Saturday, March 17, 2007

How can we effect change?

Everyday, I hear almost every Nigerian complain about Nigeria. Oh! the economy is horrible,oh! the educational system is terrible, damn the traffic is horrendous, blah,blah,blah.

But what are we going to do change it?
Are we just going to wait for the government?

But do we need the government to tell us not to drive on one way roads?
Do we need the government to tell us, to stop writing exams for our 9&10 year olds,writing entrance exams?
Do we need the government to tell us form queues and stick with queues at bus stations,filing stations or wherever?

Do we need the government to tell us not to molest,muliate a child?
Do we need the government to tell us that mixing cassava, sugar & flour and selling it as baby food is wrong?
Has the government stolen our conscience?

What am I going to tell my children,10-15 years from now,when they ask me what did I do for my country?
I know Nigeria sucks, I know Nigeria has failed all of us,I know many times,some of has tried and tried but just keep hitting brick walls. But do we just lay down and die?

Do we watch our country crumble before us? Do we all keep absconding?

Do we make the heroes that stand up, speak and act, die like victims?
Do you want to continue to be referred to as less just because your passport is green?

How can we effect change?
It is by starting from our little spheres of life. Our families(Most importantly),our neighbourhood and place of work.
The society has lost its value because the family has lost its too.
Do we pay attention to our children? What do we tell them? What do we teach them?
Who are their friends? Do pay attention to their school work? I know every child need the basic necessities but does money equate affection?

What of the church? Where pastors burn their church members? read story HERE
What is preached in churches today?

Mr. Minister,oga patapata,Senator Olabiwonu,what are you doing?
Are you just embellzzing money and patching every thing? Do you know what goes around comes around?

Everyone's little effort is required, from the customer care officer who is rude to every customer, to you jumping queue because you are "sharp", to the driverwho hits a little child and just zooms off.
To you who is in faraway land making no plans to return or putting something back.
If the citizens of that country didnot fix theirs can you dwell there?

I know in every society there are bad eggs,are we all bad eggs?
I know our law and enforcements sucks, but how can we help ourselves?

In our own little way, how can we effect change for our country, Nigeria?


Jaycee said...

First....Oh my gosh...I had mixed feelings of anger & sadness as I read this (with hot tears threatening to fall)...I just never made it to crying though...

I see a change coming...and I want to be amongst those that will start with my family and my small communities, even here in the States...

God help me!

Chxta said...

A great sage once said: "You must be the change that you wish to see in the world..."

adumaadan - Blacktinkerbell said...

I quite agree that it must start with us. Each one of us must make a decision to do the right thing. May God help our country

chidi said...

yes, we must each make it our duty to do something. our country needs help but it must come from us

obi said...

everybody keeps saying yes, its true, the change has to come from us, i see change coming... and blah blah blah.... now lets face the fact... what have you done to make nigeria proud, are you still ashammed to tell people that you're from nigeria when introduced to some new friends, if you still do, then you dont want nigeria to grow.... start something.....

Shola said...

as much as we cant deny government irresponsibility in many ways, it will be very shameless to hold on to it as a justification for ours.

the truth is when we fail to do the right things it will definitely come back to us, if we continue to litter the roads, then we will continue to have blocked drainages, flooded roads, terrible traffic , polluted air and so on.

every single act of irresponsibility comes back to us in multiple folds.

we sure need to start searching ourselves as individuals and make up our minds to daily contribute to the change we desire.