Friday, March 9, 2007

The Life in my women!

The life in my women

Yesterday was International womens day,I dedicate this post to the women in my life.

The women in my life range from the women in my family, neighbors, my mother’s friends and my friends mothers who I admire.

I’ll start with my Granma.

My grandma, is an awesome woman, she is tri-lingual, she speaks (Edo, Ibo& Yoruba fluently). She is a typical businessperson, she has sold everything from food to goods, even till now she despite all pleas she still has a shop where she sells provisions and drinks. She taught me our edo dialect, speaking it to me &my siblings every time she is around.
She is patient and strict but not like miracle worker. I have learnt from her patience and hardwork. She is hardworking and takes care of everyone from her children to her grandchildren. I pray she will live long to see her great grandchildren.

Miracle worker
My mother. I will write a special post dedicated to her, so I’ll make this short.
I inherited from my sweetness and an ability to still be firm from her.
We have had our own fair share of fights and all, but she is truly my hero. She is a living example to me and I cannot begin to explain what she has taught me. I love her to bits!

My sister:
Though I know sometimes I am hard with you but I love you, your craziness,having fun at everything thing you do,your child like spirit and your ability to make friends easily.Thank you for teachingme not to be to hard on myself.

My Aunts
From the bookish & strict, to the crazy& generous to carefree and fun aunties in my life. I am blessed. I guess some families do have them. These women have got action!

My power puff girls
My friends, who have always supported and encouraged me, selflessly love me and pray for me. God give me the strength to remain a blessing to you.

My Neighbors
These were the big sisters on my floor, who took care of me, watched me, the sisters that analyzed my report card before my mom got home. They helped with schoolwork and taught me how to relate and respect people. As I type now, I hear their voices, thank you.
I pray that as you are all scattered around the globe, I pray that God will bring big sisters for your female children and trust that they have a friend in me.

My Godmother
The prim&proper woman, who taught me how to act and speak like a lady, I was a tomboy and I hated it but I’m grateful now.

School Women: These are the women that shaped my life in school ,from my nursery school teacher, to my no-nonsense primary school headmistress to my ever smiling pry 6 teacher, to my two school mothers to my principal (who is my friend now) to the young women I met at the university. Thank you.

Blogsville women
I have not been here up to a year and I feel like you are family I have known all my life. I learn something from all your posts each day even when I take time to comment or not! Thank you.
Happy women’s day!


londonnaijachic said...

happy belated women's day to you too.

Simply Gorgeous said...

You are so sweet. On behalf of all women, we thank you for your compassion. Happy women's day.

laspapi said...

Here's to the hand that rocks the cradle.

Waffarian said...

How sweet!

omohemi Benson said...

Thanks love,

@Simply Gorgeous,
You are sweet too,it is not compassion darl it is LOVE.

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.

Thanks love.

Vera Ezimora said...

Happy women's day to you too! Now, be woman enough to swallow the darn camera!

Confused Naija Girl said...

aww happy women's day to you too. the tribute was touching!!

Vickii said...

Happy belated women's day! Women's day is the same day as my birthday ... I wonder if it's a coincidence that I'm such a feminist. It's cool that you've got so many inspiring women in your life.

Daddy's Girl said...

Women are wonderful - well done for taking time out to appreciate the special women in your life.