did he not see the videos of his former group members? Does he not see the final cut of his videos? Or he does not know any better? Or he does not have a say in the whole matter?
What about other videos he has featured in? like Jim jatts, Stylee video.
I will like to see Tuface improve,I do agree he has come a long way, he has evolved and I repeat he is one of the foremost artistes in Nigeria, and with time Africa. If he steps up his game, he might just be one of the foremost truest Nigerian International artiste reckoned with across the globe. His songs are tight, his looks is right, his style is evolving, simple and cool but his videos and vocabulary need major mending, someone explain to Tuface please!

Kolomental --- FAZE

True Love --- TUFACE


Monday, September 3, 2007

love your neighbour... love your self.

This scripture keeps nudging me,
Luke 10 : 27
"..... and you shall love neighbour has yourself"
How can one truly love another, if you have no love for yourself.
The first step to truly loving anyone is loving yourself, you cannot give what you donot have.
How can a man begin to truly learn to love himself?

Thursday, August 30, 2007

how old is the danfo driver?

Happy birthday to me!

I am grateful to my creator, the author and finsher of my faith,

The One who guides me and loves me despite all my flaws.

He is my source, my strength, my all.

I am grateful to be alive to see today,

I am grateful for who I am and the potentials I have,

I am grateful for the blessed family that I have,

(Oh! you need to have heard my mother's prayers for me this morning)

I am grateful for the friends God has blessed me with, am indeed blessed among men.

I am grateful for my colleagues and place of work, though this week was particularly tough for me, but am here, better wiser, stronger.

I am grateful for the danfo drivers across Lagos, lets hope this new BRT lane in Lagos works, it should make business better for us.

I am grateful for the blogfam I have, some of whom have become very good friends of mine.

I thank all those who called, sent me gifts, cards, messages...etc. I am grateful.

I am grateful for everything, Happy Birthday to me.

PS. I am still accepting gifts.

Monday, August 20, 2007


I am thankful to be alive.
Most importantly,I thank God for the life of my brother,
Who was caught inthe middle of the armed robbery saga inKetu on friday.

Details later, get to get back to work!

Update: I cannot even begin to recount the story like he told me, but something has to be done about the security in Lagos. The robbers according to my brother were very young, as young as 18 and 19. Their weapons were nothing to compare to the police toy guns. He ran to police station for "safety" but it was a bad idea,he was almost killed there and the station was razeddown, am just grateful that his life was spared because people were killed right in front of him. It so scary and sad.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Rejoinders to lost's return.

In response to my poem - Lost's return,
My poetry partner Lost wrote a rejoinder

It’s the evening,
The neighbors are gone now
The music has gone quiet
The celebrations are over
Its just us now…
Mama and I

She looks at me.
I look away.
She reaches for me.
I pull away.
She remains.
I stop.
I reach for her.
I stop.
I am not the son she lost,
I think.
I am not the boy she missed…the one that left.
The one she loved.Would she love,
the one that came,
In place of the one she lost?
It’s the evening,
The neighbors are gone now…But the questions remain.

And Blacktinkerbell,
wrote a rejoinder to his,

Mama's Love
My son has come,
returned from the dead.
My back has been bent
bent double with the weight of my prayers
My heart lightens
the burden tumbles down
Years restored;
which I thought were lost
In the midst of rejoicing,I see
see a new light in his eyes
the warrior who left me
he's returned a broken man
his lips tremble,
his eyes dart to and fro
in unguarded moments,
cold steel creeps into his touch
he is not right, he is not the same
As the night lightens into morn
with the first call of the cockerel,
I slip into his room
I call his name,
look into his eyes
lay his head upon my breast,
mama knows all, mama's love will heal.

Beautiful pieces.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Native Language

Why do some Nigerians think that speaking and teaching their children, their native language is razz?

As long as it doesn't affect their spoken English, whats wrong?

Is speaking Pidgin razz too? I particularly love the waffy dialect of pidgin.

Someone please educate me!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Lost's return

Today, Mama is rejoicing,
Singing and dancing,
Praying and crying,
Her eyes simply cannot believe it,
This is a greater gift than money,
Far sweeter than honey,

Today mama is celebrating,
That which caused her agony,
now suddenly brings her relief,
She is beside herself,
hands on her head,
hands on her chest,
hands together in the air,
God has answered her only prayer,
She thought this was a dead matter.

Clap, mama,clap
Dance, mama, dance,
Your dance is the prologue,
to the never ending chorus.
Let her bask in this reverie,
10 oceans cannot contain her floods of joy,
Nothing , noone can stop her,
From embracing her son,
The first fruit of her womb,
Who had been missing for years and years,
Everyone was assured that death had eaten him up,
A child dead, is better than a child lost,
But mama held on and kept her hopes up,

Her only son, her first born has returned,
beat the gong,play the drum
This festival has just begun.

