Thursday, September 10, 2009

no title

Feeling queasy,

Knock! Knock!

I’m tired, I’m dizzy.

Its me mummy

Who? You? Who you?

Its only me mummy.

Welcome honey,

Are you comfortable honey?

Mummy, what is this?

Don’t tickle it!

It makes me sick.

Don’t kick that!

Its my abdomen you are hurting!!

Don’t touch this,its bloody,

Its dripping and mummy is spotting.

Where are you?

Am here, mummy.


At the door.

Its not yet morning sweety.

Don’t worry I can see.

Why are you in a hurry,

Just wait a little while, it will soon be nine.

I want to leave with the cover of the night,

Mummy am not ready.

But I am, I am ready for both of us.

No, mummy,

One cannot be ready for the other.

We must come together.

Are you angry?

Please don’t!


Please let me.

In the vein: Fortwin

In the muscle: 'subutamol'

Take my hand, please

Am slipping, let me.

It is the end of the road.

Drip, drop ,drip,drop

Comes the Oxytocin.

There is a quake in my soul,

Then comes the rain,

It is pouring outside my window,

The warm drops touch my pillow.

The floods caress my inside

and slide down my thighs.

All I remember is his fisted palms

In the pan.