Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Review

Over the weekend, precisely sunday the 25th,I was at the Muson Centre, to watch Laspapi's play,titled anatomy of a woman, dedicated to a special lady,"In whose mind he has walked".

With Jola's encouragement,I am writing this review.
The play lasted for an hour, very funny and precise.

Review of Anatomy of a Woman written and directed by Wole Oguntokun which debuted on Sunday March 25, 2007 at the Muson Centre,Onikan, Lagos.

Pre-show entertainment consisted of Ayokunmi Orobiyi who serenaded the audience with her melodious voice, my favorite of all the four songs she sang before the group Nefretti joined her was "Ogorogoro se ki sa!". Nefretti accompanied her on stage, with their "shekere" and sang very well too. I don't know if was the plan of the organisers but the pre-show entertainment went on for too long they sang like eight or nine songs in all.

When it was time for the play to start, the audience was taken by surprise when a young lady seated in audience just screamed all of a sudden, a security man walked in and the lady explains that the young man sitting beside her was trying to "touch" her, the young man quietly leaves the auditorium. The security man asks if she is okay, she responds that she is fine ( at that point, the audience realises it is part of the play) she wonders aloud, "What if he bought me a ticket on put me on a plane to London?" What will he do?

The play consisted of five main characters - Bolatito – the protagonist is a young modern working woman, pretty, smart, well read and soft spoken.

Aunty Jebe (m y favorite character) is Bolatito's aunt, a middle aged woman, spectacled, sarcastic and funny.
Mohammed is Bolatito's ex-boyfriend, well read, speaks well but jobless, rough looking, always carrying a school bag.
James is Bolatito's friend,who is in love with her. The Boss/Chief is Bolatito's boss, he is not the typical pot bellied type, he is Yoruba, rich and cannot speak English properly.

The play is centred on Bolatito, who lives alone in her well furnished apartment.
She is faced with the challenge almost every young working woman has - Finding the right man? The three men at her disposal, are not good enough for her.

James is a good looking young man who is in love with Bolatito and assumes Bolatito is in love with him too, simply because they often hang out together. He proposes to her all of a sudden, Bola refuses the proposal and she is angry at his assumption, asking James why he did not find out from her if she was in love with him and if she was ready to give up everything and follow him.

Mohammed her ex, is a lazy man, with many words but no job, and no prospects of finding one. He left Bola, eleven months ago, to tour the country - no letters, email or texts and all of a sudden he shows up at her door - expecting to pick up from where they left off.

The Boss: aka Chief, adores Bolatito and wants to take care of her. He is a divorcée with kids. He is gives Bolatito a well-furnished apartment and a car with the hope that she will respond with love.

Aunty Jebe wants to marry of her niece to the highest bidder. She warns Bolatito that there is no such thing as a perfect man, she prefers the Chief, likes James and detests Mohammed, who she calls a stray who Bolatito is trying to help till he can find his feet.
The acting was superb and seamless. It is important to point out that all except Stella are professional stage actors. ( This my first time seeing her on stage, she was great!)

The storyline was simple and short. I feel it should have been named, Anatomy of a Modern Young Woman because it did not define all the underlying issues for the Nigerian woman.

Aunty Jebe's costumes were the best - glasses, gele, funny-shaped gown and slippers.

Mohammed's costumes were also good - unkempt afro,corduroy pants,tee shirt,school bag.

Chief's costumes were also good and I particularly loved the damask shokoto and buba he had on at the end of the play.

James' costumes were just okay, but I didnot like the fact that he had to repeat costumes (although he had only two scenes) he should have changed into something sleek, a really nice suit not necessarily a three-piece. In addition, his hair was unkempt and he looked like a Deeper -Life- brother just getting into the groove. He looked too uptight.

Stella's costumes were good, but there was a scene where she wore jeans to work, though with a suit. I did not really feel it.

The scene where Bolatito returns from the date with her boss, holding her shoes in her hands. She turns to crowd and asks - What does a woman really want?
Rhetorically asking why nobody ever asks what a woman wantsrather than making assumptions for the woman.
In the words of her mother, she describes the woman as a tiger, saying 'IT IS THE ENIGMA OF THE TIGER THAT SAVES THE TIGER "
In the last scene, when chief sees Bolatito and James together just returning from an outing, he is upset and he, Mohammed and James get into a fight with Aunty Jebe trying to settle it all. Suddenly, they all appear frozen on-stage and Bolatito has a chance to assess the men in her life and analyzes why she cannot marry any of them.

