Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Random Gist

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PHCN aka NEPA has become a pain in my everywhere, my ass, my neck, my head,my home, my office, my rumpled shirts, just name it everywhere.

It is either there is no power supply at all or the current is absurd,or the light keeps doing a disappearing act every 15 minutes.

So everyone is buying I-better- pass- my - neighbour(Generator),so there is more fumes all over the place plus that of the burning refuse,black smoke from a ratlling truck,white smoke from a flying okada,plus noise that can make an insane man mad.

So week after week,we are queueing at fuel sations with our Jerry cans and struggling for diesel(Big men ,do no such thing,diesel trucks will deliver at your door)

PHCN, what can I say,we hail thee.

Yardua died but now he is alive,but how does that feed me or give me an orgasm?

But after all the rumours flying around town,the man is back on his feet but me I worry o! This Yardua and Good luck combination,I say no more.

I pray to God,for this electionseason to be peaceful. I don't want another JUNE 12 tragedy occuring,God forbid!

I donot know if I shall vote,I registered after LASG promised fire and brimstone on whoever refuses to, but my poling vote is 1,000 miles away from my home. There will be no movement,how I go do am?

Who do I vote for?

I wanted Donald duke(Yes,yes,he has great idaes) but the dude is sexy (Onari I know you know this is true) and his sex appeal would have rubbed off on the country and done great things.

Watching Tyra banks show yesterday, saw one transexual man who had undergone 39 operations to be a woman! Ha! She sorry he hasn't changed his banana to a doughnut though.

One fine bloke is in love with him/her already!

Imagine me,tripping for one fine black boy,only for him to tell me he is trans gini? Tufiawka! No way! I rather be gay and sleep with Elton John,or be ley and be with Halle berry.

With oyinbo wonder shall never end.
West African Idol

I thank God,the stylist for the reality show has changed Nana's porcupine weavon and replaced with an afro wig.

Now this post is getting too long,got to get back to work.


Ubong Da said...

Interesting....tit bits.

Simply Gorgeous said...

You are too funny. I am feeling you on Nepa( PHCN). One of the transformers had blew when i was in Nigeria and they wanted the residents to pay to get a new transformer. How absurd!

I see you have a picture up of Tuface I love him, especially his lips and his smile.

I am not sure either of the Yaradua/ Jonathan ticket. The man has one foot in the grave. I don't trust Jonathan that much either.

Atiku- enough said.

Buhari- seems like the candidate if I had a choice I would vote for. He is very honest to me,sha.

Poor you with queueing I know what that feels and looks like.

omohemi Benson said...

Thanks bro.

@Simply gorgeous,
Absurd? dat one na english all over the country residents "contribute" to buy transformer. Only God fit save us.

Buhari ke? hmm...enough said.
Thanks love.

londonnaijachic said...

when we'll this queing end? hmm nigeria! God knows were the yradua gist originated from.

Idol is so interesting to watch and very talented singers.I like eric for his voice and many more :)

Mutiu said...

NEPA has been another "witch" on every Nigerian neck. I have vigil every now and then in order to iron my cloth. The clothing for the next 3 weeks has been ironed. It is so bad that I cannot charge my cell phone apart from my office, bcos my office has a standby generator. It seems NEPA has turned the electricity into a teddy bear.

On Yar’adua rumoured death, I was always amazed that our leaders fly abroad whenever they have headache. Our hospitals are in bad shapes and nobody is ready to put them in a normal condition. Let me ask, what would have happen to somebody like me who is not connected to the presidency? Yar’adua was flown to Germany in the presidential jet. It is high time our leaders come back to their “senses” by improving our infrastructures, hospitals, and NEPA inclusive.

Naijadude said...

Nice touch you gave to dem gist! Wetin go happen to PHCN/NEPA now ooh? sad!!

U watch the IDOLS? how do you like the judges? Dede most especially!!


i feel u on Nepa, Phcn whatever it is they r called, they'e just been showing us o!!! the amount of money we spend on diesel in my house is disgracefull!! it can feed a whole nation. God will save us

adumaadan - Blacktinkerbell said...

Nepa does not even bear talking about. I've gone deaf from listening to the generator orchestra in my neighbourhood. My next door neighbour claims to have a silent cabin unfortunately, the thing is placed on my side of the house and when he starts it in the middle of the night, guess who bolts out of bed. On Nana's weave, we can only pray that the change will last and extend to her make-up, clothes and comments.

Confused Naija Girl said...

Is it by force to vote in nigeria now oh ga oh!!
I hear NEPA is worse now, I didnt know that was even possible

exschoolnerd said...

dont even get me started on Nepa..

bout the april polls...i pray they are peaceful too oh! We shud all start praying cause the way things are going...hmmm...

yar'adua's death...the rumour spread faster than a wild fire...his detractors work i suppose..

and bout nana..i tot i was the only one who tot her hair was hideous...thank God she now looks more like a human being..but i still dont like her sha...with theat her yeye accent...
"I like u...eh...bet u need more werk"

and her make-up..is it done by a clown?