© Omohemi Benson, All rights reserved.

This is for lost, I await your response.

Monday, August 6, 2007


Marianne Williamson

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you NOT to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightening about shrinking so that other people won't feel unsure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone. As we let our own Light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

First heard this from the film Coach carter and then Akeelah and the bee, two brilliant films,but one beautiful powerful phrase,that inspires me daily. Read it again, onTminx blog today and smiled.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

The collaspe of the Mississippi bridge

Today, I heard about the collaspe of the Mississippi bridge, please read here for more details.
I couldnot help but think about our own third mainland bridge.

May God console the families of the those who lost there lives on the bridge.

Read yesterday of some prisoners in the phillppines who dance to pop as their morning routine.
will this ever happen in our prisons? If yes? When?
Please click on the link here to watch them dance, very interesting.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


In exactly 29 days from now,
It will be my birthday,
so am giving blogsville enough notice,
Why? because I want gifts!
not just calls and messages, but beautiful gifts.

Mark the 30th of August in your diary, phone, whatever and start planning on what to give me.
no excuses, just gifts!

Monday, July 30, 2007

fun weekend

I had a good weekend.

starting from friday night to sunday evening.

I met a couple of bloggers at Laspapi's play on sunday,
It was fun! Thanks guys.

Saturday, July 28, 2007


Who am I?

What am here for?

Will I fulfill my purpose?

Where am I going?

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Adventures of a Lagos commuter 3

If you commute regularly in Lagos, you'll meet different people, from the ordinary reserved commuter to the really crazy one.
I have a categorized a few,that you might identify on your next trip.

The Activist: This is the commuter who champions the course of other commuters, ranging from exorbitant fares to indiscrimate abuse by the bus conductors, amongst other things. He is bold, loud mouthed and often times wins the course.
Personal experience: My sister and I were returning from the market one evening,the fare was N30,when the bus was filled with passengers and we about to leave, the conductor annouced that the fare was N50. There was no reason given, the bus that had left just before ours collected N30, but the conductor and the driver insisted on collecting N50.
Some passengers grumbled, some were indifferent, some were cursing the driver, who was already ordering those who could not pay the fare to get off the bus, but alas there was this young woman, in the bus, the activist. She calmed everyone in the bus,raising her voice steadily, she insisted that we must not pay the N50 fare, asking us all to remain in the bus and coperate. She said her house rent had just been increased no explainations, her light bill had just been increased no explainations but her salary has remained the same for 7 years, no explainations!, she went on how we just allow things without fighting or asking.
To cut a long story short, we were all seated in the bus for an hour, no body got off and eventually our action paid off, we paid the regular N30 fare.

The preacher: this is the commuter, who propagates the gospel of Christ in the bus. They may or maynot have a bible at hand, but they quote scriptures well. A few of them are very good, very good meaning; good diction, good dressing, subtle approach and most of them are purely the opposite. A few of them ask for offering after preaching.

Jonah: (remember the biblical story of the lad, who slept in the belly of the whale?).
This is the commuter, who sleeps from the beginning of the trip to the end of the trip,often missing his busstop, sometimes the sleeping commuter might even snore!

The analyst: This is the commuter who ananlyses the political and economical situation of the country, citing unverified statistics and stories, often criticising or comending the government of the day.

The Salesman: This is the commuter who sells strong conviction that his product is the best in the whole world. From booklets, medicine to snacks , name it, the sales man has got it.

The Iya Olomo - This is the commuter, who has more than two children with him/her, often times,this commuter is usually a woman who is pregnant, has a baby strapped to her back and has like four or more children with her. When Iya olomo gets on the bus, she tries with (of course) no success to carry all her four children on her laps until any commuter offers to help her with one or two of the children. When she is getting off the bus it is another drama, the conductor will have to warn the driver "oloyun o pomo o!,o gbomo dani, o mu omo lowo,o leru leyin" (transl: Please wait patiently for this one, she's pregnant, she has a child strapped to her back, she carrying one on her shoulder, holding another and she's got lugage in the boot!)