Mohammed: They might be happy for a few years in name of love but he is lazy, and after a few years when he has still found no job (with the lame excuse of not wanting to be treated anyhow by any employer), he will spend all of Bolatito's money demanding for new electronics and all, and when she decides to further her education, he will complain and say it is waste of resources.

James: A good guy too, but he will not want for her to "progress" at work, asking her to decline all promotions that will increase her salary and make her earn more than her man.

The Boss: Yes, he has all the money, but will not want her to work or have any business of her own until she has like four or five kids for him.

In the end, she analyzes all her suitors and decides that none of them is good enough for her.

Overall, the play was good, addressing the issues, most modern young women face today. There are the issues of identity, being who she wants to be and pressure to fit in to what the society and her family expects her to be. This is deeply resonated in the play as Bolatito expresses that all a woman wants is the right to be what she wants to be.

NB: I met the Ibru sisters

Friday, March 23, 2007

Help Ene

Please help Ene,She has a hole in her heart,please do whatever you can,donate or share the link,check Boor's space for details.


I received a slideshow today, please check Here

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Been busy

I have been busy,
At work and in my mind.
I have been worried.
I have been angry.
I have been sad.

I guess it just one of those things that happens
to a young lady.

Can anyone teach me how not to
wear my heart on my skin?
Thank God for family.

I wish I could fly away for a holiday,
With no noise,work or worries.
But in mean time what do I do?

There's not enough time for me.
I fall asleep but my mind stays awake.
My body is constantly aching,
My thoughts and writings are incoherent.

Nobody knows,
I just smile,laugh and solve everybody's problem,
But I am strained.
No, its not man problem,I'm single and fine.

Can I help myself or do I seek help?
Can any one help me? shut up Omohemi,
Don't worry you'll be fine, it is just a matter of time.

Not a poem, apologises for the disjointedness, just how am feeling presently.
Will put up a proper post soon.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy Mothers Day

Happy mothers day to mothers all across the globe.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

How can we effect change?

Everyday, I hear almost every Nigerian complain about Nigeria. Oh! the economy is horrible,oh! the educational system is terrible, damn the traffic is horrendous, blah,blah,blah.

But what are we going to do change it?
Are we just going to wait for the government?

But do we need the government to tell us not to drive on one way roads?
Do we need the government to tell us, to stop writing exams for our 9&10 year olds,writing entrance exams?
Do we need the government to tell us form queues and stick with queues at bus stations,filing stations or wherever?

Do we need the government to tell us not to molest,muliate a child?
Do we need the government to tell us that mixing cassava, sugar & flour and selling it as baby food is wrong?
Has the government stolen our conscience?

What am I going to tell my children,10-15 years from now,when they ask me what did I do for my country?
I know Nigeria sucks, I know Nigeria has failed all of us,I know many times,some of has tried and tried but just keep hitting brick walls. But do we just lay down and die?

Do we watch our country crumble before us? Do we all keep absconding?

Do we make the heroes that stand up, speak and act, die like victims?
Do you want to continue to be referred to as less just because your passport is green?

How can we effect change?
It is by starting from our little spheres of life. Our families(Most importantly),our neighbourhood and place of work.
The society has lost its value because the family has lost its too.
Do we pay attention to our children? What do we tell them? What do we teach them?
Who are their friends? Do pay attention to their school work? I know every child need the basic necessities but does money equate affection?

What of the church? Where pastors burn their church members? read story HERE
What is preached in churches today?

Mr. Minister,oga patapata,Senator Olabiwonu,what are you doing?
Are you just embellzzing money and patching every thing? Do you know what goes around comes around?

Everyone's little effort is required, from the customer care officer who is rude to every customer, to you jumping queue because you are "sharp", to the driverwho hits a little child and just zooms off.
To you who is in faraway land making no plans to return or putting something back.
If the citizens of that country didnot fix theirs can you dwell there?

I know in every society there are bad eggs,are we all bad eggs?
I know our law and enforcements sucks, but how can we help ourselves?

