Thursday, June 26, 2008

Small small gist

First I will start by announcing that today is Miracle worker's birthday,
I am grateful to God for her,
Her Love, Her wisdom, her advice, her mother's instinct,
her prayers, her all.

Thank You God for giving me a great mother.

The Rain
The rainy season is here and I have been drenched twice and so I officially hate the season,
except of course when I am indoors and warm.
The rainy season in Lagos, means more traffic, the effects of the poor drainage on the roads fall upon us, every where is flooded and messy.

All I can say is Rain! Rain! go away!
Go away from Lagos state!
and if you have to rain, do not be too heavy and please time your self,15-30mins
is fine, you don't have to rain for like and hour and half!

2 weeks ago, I had to do some last minute shopping, so I ran into a boutique
to buy a few things, met some girls at the shop,we greeted each other and when they were choosing stuff, they asked for my opinion and I gladly offered. I paid for my stuff and was off in a huff(rhyme not intentional) and then one of girls ran after me, " Excuse me" she said
and I turned around thinking I had forgotten something in the shop and she had brought it to me.
" The things you bought are very nice"
"Thank you",I replied and wondered if that was why she ran after me to say,
"Theres a party at Ikoyi tomorrow and I want to invite you."
Ok, at this point am wondering.... what? why?
"I am sorry am not interested I replied and started walking away.
"It will be fun, my name madalla, and am a student of Unilag, there is this
woman coming from London and she hosting a party, blah, blah....
I was wondering was there something about me that made her think I would be interested in such parties, or is this how the invite people randomly to these parties and do people just agree? (Forgive me I am naive).
I declined but she kept trying to convince me, egbami ke! asking for my phone number and offering me hers. I walked away, but was surprised at the experience.
Na so dem dey recruit chicks for Lagos?
There a lot of deeper questions to be asked, but not today.
*madalla -Fictitious name.

Dreams come true.
Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it.
I have been going on about wanting to read Sidney Poitier - Measure of a man
well, I looked for it in a few shops around Lagos and couldn't find it,
I finally heard it was available in Numetro store, but before I could get it, it was out of stock,
so fast forward to last month, a sweet blogger, who has become like my big sister,
came into town and brought me a gift and yes, it was the book!
I was grinning from ear to ear, like a happy child.
Thanks Jola.
Then another friend of my sister bought me another book from Muhammad Yunus- author Banker to the poor, an autographed copy. Goodness, I am sooo happy.
so next up I want a Nikon D... whatever the latest is, Camera.
and I know am going to get it. Amen!

Same thing from the course I just finished,
I wanted the do the course but couldn't afford it,
and just when I had given up, God brought in some sponsors,
who subsidized the fee and I paid up and thoroughly enjoyed the course,
though I missed some classesk and my course mates are just the best! great new friends
added to old friends of Gold.

so Vera, here is an update.. LOL.


babzent said...

Hmnn, so it was vera that coaxed d update out of u... lol@ Nikon D whatever is d latest. U know how much d latest cost? I join my faith to yours, so shall it be unto just like it was unto Vera. How're u doing?

Anonymous said...

Have you read MIrages blog?

there is a scandal btw she and TLK pls spread the word

30+ said...

Amen, I join faith.

30+ said...

Lol at your recruiters, that's a new way of getting employees ko

omohemi Benson said...

no mind Vera, she harasses everybody.
I really would love that camera, you and I know the wonders it can create.

Thanks jere, I am really gbaduing your voice at Blogville Idols.

lost-not yet found said...

Circumstances beyond my control.
Perhaps a bribe will be in order.
Missd u small...

badderchic said...

wooow, I havent been here in a while, how u been girl?

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