Staff: this is the commuter who refuses to pay the fare, claiming to be a staff, this commuter is usually a police officer,a soldier or one of the touts aka agbero the motorpark. Sometimes, some smart guys use this moves too, claiming to know the driver from childhood,neighbourhood, or he is the chairman of the boys or some other silly idea that comes up in his head.
If the smart guy is lucky the driver and conductor may let him be but if not they may order him to get off the bus or beat him silly!
Personal Experience: A uniformed man, who was neithera police oficer,naval officer or soldiers, got on the bus one nice friday evening, feeling all fly,when the conductor asked him for money he proudly answered "staff!" the conductor, looked at him and laughed(I remember vividly that conductor's dentition, it was ugly!) and answered"staff ti bo?" transl: staff from where? The man couldnot answer,the conductor had a fun day beating the guy, it wasn't funny at all!

The Mercy passenger: this is the commuter who never has enough money to pay for the fare but boards the bus all the same, hoping that the conductor will look on him/she with mercy or some other commuter will look with upon mercy, and add to the fare or plead with conductor.

Iya Oloja- This is commuter is a regular on the yellow buses, especially the Molue.
They are very cautious with their bags and goods. They haggle alot with the conductor over the bus fares and the fares they have to have to pay for their goods in the bus.
Personal experience: An iya oloja was sitting beside me in a danfo, then the conductor asked for her fare,she brought money from the leftside of her bra, counted it and put it back, brought out money fromthe right side of her bra, counted it and put it back, brought out money from the pouch market woman usually carry, counted it and put it back, finally she brought out money from her purse and paid the conductor!

The eccentric: As the name suggests, this is really eccentric commuter, who is full of drama.
(s)he could either been talking to herself through out the bus ride, or pick on another passenger or conductor sometimes even driver and insult them through out the ride. Pray never to be sitted beside one.

The reserved: This is the quiet easy going commuter, who tries as much as possible to avoid trouble with the conductor and fellow passengers, you will hardly ever hear his/her voice in the bus. They come in quitely and get off quietly.

Know any other kind of commuter, please share.

If you missed the POST that lead to the Adventures 1 and 2 read up!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Interested... hurry!

Stories Across Africa (StAAf) a core project of the African Academy of Languages, the official language agency of the AU, is a is a pan African project intending to:

develop and support the use of African languages in print;
support mother tongue based bilingual education in Africa;
stimulate and support the African publishing industry and African literary and visual artists to create and foster the use of children’s literature;
begin to create a common store of written children’s literature for African children;
support possibilities for reading for enjoyment as part of literacy learning and development.

In collaboration with a local publisher from each of Southern, West, Central, East and North Africa, StAAf is publishing three anthologies of writing for children:
Early Childhood (0-8),
Middle Childhood (9-12) and
Teenagers (13+)
We invite you to submit stories and poems in any African language (with a summary or translation in English, French or Portuguese) or any of the AU official languages. Please follow the following guide (suggested maximum words per submission) with respect to length:
ECD: 800 words
Middle: 1200 words
Teen: 2000 words
The selection process will be made by the StAAf steering committee and their decision will be final. Authors of submissions which are selected for inclusion in one of the anthologies will be paid a permission fee for the use of their writing. Authors of manuscripts selected for publication will be informed before the end of October 2007.
Selected stories and poems will:
arise from and give an African point of view;
have definite literary merit;
reflect diversity in terms of gender, ethnicity etc;
challenge discrimination;
include humour and avoid being didactic and preachy;
include not only ‘problem literature’ but fantasy and experimental, non-linear texts too.
Selection issues to be considered include:
Style: How is the story or poem written? Are the ideas easily understandable? Is it readable for the target age group?
Translation: Will it be possible to adapt this poem or story into a variety of languages used on the African continent?
Theme: Is the theme relevant for the age group? Will it have continent-wide appeal? Is the theme interesting? Does it portray positive roles for the readers? Is it gender sensitive?
Attractiveness: Is the story or poem appealing to the target audience? If there is humour? Is its appeal continent-wide? Does the language attract the reader?
Clarity: Is the rhythm, diction and syntax clear and appealing? Does the language contribute to transmitting the message and attracting/ entertaining the audience? Is the use of language original and lively?
Submission DetailsSubmission deadline: 30 July 2007Please submit stories and poems by post or email.
If the story has already been published, please submit a copy of the title and imprint pages.
Please make and keep a copy of any story you submit for yourself. StAAf will not return stories to the sender.
No story will be accepted unless it is accompanied by a completed submission form.
(The submission form below can be cut and pasted from here and sent by email or snail mail)
Please submit entries to:
Carole BlochStAAf Central Co-ordinatorRoom 14, Arts Block,PRAESA, UCTPrivate Bag Rondebosch 7700Cape TownSouth AfricaEmail: 0027 21 6503589Fax: 0027 21 6503027
StAAf 2nd Call for Children’s Stories (and Poetry)SUBMISSION FORM
Please complete a new form for each submission

Thanks Omoalagbede for this.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Thisday Festival/fiasco

The much awaited Thisday festival,ended this morning. I had fun but I was also disappointed with the organisers.

