Sunday, December 14, 2008

an update

I have been procrastinating updating my blog, for a long while now, but I just read temmy tayo's blog and the lady with a baby updated so whats my excuse? huh?
Alot and not too much has happened in the past months,
but it in all mostly importantly, I am here.

I am alive, happy, hopeful, full of dreams and learning.

It is the season when some of us think of all things we had planned for the year, how much we have achieved, we think of family, the good ones, the great ones and not so great ones,Love, Christmas & sharing.
The friends that loved us, the friends that held up when we needed them the most, the hurts, friendship gone sour, the ones which are still solid, the fresh budding ones,the surprises,the ones that are yet to come. The life I lived in 2008, and almost lost but was given back to me with a fresh perspective.

In all am thankful and trust I'll do it better, harder and more truthfully next year, including trying to write my own book, but that I know already is alot of work, but I'll get through it one page at a time.

so Happy holidays and a splendid new year.
I'll keep checking up on your blogs, don't know if its my server or blogger can't leave comments though.


Merry Christmas people