Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom.

I call my mom, the miracle worker, because she works miracles with her heart, hands and prayers.I am grateful to God for her and ask that the lord continue to strengthen her and bless her, I know our bond will blossom.
Happy birthday mom, I love you.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Police palava

I cannot emphasise this enough, I hate the Nigerian police passionately!

They are inefficient, incompetent, illiterate,impatient, lack manners and most of all just bone stupid!

My Experiences

Last year,
A friend and I, were in a cab coming from Ikeja and heading towards the Island,on Opebi link road, Oga police stopped us. The usual stuff, "what is in your boot?" Where is your driver's license" and other orisirisi, I didnot say a word,until the police brings his nose to the window and asks "Where are you coming from?" Please people what sort of question is that? and how am I supoose to answer? I could be coming from any where for goodness sake, so why this dumb question? I look at him and pretended not to have heard the question, and then he asks again.

I give him a stern stare and answer "Oga, how I go take answer that question, I could be coming from any where!"

"Madam, just answer the question"


"Okay, please can you identify yourself"

I bring out my ID card from my bag and hand it over to him.

"Madam, you for talk since,oya dey go, dey go"

Recent experience
Colleague and I driving on Tejuosho avenue, by barracks. All of a sudden a young man dressed in some shabby black uniform jumps infront of the car(he could have been injuired by the car, had my colleague not slowed down) flashing some filthy indecipherable ID card. All I could see, after squinting my eyes, were fading letters some where below POLICE.

I really didnot want my colleague to stop, I wasn't convinced but he stopped all the same.

The twits rans towards the passenger side of the car (where I was seated) and shouts "Stop and search!"

I ask my colleague to pull the lever for the boot and stay in the car, while I got out to open the boot.

I ask the twit, "What exactly are you searching for?"


I smile to myself as he searches the boot, lifting up the spare tyre,smelling the extinguisher and doing all kinds of orisirisi.

I shut the boot, then another twit yells and points at my colleague's laptop bag "I must search that!" I point to the bag, to be sure that that what he referred to. My colleague picks the bag, opens it and displays the contents, then another points to my small carrier bag in car and asks "What is in that bag?" I snatch the bag from my seat and give it to him.

"Madam, take am easy now, no be fight"

"Me, fight ke?, shebi you wan serach am, serach now."

He barely looks at the bag and returns it to me.

"Madam, suffri suffri now,I am a married man."

I turn to him and ask "As this become a marriage issue, did you stop me because I am single?"

"Madam" another twit tries to calm me down, "Na our work we dey do?"

Then another(they are five in number) asks for the particulars of the car.

My colleague hands it over to them.

The officer stares at it for a long while and asks "Which local government did you get this papers from?"

"Wetin be the problem?"
"There suppose be LGA code for there but e no dey"
He points to the small inscription at the bottom of the paper.

Anyways, not to bore you guys any more, Oga police went on and on over all what not,

then the conversation degenerated into, "If I go club, I go pick this kain babe?"(I was the babe, they were referring to)
I was furious at this point and my colleague had to step in and talked to them and eventually after delaying us for an hour, they let me and my colleage go.

But I made sure I didnot drop a dime or let some gun waving idiot intimidate me but I really most say I was lucky because many who have done less than I have end up dead.

Me and the police are like Oil and water we don't mix!
When dealing with the Nigerian police, please be very careful.
God save our force!

I didnot know they had a website, check HERE

*Orisirisi - yoruba word: meaning: different kinds of things.

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Alot of drama happens in the church
and this shaggy's video's tells it all,

I like the dutty wine part,lawl.


for those of you, who can't catch partua(is that correct)
read the lyrics and sing along.

Intro: Shaggy
If you take this to serious, then you really need some church!!!

Dem feel seh true them go a church their sins don't need forgiving, forgiving
Dem really gone from bad to worse With dem yah careless living, living

Verse1: Shaggy
Mi a bwoy nah go church from how long
Rather sleep through di mornin and put on a slam
But mi woman she a pressure mi fi go confession
So mi decide fi go fi kill di conversation
So mi siddung right beside Sister Pam
Who a tell mi everyting bout di congregation
Bout Sister Paulette and har gay husband
And she still a sleep wid di mini bus man
Sister Gwen claim she a christian
Bout a last night dem catch har inna Stone Love session
She a do di dutty dance to di Matterhorn song
And a so she get di ting dem from Baby Cham

Dem feel seh true them go a church their sins don't need forgiving, forgiving
Dem really gone from bad to worse With dem yah careless living, living