1st Blunder :Merging the 2day event into one. I arrived at the Thisday event centre in Lekki at 6pm, and a few people had arrived. We(My colleague and I) bounced in happy that at least we arrived "early". When we got into they hall itself,it was not ready,it looked like the event was to take place next week. The stage wasn't finished, some of the equipments were still in the boxes, the hall was not fully arranged. Trust Nigerians now, we still sat down hoping that the organisers will do some magic oh! and ofcousrse they did, The able oga patapata of Thisday, got on the uncompeleted stage and annouced that the event had been shifte till tomorrow, apologising. His reason: customs didnot clear the equpiments on time and something about Shakira coming in two aircrafts,I didnot bother to hear the rest, I just got up and left.
New time:11am on Sunday.

Sunday morning: I skip church and hurry again to Thisday centre.
I got there early and got a good seat. beleiveing that max, the show will kick off by 1pm.
for where? the show didnot start until 2.45pm, with Shakira opening the stage,
Please that lady can dance! and her hips don't lie at all at all. She performed well though it was short. She did some serious belly dancing too.

2nd Blunder: there was no comedian to help compere with Dare Art-Alade.
After each artist performed, it took like an hour, yes an hour to clear the stage, while we were waiting, did the organisers not deem it fit to entertain the audience like they did last year?

3rd Blunder: How many compere can one event have? there was Kate henshaw, Femi something(can't remember his surname),Dan foster and Dare. Four! haba!
And so that we will know which bank brought which artist, representatives of the bank had to come and announce who their bank brought.
Diamond brought Rihanna
UBA brought Kelly of destiny child.
speaking of Kelly, girlfriend fainted o! ah! at first I thought it was part of the act but when her dancers turned back and started crying and screaming her name, I knew there was trouble.
I started praying oh! Ms.Rowland must not give Nigeria a bad name, because if anything happens to her peren, na another stori be dat!For all you know USA may wage war on Nigeria!
But after pouring water,fanning her and using oxygen to revive her, she was revived! Halleluyah! one of the hosts(Kate) and some other guys formed a human fence around her, blocking the view of the audience, but as I dey front now, my eye shook well well!
4th Blunder: no strecher, no ambulance, a young able bodied man, had to carry her out of the stage.

so no ambulance, was there 1st aid kit there ?, were the organisers not envisaging any form of "accidents', I heard that an ambulance came eventually.
(imagine if there was a good hospital at every radius of Lagos and Nigeria for that matter?)
Thank God, Ms. Kelly didnot get any worse where will we have taken here to? General Hospital? The Federal Hospital in 1004 Flats that has been sold? or Reddinton hosptial on Idowu Martin in Victoria Island?

At that point, I was thinking the show will end but eventually Sasha came on stage. Her performance was fair.

The best performance for me was D-banj! yes, we love our own, that brother knows how to bring it on and keep it on!His performance was Hawt! from drums, to his dance(his steps remind me of Fela Anikulapokuti), his dancers, his back up singers, Don Jazzy,Kd form the trybe and a new artiste in Mo' Hits records,don't know his name but I know Cole is his surname.
Their performance was banging!! and colorful with the Nigerian cultural display of Calabar and Benue dancers.

Another artist that won my heart was John Legend, please that brother is good looking and fresh. He sang songs from his new album : lifted,stereo and we just don't care and ofcousre he sang "ordinary people", he was looking too fine, with he white tee shirt covered in sweat and playing his beautiful black grand piano. It was tres sexy. I could make love to that man on stage.

Rihanna - The ella ella crooner, listen to the naija version HERE, it is very nice.
She came in clad in a white beautiful gown, but i don't know why, she didnot have her performance spirit with her, she looked like someone hadddd just upset her, before she came on stage. She performed Umberella, Bobby marley song - "I wanna love you" , Unfaithful and Pon de replay".

P.diddy: Trust diddy effizi man, he came in with all bling bling. He had on a black tee shirt with Notorious BIG's picture on it. He held the crowd, it was a mutual attraction. He said that of all the audiences he had performed for outside America,the Nigerian audience is the best!
He didnot have a live band like the other artist, a DJ mixed the hits while he sang along.

I left at 12.45am, and Neyo was yet to perform, I couldnot wait to see the fine boy pink lips dude sing, but it is all good. I doubt Tuface, Mode 9 and Psquare ended singing this morning.
UB- 40, I heard they left during the event, they didnot perform, overheard someone saying that they left because their contract said they were to perform on Saturday not Sunday.
so they left. Pity, because I was really looking forward to seeing them perform.

