Thursday, December 28, 2006

2006 wrapping up

The song playing in my head right now is a yoruba song
"Odun lo sopin baba rere fi so re so wa o,tomo tomo ohun ti o pa wa lekun o lodun tun tun ma je ko se le se mi,baba rere"
Meaning: the year is coming to an end,heavenly father,protect us and our family from all misfortunes.

Last night,I was taking an inventory of my life in 2006,my achievemnts,goals,fallouts et al.
Looking back,for me 2006 was not such a fantastic year,but it was not a bad year either.
I learnt some things and lost things,but I am grateful I made it through. I can't wait to get into the new year.

Get your plans and acts together, 2007,is going to be one good year.

The Naughty me.

Tall, skinny and bouncing tom boy was the young child I was.
I was stubborn, swift to speak and never afraid of trouble. I Loved music [still do] like crazy, dancing was my hobby. SSP- Sir Shina Peter’s "shinamania" was my all time favourite.
I can still remember my younger sister and I entertaining our neighbors, dancing from flat to flat, even at parties we were the centre of attraction when it was dancing time.
I remember how desperately I wished to be a boy, I love to sing too, and I even formed a club with my friends on the floor called “Apple rock”.

Most of my friends were boys and fellow tomboys. I was often well beaten but I was never afraid of a fight; I remember my left handed partner in primary 4 who drew a line with chalk on the wooden seat we shared, indicating “his side” and “my side” instructing me carefully never to trespass, I always did and we always had a good fight. He will give me several punches in tummy, but not without him losing all his buttons and some tribal marks on his cheeks.
I remember dealing with a boorish uncle, who my miracle worker brought home from one her trips to her village .Me and this uncle quarreled almost everyday. I remember him pulling me by my ears to the kitchen, instructing me sternly to do the dishes, I did do dishes with glee, but I left the glasses, cutlery, teacups and sink unwashed! I remember throwing down his tapes from the 5th floor down into the well mowed lawn in my crescent. I remember pretending to run away from home when he tried to beat me.
I remember my mum, scolding me for slapping my sister, I remember her warning my siblings to stay away from me to avoid been beaten.
I remember the young vain me that enjoyed watching me on television as “A tales by moonlight star (a programme for children, where an aunty told stories; it used to be aired on Sunday evenings on NTA. (By the way where is aunty Nkem?)
I remember running to top floor of my crescent with friends carrying ‘water bombs’ (small nylon bags filled with water) and throwing them down with force on our unsuspecting “enemies”.
I remember a white garment pastor running after me in our sitting room; in order to deliver me of the virile spirits my mum believed possessed me.
I remember it all, and laugh, remembering how drastic I have changed.
Remembering now, makes me wonder where that little girl has gone?