In our own little way, how can we effect change for our country, Nigeria?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Random Gist

Have you seen this logo? Check Uzo's blog.
For the hot chicks and hottest bloke.
Don't forget to check comment section it is getting hot in here.

PHCN aka NEPA has become a pain in my everywhere, my ass, my neck, my head,my home, my office, my rumpled shirts, just name it everywhere.

It is either there is no power supply at all or the current is absurd,or the light keeps doing a disappearing act every 15 minutes.

So everyone is buying I-better- pass- my - neighbour(Generator),so there is more fumes all over the place plus that of the burning refuse,black smoke from a ratlling truck,white smoke from a flying okada,plus noise that can make an insane man mad.

So week after week,we are queueing at fuel sations with our Jerry cans and struggling for diesel(Big men ,do no such thing,diesel trucks will deliver at your door)

PHCN, what can I say,we hail thee.

Yardua died but now he is alive,but how does that feed me or give me an orgasm?

But after all the rumours flying around town,the man is back on his feet but me I worry o! This Yardua and Good luck combination,I say no more.

I pray to God,for this electionseason to be peaceful. I don't want another JUNE 12 tragedy occuring,God forbid!

I donot know if I shall vote,I registered after LASG promised fire and brimstone on whoever refuses to, but my poling vote is 1,000 miles away from my home. There will be no movement,how I go do am?

Who do I vote for?

I wanted Donald duke(Yes,yes,he has great idaes) but the dude is sexy (Onari I know you know this is true) and his sex appeal would have rubbed off on the country and done great things.

Watching Tyra banks show yesterday, saw one transexual man who had undergone 39 operations to be a woman! Ha! She sorry he hasn't changed his banana to a doughnut though.

One fine bloke is in love with him/her already!

Imagine me,tripping for one fine black boy,only for him to tell me he is trans gini? Tufiawka! No way! I rather be gay and sleep with Elton John,or be ley and be with Halle berry.

With oyinbo wonder shall never end.
West African Idol

I thank God,the stylist for the reality show has changed Nana's porcupine weavon and replaced with an afro wig.

Now this post is getting too long,got to get back to work.

Friday, March 9, 2007

The Life in my women!

The life in my women

Yesterday was International womens day,I dedicate this post to the women in my life.

The women in my life range from the women in my family, neighbors, my mother’s friends and my friends mothers who I admire.

I’ll start with my Granma.

My grandma, is an awesome woman, she is tri-lingual, she speaks (Edo, Ibo& Yoruba fluently). She is a typical businessperson, she has sold everything from food to goods, even till now she despite all pleas she still has a shop where she sells provisions and drinks. She taught me our edo dialect, speaking it to me &my siblings every time she is around.
She is patient and strict but not like miracle worker. I have learnt from her patience and hardwork. She is hardworking and takes care of everyone from her children to her grandchildren. I pray she will live long to see her great grandchildren.

Miracle worker
My mother. I will write a special post dedicated to her, so I’ll make this short.
I inherited from my sweetness and an ability to still be firm from her.
We have had our own fair share of fights and all, but she is truly my hero. She is a living example to me and I cannot begin to explain what she has taught me. I love her to bits!

My sister:
Though I know sometimes I am hard with you but I love you, your craziness,having fun at everything thing you do,your child like spirit and your ability to make friends easily.Thank you for teachingme not to be to hard on myself.

My Aunts
From the bookish & strict, to the crazy& generous to carefree and fun aunties in my life. I am blessed. I guess some families do have them. These women have got action!

My power puff girls
My friends, who have always supported and encouraged me, selflessly love me and pray for me. God give me the strength to remain a blessing to you.

My Neighbors
These were the big sisters on my floor, who took care of me, watched me, the sisters that analyzed my report card before my mom got home. They helped with schoolwork and taught me how to relate and respect people. As I type now, I hear their voices, thank you.
I pray that as you are all scattered around the globe, I pray that God will bring big sisters for your female children and trust that they have a friend in me.

My Godmother
The prim&proper woman, who taught me how to act and speak like a lady, I was a tomboy and I hated it but I’m grateful now.

School Women: These are the women that shaped my life in school ,from my nursery school teacher, to my no-nonsense primary school headmistress to my ever smiling pry 6 teacher, to my two school mothers to my principal (who is my friend now) to the young women I met at the university. Thank you.