Overall, the event was good but it could have been better, being that it was the 2nd, security was tight, food and drinks was expensive! a bottle of soda was sold at N500, X 5 of the original price, wetin? pictures coming soon, I didnot take enough,but I'll upload them as soon as possible.

Monday, July 9, 2007

High Heels... High Hell!

Bata mi a dun ko, ko, ka!

Smart, sexy and stylish... Some of what extra inches give a lady, when she puts on her stilettos... but dare I say, I am one of those women high heels don't give high jinks!!! High heels are pretty, the different designs and color they come in are just alluring, flat shoes on the other hand are just plain boring beside highs (Picture cinderlla with all her magic, beside her two ugly step sisters) but why do they cause my heels, my thighs and calves so much pain? I used to be a tomboy, so sneakers and flats have always been appealing to me (and still are), until recently, when I started blooming into this fab chic. I decided to add some " (i.e. inches if you were wondering) to my heels, to get the feel to High action I have been missing. I start small, with a beautiful gold slipper of about 5cm, it was not so bad!

  • I could walk in it

I could walk briskly in it

I could think in it

I could think while walked in it.

I could smile in it.

I acquired more 5cm heels, for work mostly (block heels), as well as some for church and fun outings. So high heels were not such a big deal until... a girlfriend raised the bar on my behalf with a few more inches in a lovely pair of pink Ceseare Paciotti shoes she gave me as a gift. This gift made me High, and I admired them in mirror, practising how to walk in them around my house...and everywhere to be honest.I couldnt wait to launch them officially and finally a grand opening presented it self............. A Wedding!!!!!!!!!!
I made sure my outfit had a touch of pink to match my Pink Paciottis. I was so excited about the (my) prospects. On my way to the wedding, I wrapped my pink paciottis in its bag and just before I alighted from the cabbie, I put on my Pink Paciottis-What a feeling!

It felt oh so good...the heels were comfortable. I was on a major High, as the few extra inches added to my 5"8 frame. I walked carefully, like a lady not in my usual smaja soilder style trying to avoid slipping on the freshly polished floors. My teeth (and especially my pride are valuable you see..) I had to be extra careful skirting the ditches with grace and hopping daintily over drainage slabs so that my heels did not get caught up in one of the openings. In those heels, I had to think very quickly before I took a single step.

Fast forward >>> to 2weeks ago.

An Owambe party in the offing. I just had to purchase a pair of sliver sleek high sandals!!! Gorgeous wonders!
Owambe day. 9am in the morning, I am high in Sliver, smiling and *shimmering * bound to be a splendid day!!! 2pm: I am still parading myself in sleek sliver, walking briskly, squatting and dancing, not some Englishman 1, 2 step dance but serious bend your waist, shake your booty, get down kind of dance. I was boogying in sliver...until one hour later. Without much warning, my legs began to wobble.
Wetin do my leg? I don chop ke! I ignored it and continue the boogie, but soon I couldn't ignore it, I began to wobble too. Quick, quick! I hurried to the nearest a seat to rest my poor feet for a few minutes...Or maybe a little more than a few-20 minutes to be exact! I rose to continue the boogie but my wobbling legs refused.
Somebody- anybody should have warned me! I searched for rescue, my flip flops were not anywhere near, infact I forgot them at home! Who could possibly save me? Finally after wobbling round the hall a bit, I finally found rescue in a blessed woman sent from Heaven above who had an extra pair of slip ons. Next morning... I wake in up in absolutely painful (Peyn) Pain! From my waist down to my ankles, fire! But it always looked easy seeing Beyonce dem do it on TV, infact I saw Beyonce, boogy live on stage in some bad killer heels when she came to naija, last October and she did not feel any pain or show any form of pain, she was having fun! But see me, I could barely walk.

After this experience you will think, never again! Na lie! yesterday morning in church, I danced well during praise& worship, only for the wobbling to begin again, I sat down swiftly and jejely. High Heel cannot come and kobalize me in church. Over my sexy body. I did not stand up again until after service. At the end, I walked out majestically. The wobbling had ceased but I had to walk from the church to the car park (came in a friend's car), which was a good 7mins walk on a very (very) bad (naija style-bad) road. It was not funny o! My friends were having such fun at my expense, laughing as I walked like there were land mines on the street. I didn’t care too much about walking like a lady, I was more concerned about keeping my balance and making it in one piece to that car!!I succeeded and immediately changed into my slippers- BLISS!!

