Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I was tagged by Tlk.

There are so many things to be thankful for, so many things I take for granted.

I am thankful for life,that I donot pay for the air I breathe.

I am thankful to have an avenue to be thankful.

I am thankful for my family, both nuclear and extended.

I am thankful to God for giving a blessed woman like miracle worker,I am privileged to be her child,I laugh now when I look back at many mother-daughter fights we had, and how I swore and was sure I'll never be her but everyday people tell me,I am look like my her.
I am thankful for my brother blessed with wisdom beyond his years, his humour,his love, his sweetness, his essence,thank you lord.

I am thankful for my crazy, creative, funny, smart, pretty and sexy sister. I couldn't have had it better.
I am thankful for my father, whose pampering and worrying and overbearing love I complain about, but I am thankful for a doting father.

I am thankful for his grace, his love, his mercy upon me, all this things I am unworthy of, even despite my faithfulness and unfaithfulness.

I am thankful for shelter,I am thankful for my health,my senses, safety, food, light,clean water and good W/C.
I am thankful for my friends, I am blessed among men.
I am thankful for my job and all it has taught me, I am thankful for all the colleagues and ex-colleagues.
I am thankful for Lagos, though the city is crazy, there always a fun part to it.
I am thankful because Nigeria will never break into a war again, our progress maybe slow, but we are making progress, gradually.

I am thankful for my ability to learn.
I am thankful for strengths and weakness and all that make me.
I am thankful for my blog and avenue to talk, share and learn.
I am thankful for my faith.
I am thankful all the lives that have blessed me.
I am thankful for all my experiences,past and present.
I am thankful for the opportunities availed to me.
I am thankful for everything.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

no title.

My heart broke today,
I am alive
And can feel the howling pain.
My heart broke today,
The bloody rain from my soul,
could not ease the pain,
My heart broke today,
In an unusual way,
The way that changes things,

but they remain the same.

My heart broke today,
And all of me gave way,
In bits and pieces, like shards from a glass pane,
That can never be put back together again,

My heart broke today,
I felt nothing near fear or shame,
Only pain, torturing pain,.

My heart broke today,

But I am glad,
she fulfilled her dreams of
joy, sadness, love, laughter, anger and now pain.