Blogsville women
I have not been here up to a year and I feel like you are family I have known all my life. I learn something from all your posts each day even when I take time to comment or not! Thank you.
Happy women’s day!

Friday, March 2, 2007


Oh! you don't know how happy I am tonight!

I am dancing and singing!

No,I didnot win the lottery or meet an 'angel" from Heaven.
I didnot acquire anything new,whether bag or shoe.

I have just been set free from "egungun", transl bone.

The story.
Last night,after work, I settled to eat a happy bowl of Amala with egusi soup,while watching TV.
I was just starting to enjoy the meal and then bang! I swallowed a fish bone.
Yeah, a fish bone. At first I thought it was nothing ,so I drank water and swallowed two balls of Amala without soup but no,the bone was still there.

I kept swallowing my meal without soup pausing every 2 minutes, for an hour.
The bone no gree go o! I started drinking water,chewing garri,coughing very hard but this bone won't budge. Oh! my God,what I my going to do?

I brush my teeth and stick my toothbrush in my throat almost vomiting,no way the bone no comot! So I give up and go to sleep,hoping somewhere in my dream,the bone will slip away.
It took a long time before I could finally find sleep.

I wake up the morning and fish bone is still there and now it is more painful than last night.
Now,I am worried. I tell my mom and she recommends a big bowl of Eba,lol.
It wasn't funny as early as 7.15, I was on a swallowing spree,swallowing big balls of Eba down my thin throat. This bone refused to move.

My mum,offered to stick her hand in my mouth to feel and bring it out but I refused.
Finally I agreed but nope that didnot work. I tried with my toothbrush again,coughed very hard and all,but no! this sturrborn still remained.

My father offers to take me to hospital,but I decline (I hate hospitals,drugs and needles but I love good looking male doctors),my excuse how can one go to hospital to complain about a fish bone in one's throat.

On my way to work,I call my cousin who is doctor,he recommends vitamin c and a painreliever and tells me not to worry that the bone will go away soon.
Soon? How soon? I was in pain already. Isaid a silent prayer to Osanobuwa(God) to have mercy on me and let this cup pass over me.

I gargled my throat with warm water and salt for a few minutes but no,the bone won't bulge.
I give up and it and continue with work in great pain but eventually I drank milk and wait for it........ It is GONE! The fishbone is gone.


Thursday, March 1, 2007

A whole new month!

The month of march has marched in, I don't know why but I don't feel so tingly about it as I was about Feburary.
Oh! Well ,I will just wait and see what the month has for me.
This is a kind of spending month for me because alot of my friends and my darling sister's birthday is this month. Right from the 5th all the way to the 31st! wow.

To all the March babies in Blogville, let me be the first to say Happy Birthday!
I took this little excerpt from
Unnaked blog,describing March's babies. Does it fit you?

Attractive personality. Sexy, Affectionate, Shy and Reserved. Secretive. Naturally honest, generous and sympathetic. Loves peace and serenity. Sensitive to others. Great kisser. Easily angered. Trustworthy. Appreciative and returns kindness. Hardly shows emotions. Tends to bottle up feelings. Observant and assesses others.

I miss my blogville neighbours,where are they? Have they given up on blogging?
Why haven't they updated? Am I going to catch the blog fatigue soon?
Is there a secret vacation spot in blogville,I don't know about? somebody help!

Neighbours M.I.A
Guyhorny,the man with the many escapades,has he suddenly become bornagain?
Dumped his bad habits,his blog and his new chick VERA?

Boorishmale nko?(the blogger I secretly admire) so it is not secret anymore.
Is he truly joining tminx on her 40 days fast?

Jola my blog mummy,where is she?

Our funniet male blogger,
Naija bloke too, is busy with work

Shola too as gone AWOL

I don't know what happened to
temmytayo too.

I was worried about
Babs but she has updated.

I was worried about Vera too,but she has updated,thank goodness.

I don't want to take Taureminx job,let this lent be over so that she will return.

Listening to paper review yesterday morning, and I heard of this young lady up north that burnt a whole village down because she was forced to marry some dude she didnot like.
Wow! thats some angry chick,I like her her blazing attitude.

Until I update again, keep blogging, for non -bloggers keep reading.
For all the good people that take time out to read this blog,I am grateful and humbled.