High heels are fashionable. But I still can't work- walk around them...and the pain they eventually cause me?? Well I have High hopes that one day, I shall get through my phobia for pain, chance the consequences and just look fashionable jare.... until then however, it's me and my small inches and flat shoes all the way- God bless the manufacturers!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


wetin concern vulture with barber?

Monday, July 2, 2007

A season of Wole Soyinka

In this beautiful month of July, Laspapi is honouring the nobel laurate, Wole Soyinka.
A Season of Wole Soyinka produced by laspapi in collaboration with the British Council/Nigeria & Terra Kulture will commence on Sunday the 1st of July 2007 and through every Sunday in July.

Sunday July 1- Who's Afraid of Wole Soyinka?- written by Wole Oguntokun
SundayJuly 8- The Lion and the Jewel- directed by Tunji Sotimirin

Sunday July 15- Death and the King's Horseman- directed by Segun AdefilaSunday

July 22- Camwood on the Leaves- directed by Lekan BalogunSunday

July 29- The Jero Plays (Trials of Brother Jero & Jero's Metamorphosis) directed by Wole Oguntokun

All plays will be at Terra Kulture, Tiamiyu Savage, Victoria Island and there will be two shows every Sunday at 3pm and 6pm.Tickets- N2000 each

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom.

I call my mom, the miracle worker, because she works miracles with her heart, hands and prayers.I am grateful to God for her and ask that the lord continue to strengthen her and bless her, I know our bond will blossom.
Happy birthday mom, I love you.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Police palava

I cannot emphasise this enough, I hate the Nigerian police passionately!

They are inefficient, incompetent, illiterate,impatient, lack manners and most of all just bone stupid!

My Experiences

Last year,
A friend and I, were in a cab coming from Ikeja and heading towards the Island,on Opebi link road, Oga police stopped us. The usual stuff, "what is in your boot?" Where is your driver's license" and other orisirisi, I didnot say a word,until the police brings his nose to the window and asks "Where are you coming from?" Please people what sort of question is that? and how am I supoose to answer? I could be coming from any where for goodness sake, so why this dumb question? I look at him and pretended not to have heard the question, and then he asks again.

I give him a stern stare and answer "Oga, how I go take answer that question, I could be coming from any where!"

"Madam, just answer the question"


"Okay, please can you identify yourself"

I bring out my ID card from my bag and hand it over to him.

"Madam, you for talk since,oya dey go, dey go"

Recent experience
Colleague and I driving on Tejuosho avenue, by barracks. All of a sudden a young man dressed in some shabby black uniform jumps infront of the car(he could have been injuired by the car, had my colleague not slowed down) flashing some filthy indecipherable ID card. All I could see, after squinting my eyes, were fading letters some where below POLICE.

I really didnot want my colleague to stop, I wasn't convinced but he stopped all the same.

The twits rans towards the passenger side of the car (where I was seated) and shouts "Stop and search!"

I ask my colleague to pull the lever for the boot and stay in the car, while I got out to open the boot.

I ask the twit, "What exactly are you searching for?"


I smile to myself as he searches the boot, lifting up the spare tyre,smelling the extinguisher and doing all kinds of orisirisi.

I shut the boot, then another twit yells and points at my colleague's laptop bag "I must search that!" I point to the bag, to be sure that that what he referred to. My colleague picks the bag, opens it and displays the contents, then another points to my small carrier bag in car and asks "What is in that bag?" I snatch the bag from my seat and give it to him.

"Madam, take am easy now, no be fight"

"Me, fight ke?, shebi you wan serach am, serach now."

He barely looks at the bag and returns it to me.

"Madam, suffri suffri now,I am a married man."

I turn to him and ask "As this become a marriage issue, did you stop me because I am single?"

"Madam" another twit tries to calm me down, "Na our work we dey do?"

Then another(they are five in number) asks for the particulars of the car.

My colleague hands it over to them.

The officer stares at it for a long while and asks "Which local government did you get this papers from?"

"Wetin be the problem?"
"There suppose be LGA code for there but e no dey"
He points to the small inscription at the bottom of the paper.

Anyways, not to bore you guys any more, Oga police went on and on over all what not,

then the conversation degenerated into, "If I go club, I go pick this kain babe?"(I was the babe, they were referring to)
I was furious at this point and my colleague had to step in and talked to them and eventually after delaying us for an hour, they let me and my colleage go.

But I made sure I didnot drop a dime or let some gun waving idiot intimidate me but I really most say I was lucky because many who have done less than I have end up dead.

Me and the police are like Oil and water we don't mix!
When dealing with the Nigerian police, please be very careful.
God save our force!

I didnot know they had a website, check HERE

*Orisirisi - yoruba word: meaning: different kinds of things.

