Thursday, June 26, 2008

Small small gist

First I will start by announcing that today is Miracle worker's birthday,
I am grateful to God for her,
Her Love, Her wisdom, her advice, her mother's instinct,
her prayers, her all.

Thank You God for giving me a great mother.

The Rain
The rainy season is here and I have been drenched twice and so I officially hate the season,
except of course when I am indoors and warm.
The rainy season in Lagos, means more traffic, the effects of the poor drainage on the roads fall upon us, every where is flooded and messy.

All I can say is Rain! Rain! go away!
Go away from Lagos state!
and if you have to rain, do not be too heavy and please time your self,15-30mins
is fine, you don't have to rain for like and hour and half!

2 weeks ago, I had to do some last minute shopping, so I ran into a boutique
to buy a few things, met some girls at the shop,we greeted each other and when they were choosing stuff, they asked for my opinion and I gladly offered. I paid for my stuff and was off in a huff(rhyme not intentional) and then one of girls ran after me, " Excuse me" she said
and I turned around thinking I had forgotten something in the shop and she had brought it to me.
" The things you bought are very nice"
"Thank you",I replied and wondered if that was why she ran after me to say,
"Theres a party at Ikoyi tomorrow and I want to invite you."
Ok, at this point am wondering.... what? why?
"I am sorry am not interested I replied and started walking away.
"It will be fun, my name madalla, and am a student of Unilag, there is this
woman coming from London and she hosting a party, blah, blah....
I was wondering was there something about me that made her think I would be interested in such parties, or is this how the invite people randomly to these parties and do people just agree? (Forgive me I am naive).
I declined but she kept trying to convince me, egbami ke! asking for my phone number and offering me hers. I walked away, but was surprised at the experience.
Na so dem dey recruit chicks for Lagos?
There a lot of deeper questions to be asked, but not today.
*madalla -Fictitious name.

Dreams come true.
Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it.
I have been going on about wanting to read Sidney Poitier - Measure of a man
well, I looked for it in a few shops around Lagos and couldn't find it,
I finally heard it was available in Numetro store, but before I could get it, it was out of stock,
so fast forward to last month, a sweet blogger, who has become like my big sister,
came into town and brought me a gift and yes, it was the book!
I was grinning from ear to ear, like a happy child.
Thanks Jola.
Then another friend of my sister bought me another book from Muhammad Yunus- author Banker to the poor, an autographed copy. Goodness, I am sooo happy.
so next up I want a Nikon D... whatever the latest is, Camera.
and I know am going to get it. Amen!

Same thing from the course I just finished,
I wanted the do the course but couldn't afford it,
and just when I had given up, God brought in some sponsors,
who subsidized the fee and I paid up and thoroughly enjoyed the course,
though I missed some classesk and my course mates are just the best! great new friends
added to old friends of Gold.

so Vera, here is an update.. LOL.