Monday, December 3, 2007

December is here and going

I remember has a little child how I used to look forward to the month of Decemeber,

Decemeber was truly the season to be merry.

I remember how we decorated the whole house first week of Decemeber, we usually start decoration on a saturday morning.We'll clean the house first,thorough cleaning ,different from the usual saturday routine, then we'll bring out all the decorations and sort them, the old ones that can be used,the old ones that could still be managed, the brand new ones. You need to see the excitement on our faces(me and my silblings) as we sort with our uncle.

The highlight of the whole decorating event, was putting the christmas lights around the house and decorating the christmas tree, with christmas carols playing on the record player (btw, do the still make them?), it was like going to heaven, I really cannot describe the euphoria.

December was a month of plenty parties, plenty new stuff,plenty food, plenty freebies, plenty fireworks and bangers,plenty goodies and plenty everything-merry. I rememember our end of the year party in primary school,the presentations, the showing off of different outfits, the smiles of faces of teachers and parents, the month of december brought along with it, a good feeling.

Decemeber was and still is the month, for travelling. You get to see your family and friends who haven't seen a long while.

I loved the month of december.

But has I grew older, the month of December lost its appeal for me,

the decoration routine has worn off in my household, we only put up the christmas tree now,

only other decorations are considered panti (rubbish) now. I don't know why I don't get the euphoric feeling anymore.

The month of December is the time now, I do an audit for the year, what did I plan to do? What did I achieve? What can I still achieve before the year runs to an end.

There is still loads of parties, especially weddings to attend in december, but now I defintely will not attend all, you have to choose attendance in order of prioroity. I have to write out a list of who am giving christmas cards and gifts,I have to save up in time to get at least one new outfit, to recycle with the old outfits I have.

I smile now when I see children now, shopping with their parents, preparing for the end of the year parties, et al. (Gosh! I feel like an old woman).

December is also the month of hope, hope for the new and better things.
Merry Christmas everyone and a splendid new year.