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Alot of drama happens in the church
and this shaggy's video's tells it all,

I like the dutty wine part,lawl.


for those of you, who can't catch partua(is that correct)
read the lyrics and sing along.

Intro: Shaggy
If you take this to serious, then you really need some church!!!

Dem feel seh true them go a church their sins don't need forgiving, forgiving
Dem really gone from bad to worse With dem yah careless living, living

Verse1: Shaggy
Mi a bwoy nah go church from how long
Rather sleep through di mornin and put on a slam
But mi woman she a pressure mi fi go confession
So mi decide fi go fi kill di conversation
So mi siddung right beside Sister Pam
Who a tell mi everyting bout di congregation
Bout Sister Paulette and har gay husband
And she still a sleep wid di mini bus man
Sister Gwen claim she a christian
Bout a last night dem catch har inna Stone Love session
She a do di dutty dance to di Matterhorn song
And a so she get di ting dem from Baby Cham

Dem feel seh true them go a church their sins don't need forgiving, forgiving
Dem really gone from bad to worse With dem yah careless living, living

Verse 2: Shaggy
She all a tell mi bout di one deacon
Who a drive di big benz and weh him get money from
Dat's why nobody nuh waan give nuh collection
Now see di church roof a leak and weh him really deh pon
Every sunday is a competition
Mi see nuff a dem a gwaan like dem inna name brand
Dat di sitten weh she wear come outta some trunk bottom
Wid di cam fro bashell dat a nuh new fashion
Then she proceed to talk bout di man
Dem only come a service fi look church woman
And to full up di gal dem talk bout religion
But they couldn't seh nuttin becau mi know mi a one

Dem feel seh true them go a church their sins don't need forgiving, forgiving
Dem really gone from bad to worse With dem yah careless living, living

Bridge: Shaggy
Next sunday nah miss mi (AMEN!!!)
Soap opera caan sweet so (AMEN!!!)
Don't site mi pon yuh sista (AMEN!!!)
Haffi secure mi walk thru di pearly gates
Next sunday nah miss mi (AMEN!!!)
Soap opera caan sweet so (AMEN!!!)
Don't site mi pon yuh sista (AMEN!!!)
Haffi secure mi walk thru di pearly gates

Thursday, June 14, 2007

when love isn't enough

Can we get your mind over the matter?
Lets clear your mind of the clutter,

Sit down,
Talk to me,
Look at me,
What is it?
Say it all,
I am listening.

its more than your work,
I know its another woman,
I won't bother to ask,
If she is fairer?
If her bosom made of gold?
I don't want to know.

Is she the reason,
You my lover
have suddenly become cold?
Grave cold.

Look at me,
Don't let your eyes flutter,
Who is this Jolene?
That has turned your heart and eyes from me,
Where did I miss it?
Was it something I said?
Was it something I did?
or the things I left unsaid?

No, never!
I will not strip on the streets,
or exchange vile words with another,
To win back your heart,
or prove my love,
I know my worth,

Summon reason,
Think deeply,
And burn your lustful pangs of hunger,
Before you stray further,
let me warn you,
I'm not like the father of the prodigal,
Waiting and hoping,
Crying and praying,

I'll be long gone before
your return,
Too far away to hear your pleading call,
I would have given up on you; on us,
And moved on,
knowing fully well,
sometimes love is not enough

Monday, June 11, 2007

Its raining

It has been raining Elephants and Lions in Lagos, for the past one week.
Whenever it rains,all I can think about is Rihanna's song, It is just the Umbrella part I remember.


Wednesday, June 6, 2007


7! 7! 7! is a number, Oluwashina!
This is a line from the very famous song of Sir Shina Peters, a Nigerian artiste.
The song was popular in the early 90's.

Anyway, that aside I have been tagged by
Actually he says 8 things but I wanna do 7.

7 things about Omohemi

1. I am left handed,I am working at being

2. I love everything about
Tyler Perry, his story, his films, his book, his looks.
I hope to meet him one day, soon.

3. I donot like snails, I donot eat snails.

4. I am stubborn and sensitive, I can't explain it.

5.I cannot ride a bicycle.

6. I love the beach,It is tranquil sanctuary for me.

7.I like palmwine.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

E go better!

Everyday I hear that word "E go better" but I donot have any hope in it any more, how long do I have to wait before e go better?
presently there is fuel scarcity,before fuel scarcity, there was fuel price increase and we all know what that means, the prices of everything including matches increases!
Transport fares doubles sometimes triple sef!

