Monday, April 28, 2008

Sex slave

The lovely month of April is running to an end,
I look forward to May.

A friend sent me the link to this story,

A 73-year-old Austrian man has confessed to imprisoning his daughter in a windowless cellar for 24 years and fathering her seven children.

A 42-year-old woman had told police on Sunday that her father, Josef Fritzl, lured her into the basement of the block where they lived in the town of Amstetten in 1984 and drugged and handcuffed her before imprisoning her.

"(Fritzl) has now said that he locked up his daughter for 24 years and that he alone fathered her seven children and that he locked them up in the cellar," Franz Polzer, head of the criminal investigations unit in the province of Lower Austria, said.

Read more HERE.

Thanks B.

It reminds me of YFZ ranch polygamy story in the US.

What is wrong with these men? what makes them so sick?

The man kept his own daughter in prson for 24 years???!


I'll try and see if I can get a full story about a similar story in Lagos, Nigeria.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

danfo driver

Here my video for the week,

need I explain why?

Monday, April 21, 2008

Banker to the poor

I just finished this book and it is inspiring, I could not drop it and could not help scribbling down notes.
I first saw on Oprah show, last year and then saw his book with a friend, got to read it last week, great book.

I enjoyed it, hope you will too.
too lazy to type synopsis right now, just google the book or Muhammad Yunus.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Adieu mama wa.

I have never met her or her daughter,
but from her daughter, I have felt her love, her strength, her courage and Nigerianess.

London Buki showed me her mother,
with her beauty, faith and love.
All her mommy posts have been inspiring,
I admire her.

It was with sadness today when I read her post about the passing away of her mother,
I do not have words to console or encourage at this moment,
But I know for sure God is with her.

When I die...

When I die
when my coffin
is being taken out
you must never think
i am missing this world

don't shed any tears
don't lament or
feel sorry
i'm not falling
into a monster's abyss

when you see
my corpse is being carried
don't cry for my leaving
i'm not leaving
i'm arriving at eternal love

when you leave me
in the grave
don't say goodbye
remember a grave is
only a curtain
for the paradise behind

you'll only see me
descending into a grave
now watch me rise
how can there be an end
when the sun sets or
the moon goes down

it looks like the end
it seems like a sunset
but in reality it is a dawn
when the grave locks you up
that is when your soul is freed

have you ever seen
a seed fallen to earth
not rise with a new life
why should you doubt the rise
of a seed named human

have you ever seen
a bucket lowered into a well
coming back empty
why lament for a soul
when it can come back
like Joseph from the well

when for the last time
you close your mouth
your words and soul
will belong to the world of
no place no time

~RUMI, ghazal number 911,
translated May 18, 1992,
by Nader Khalili.

Adieu Mama wa.

Happy April

Well to some,it is just another day in the calendar,
but in Nigeria we like to celebrate everything, from happy new morning, to happy new day,new month new year,
so please celebrate with me and say Happy new month!

I'll do proper post, hopefully this week,
just need to find time to type and then upload and do my blog rounds but time, time ,time!

This morning while reading through the news I came across THIS
9 years olds! planning to cut their teacher???
Please what is happening to us? yes all of us.
It is so easy to point fingers and look away and claiming the responsibility is not ours but we are all in it, and like a domino effect its going to get us all.

Yesterday,I was watching Bill Cosby on Oprah show and he was talking about the same thing too, what are we doing to our children?
Yes, you can say I donot have any kids, but what about your cousins, nieces, nephew,children in your neighbourhood, how do you affect their lives?
When you are with them what do you discuss?
If you are a parent, beyond school fees and clothing what else do you know about your child?
This is becoming an emergency! If we donot address it soon, we'll have a crisis on our hands,it is not just about your kids alone, am not saying you should be put your nose in some else's family, but hey! be more involved in your child's PTA meetings, in that way you know what the other parents are thinking and what the school is planning, because if you bother only about your kid, that other kid you didnot want to see or know nothing about, might affect your child, not in the future, but right now!

What values are we passing unto our children? How much time do we spend with them?
Do we know their friends, not just by their names but who they are and what they up to? I know we are all busy most times, running after how to make ends meet? but when last did you check your daughter homework, or hangout with her alone and talk heart to heart? Family make up the society! whether the extended like we have in most parts of Africa or the nuclear from the monogamous man in Europe, people do not drop from the sky, they are part of a family.

I remember growing up, My mom was a single mom, but everybody helped in raising us, from our neighbours who checked our reports cards before my mom returned from work, to my granma who taught us to basic chores in the house to teaching us the native language,to my uncles and aunties who helped us with our home work and assignments,etc.
Yes,I know time have changed and an average child now may not have the privileges of an extended family and good neighbours and maybe left alone to hired helps,
but is anyone listening to these children? What future are we preparing for them them 10-15 years down the line?
Yes in Nigeria, the education system is going down on the daily, our leaders really donot care, they embezzle most of the funds and send their kids abroad, but for the kids that are here, beyond sending them top notch schools, what else we contributing in their lives? Is it all about the money or whose kids they will mingle with?
Education goes beyond the classroom, that does mean it is not important.

In our own little way how can we make things right?
What are our children watching?
What are they listening to?

Who are they with?
What are they doing?
What are they saying?

Show me our children now, and I'll tell what our society is going to be.
Lets save ourselves, lets save our children.

ps. so much for not having time to type,this serves as a proper post now, lol.