Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Where I have been?

I wish I could answer and say,
I have been to London to see the Queen, but on the contrary, I have been in Las gidi.
Where I have been?
I have been in out of my mind,
wondering, praying, asking questions, going crazy, returning sane.
Where I have I been?
I have mad busy and a bit lazy.

Recently, in Lagos traffic has been crazy(I know this is norm) but now it is like mad crazy,
The work on Ikorodu road on BRT lane, the construction of road in Yaba, the collapse of the bridge in Ikorodu, its like all hell has been let loose on our all mad traffic, it really a sun kere fa kere situation. The transport system of Lagos needs a total over haul.
It is not just about providing more buses on the road because at this rate now, I think I am going to be needing chopper rides across town.
It is about everything, the road networks, the roads (gosh! most of the roads in Lagos are BAD!),
the traffic officials,the yellow buses(yeah that's me!) the heavy duty trucks and tankers, the OKADA RIDERS! and the private car owners and commuters, everyone and everything.

Where do we begin? Is it from the every increasing accidents on the road?
Can't heavy duty vehicles be banned during the day? Can't their restriction be limited to a certain time, maybe like from 11pm - 6am? Do we have to move all goods by roads? Can't one of big boys buy the whole rail line and monopolize it? (Economist and those that have a say in the matter, please help here) Why do the foolish trucks drivers double park on express?

If Okada is banned? what will be alternative means of transport within short distances?
Are the riders trained? NO! Isn't there a way the riders can be scrutinized?

Why do some private car owners, who are considered the sanest on the madness chain of Lagos road users still drive on one way? Why do commuters cross the express when there is a pedestrian bridge very close by and it is not very late?

Why are accident vehicles left on the road a month or two after the incident?
Is it only me that is appalled by the unnecessary traffic and madness?
At the rate at which, we are going, won't we need mobile toilets in traffic, mobile restaurants and even mobile showers?
The beggars and destitutes on the road have become an eye sore.
Will the traffic lights and street lights ever work? (foolish question! I know)
I am just fed up with it all really.
What can I do? What can we do?

So this is where I have been,
In the centre of Excellence, with our posh vehicles on dirty roads,
sitting and seething in traffic forever, with the fear of being robbed.
With our "big" attitudes, plenty grammar, no action, no concern and increasing madness.
Who will save us?

By way, where have most of my neighbours gone? Fine boy, Alaye, Vera, Blacktinkerbell and sparkle?
Or is it me that has been gone too long?
Confused and Tminx, I miss you babes.


wienna said...

D problem won't reduce until d federal and state govt. are serious and put their money where their mouth is. They need to start by repairing d roads and replacing them with good ones.

daddy's girl said...

You are asking all the right questions Omohemi, but the scale of the problem is so massive that the only solutions that will have a long-term impact will be drastic ones - solutions that may be tough to implement in the early days but will do us all good. Unforunately our leaders prefer to do 'patch patch', in order not to rock the boat. I fully agree with you on the need to control the activities of heavy duty vehicles - some of them are wreaking havoc...

CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

I did not even really read the post proper proper...
sha take it easy

exschoolnerd said...

i feel ur pain sweets i seriously do..shey u know me i even have to use that road everyday to school....crazy! plus dey've just dabarue'd yaba side...that leads to tejuosho..its mad...and m just fed up.

how u dey sha?

The Last King Of Scotland said...

thats why i think 2ce before coming to lagos to spend my hard earned dosh....its just too much hardwork with the traffic to get anywhere, pele dear, i feel your pain. i hope they fix the roads soon, its imperative to that state's progress

lost-not yet found said...

Remind me to assist u with the helicopter rides...
It has been 3 days... abi love dont live here anymore?

Uzo said...

I take it you have had a few bad road incidents...pele

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

wow.... its that baddddddddd?!?!?!

omohemi Benson said...

I agree with you,
and we the road users also need to make good use of road,by obeying traffic laws(cough) and by keeping it clean(Loder cough)

@Daddy's girl,
Where ia my gift from India?
Another accident occured on Ibadan express last nite,involving a Tanker and several commuer buses,
and I couldn't help wondering for how long and how many people do we want to die, before something is done? Isn't there a way the companies that own this heavy duty vechiles control them?

Thanks babe,

Pele Love,
I feel your pain too,
how we go do?
The traffic on ketu axis of Ikorodu road is getting worse!

besides, the mad traffic am fine.

I hope those in charge understand that good roads and a good road network,are essential for a state's progress, because if they don't woe betide us!
You can come into town on public holidays, the traffic is better then.

@Lost-not yet found,
Sure love,
I need those choper rides like yesterday.
Love is right here,it ain't going now where,sorry for the silence.

Where is my gift from India?
You cannot begin to imagine.
Thanks luv.

Olamild said...

The Gloomy night as a fading flower is over!The glorious Morning of Divine Appointment has come for YOU in the month of November as Abundant Provision Replaces Insufficient Life. Welcome to THE Month of November

Uzo said...

Update jare....

Olamild said...

I have said it and I will say it again
I cannot drive in naija o

Na only God go save us from all the yeye traffic issues

princesa said...

Lagos roads and traffic???
Sad, sadder even saddest!!!!