There is no light,in my house we can't pump water because PHCN no gree give us elecricity,so no water too! How can we carry on like this,how can we keep smiling and patting ourselves in the back and saying E go beta!. Asuu is on strike,some other unions are planning to go on strike soon. The BRT lane in Lagos is just creating more traffic! How can a BRT lane work on our already small roads and other forms of transport are not in place to ease the road traffic?

It is just annoying and honestly fustrating, I wan know when e go better o! because I cannot wait another X years. How long do I have to wait before E GO BETTER?

Monday, June 4, 2007

I can't find him.

My dark and handsome,
Able companinon,
He could sing to me in different tunes, different genres,
He had all the names and numbers of all my friends, family and colleagues.
He had all the birthday of all my friends and family,
He had everything I have ever needed in a phone.
I was just about to upgrade him when, last friday I searched my bag frantically and couldn't find him.

Have you seen him?

Has anybody seen him?

Friday, June 1, 2007

Ying Yang

I fell in love with the Ying Yang twins when I heard their whisper song,beautiful song.
This particular song, Dangerous, has been playing in my head all week, I love the acoustics of the guitar and the touch of Wyclef in it.

Thursday, May 31, 2007


Remember my poem Stranger?
I wrote a rejoinder to it.
I know its funny, writing a rejoinder to your own poem.

Title: Stalker

I see your peeping eyes,
Every morning,
Hiding cautiously behind your window curtain,
I smile to myself,
Happy that sneaking footmarks,
Have graced my worn doormat,

I love the shape of your lips,
The sway of your hips,
The rhythmic soothing tune of your soft and seductive whisper,
Everything in your body wishing me more than just goodmorning,
I notice it, I notice you, I notice everything.

I want more than coffee,
I want a picnic at the beach,
I want to listen to all your stories,
And all the dreams and fantasties,
You've woven around me,
As the sand scrubs our feet,

I know that you've been watching me,
Ms. gentle eyes and sunshine smile,
I want to end our from a distance relationship,
Allay your fears, bring you closer to me,
Call you friend,
And maybe lover.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Annoying Anonymous

For you, yes you insecure, busy body hiding under anonymous, this is for you. Take this and This.
It is not by force, stay off blogsville, please!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007




Monday, May 28, 2007

Ruff Rider

I imagine everyday I see a power bike, that this is me(SEE PICTURE BELOW), looking all fly doing all the danger moves.
I love power bikes,can't ride, but willing to learn. I have been on a friend's bike twice and it was more than magical! I fell in love with bikes on the TV, but love the increased when the boys in my hood started owning bikes. I remember seeing Dare Art-Alade race to work(Cool FM) on his. I would have given anything to date him, lol! just to be on that bike with him, holding his waist, while we sped past the world.

I love the feel of the elements, I love the smell of danger,I love the admiration of the world as I put on my full gear.Am a ruff rider! Please donot compare the speed and recklessness of an Okada to my bike(Yes, my bike!, if you claim it, you can have it!).

I love power bikes and the men that ride it, I am sorry I can't help it.
Now you know, it one of my weaknesses.

Dear Lord, I want a bike and a very good riding tutor for Christmas.
Thank you lord.


Saturday, May 26, 2007

West African Idols is over!

Today, the first ever west African Idols ended, personally I would like to refer to it as Nigerian Idol, but lets leave it. I was at the finale last night, it was awesome, I had fun but didnot take my camera.

So unfortuately I cannot post any delicious pictures, the ones I took with my phone were are not too clear, so nothing, but lookout for bella I trust she'll have some juicy pictures. The Winner is :Timi, the best male vocal in the top ten.

But to the real Idol is OMAWUNMI, girl can sing, shes versatile,got soul, attitude and class!

I wish her well in the big world, I hope this energy and star,I saw shinning tonight, will catch the world's eye and forever shine. I love you babe, you rock!.


Monday, May 21, 2007


Like an eagle watches it prey,
I watch you, night and day,
From the fray of my transparent curtain,
I know your colour for each day,
I bask in the whiff of your perfume,
Hours after, you have gone miles away.
What is it about you,
That ripples my ribcage,

Is it the way your curved lips,
Sends warm greeting towards me,
Or is that sunshine smile,
That brightens up my day
Every time I see it,

Why should I forever hold my peace?
Why can’t I burst open the lid,
And let out the steam,
Why can’t I just summon up courage,
And walk up to you?
Shake your hard firmly and say my name,
Maybe ask you for a cup of coffee,
Or lunch or a movie,

I fear so much,
That I’ll spoil our from a distance relationship,
I fear that you might not be the perfect picture,
I paint in my head,
I think I’ll keep this window vigil,
And hope that one day all my woven fantasies
Around you, come true,
If it ever comes true,
But for now I am contented,
Just calling you stranger