Verse 2: Shaggy
She all a tell mi bout di one deacon
Who a drive di big benz and weh him get money from
Dat's why nobody nuh waan give nuh collection
Now see di church roof a leak and weh him really deh pon
Every sunday is a competition
Mi see nuff a dem a gwaan like dem inna name brand
Dat di sitten weh she wear come outta some trunk bottom
Wid di cam fro bashell dat a nuh new fashion
Then she proceed to talk bout di man
Dem only come a service fi look church woman
And to full up di gal dem talk bout religion
But they couldn't seh nuttin becau mi know mi a one

Dem feel seh true them go a church their sins don't need forgiving, forgiving
Dem really gone from bad to worse With dem yah careless living, living

Bridge: Shaggy
Next sunday nah miss mi (AMEN!!!)
Soap opera caan sweet so (AMEN!!!)
Don't site mi pon yuh sista (AMEN!!!)
Haffi secure mi walk thru di pearly gates
Next sunday nah miss mi (AMEN!!!)
Soap opera caan sweet so (AMEN!!!)
Don't site mi pon yuh sista (AMEN!!!)
Haffi secure mi walk thru di pearly gates

Thursday, June 14, 2007

when love isn't enough

Can we get your mind over the matter?
Lets clear your mind of the clutter,

Sit down,
Talk to me,
Look at me,
What is it?
Say it all,
I am listening.

its more than your work,
I know its another woman,
I won't bother to ask,
If she is fairer?
If her bosom made of gold?
I don't want to know.

Is she the reason,
You my lover
have suddenly become cold?
Grave cold.

Look at me,
Don't let your eyes flutter,
Who is this Jolene?
That has turned your heart and eyes from me,
Where did I miss it?
Was it something I said?
Was it something I did?
or the things I left unsaid?

No, never!
I will not strip on the streets,
or exchange vile words with another,
To win back your heart,
or prove my love,
I know my worth,

Summon reason,
Think deeply,
And burn your lustful pangs of hunger,
Before you stray further,
let me warn you,
I'm not like the father of the prodigal,
Waiting and hoping,
Crying and praying,

I'll be long gone before
your return,
Too far away to hear your pleading call,
I would have given up on you; on us,
And moved on,
knowing fully well,
sometimes love is not enough

Monday, June 11, 2007

Its raining

It has been raining Elephants and Lions in Lagos, for the past one week.
Whenever it rains,all I can think about is Rihanna's song, It is just the Umbrella part I remember.


Wednesday, June 6, 2007


7! 7! 7! is a number, Oluwashina!
This is a line from the very famous song of Sir Shina Peters, a Nigerian artiste.
The song was popular in the early 90's.

Anyway, that aside I have been tagged by
Actually he says 8 things but I wanna do 7.

7 things about Omohemi

1. I am left handed,I am working at being

2. I love everything about
Tyler Perry, his story, his films, his book, his looks.
I hope to meet him one day, soon.

3. I donot like snails, I donot eat snails.

4. I am stubborn and sensitive, I can't explain it.

5.I cannot ride a bicycle.

6. I love the beach,It is tranquil sanctuary for me.

7.I like palmwine.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

E go better!

Everyday I hear that word "E go better" but I donot have any hope in it any more, how long do I have to wait before e go better?
presently there is fuel scarcity,before fuel scarcity, there was fuel price increase and we all know what that means, the prices of everything including matches increases!
Transport fares doubles sometimes triple sef!

There is no light,in my house we can't pump water because PHCN no gree give us elecricity,so no water too! How can we carry on like this,how can we keep smiling and patting ourselves in the back and saying E go beta!. Asuu is on strike,some other unions are planning to go on strike soon. The BRT lane in Lagos is just creating more traffic! How can a BRT lane work on our already small roads and other forms of transport are not in place to ease the road traffic?

It is just annoying and honestly fustrating, I wan know when e go better o! because I cannot wait another X years. How long do I have to wait before E GO BETTER?

Monday, June 4, 2007

I can't find him.

My dark and handsome,
Able companinon,
He could sing to me in different tunes, different genres,
He had all the names and numbers of all my friends, family and colleagues.
He had all the birthday of all my friends and family,
He had everything I have ever needed in a phone.
I was just about to upgrade him when, last friday I searched my bag frantically and couldn't find him.

Have you seen him?

Has anybody seen him?

Friday, June 1, 2007

Ying Yang

I fell in love with the Ying Yang twins when I heard their whisper song,beautiful song.
This particular song, Dangerous, has been playing in my head all week, I love the acoustics of the guitar and the touch of Wyclef in it.