Tuesday, June 5, 2007

E go better!

Everyday I hear that word "E go better" but I donot have any hope in it any more, how long do I have to wait before e go better?
presently there is fuel scarcity,before fuel scarcity, there was fuel price increase and we all know what that means, the prices of everything including matches increases!
Transport fares doubles sometimes triple sef!

There is no light,in my house we can't pump water because PHCN no gree give us elecricity,so no water too! How can we carry on like this,how can we keep smiling and patting ourselves in the back and saying E go beta!. Asuu is on strike,some other unions are planning to go on strike soon. The BRT lane in Lagos is just creating more traffic! How can a BRT lane work on our already small roads and other forms of transport are not in place to ease the road traffic?

It is just annoying and honestly fustrating, I wan know when e go better o! because I cannot wait another X years. How long do I have to wait before E GO BETTER?


lost-not yet found said...

Eeeyah..I feel u my dear.. But consider the alternative.. What would you do if u knew absolutely that things would not be better in Nigeria..

a. Lie down and die?
b. Walk down the road and die?
c. Just die?

You dont have a choice... You have to keep believing... the audacity of hope, was what someone called it. Pele jare... e go better.

Uzo said...

The fuel thing caught me by suprise..the BRT lanes are no longer striclty for the buses even though they hoot for drivers to move...

It will get better dear...take it easy

boorish male said...

The sad truth is that things will never improve until the poor, unimformed and ignorant masses begin to demand better treatment for themselves. If we continue to live in false hope and are satisfied being the long suffering victims, things will never change.

snazzy said...

the fuel thing right now is because of those idiot tanker drivers and their desire to turn apapa into their personal parking lot, that will get better

hopefully with the power plants coming online that will get better in the next six months to a year

as for the rest, who knows? sometimes it's good to scream. Hope u feel better now.

The Last King Of Scotland said...

e go better soon, lol. that nepa sef abi na power holdings plc needs to be sorted. for me yar adua's success/failure will be measured on it.

Ugo Daniels said...

Sad, sad and more sad...shakes head, wondering what is really wrong with Nigeria?

Sparkle said...

na wa o...just keep believe..dats d only thing u can do now
abi...ppl don try different means...d thing no work
make we just dey believe

Anonymous said...

mehn..i hrd the fuel crisis is really bad dis time...e go better sa!

Jola Naibi said...

I guess the only way people can retain their sanity in the middle of what you have described as utter chaos is to hope for the best in the future...it can be a monotonous refrain as the response to sad times but at least e go better gives more hope than e no go better - if people went around saying that they might as well throw in the towel. Hang in there hon, I am giving you a ***virtual hug***

Mrs Somebody said...

E go better.............

londonnaijachic said...

You are right babes! People do have hope but sometimes hope isn't enough to change situations around.Having hope or even faith without action is hopeless.

Lady A said...

Dang, it seems like everyone is going through something including myself. Sometimes you just have to call those things as not as though they are, so.... "E go better!"

omohemi Benson said...

option d.
Move to Ghana or any other populated country,but the truth is we all can't move.
I just have to keep believing at work at it. Thanks.

Am I the only one who sees something wrong with BRT Lane?
It is just absurd!
Thanks love.

Hmm... that will be the whole Nigeria demanding for better treament, because those you have just classified are of the larger%.
So what about the educated, well informed & rich, what are they going to do too? We cannot continue in the false hope, things must change!

This Apapa drama has been going on fora long time, when will we settle it once and for all.
Can't the big boys that this drivers worker for control them?
On the power plants,I dey wait.
Screaming lets you get out some steam but damn men, my lungs are sore!

@Last king of scotland,
Amen o! on Nepa, we will have to wait and see.

Truly sad,but don't shke your head get on your knees and pray for Nigeria and make sure you rep us well at Cyprus, ok?

My faith is all I have and I am going to put it to work! Thanks!

It is bad o, 10 litres of fule was sold at N2,500 as at yesterday!
Kilode? E go better

@Jola Naibi,
I have missed you babe.
Very true what you have said.
I choose to hold on and be strong,at keep at it till it gets better. Thanks for the warm hug.

@Mrs Somebody,

Only our faith in action can change our situation.
Thanks love.

Nigeria Politricks said...

Dem say 'E go Better' na poor man prayer...so let the majority of Naija's demand for better treating, or else keep on hoping against hope, E go Better!

omohemi Benson said...

@Lady a,
All humans are bound to go through one challenge or the other.
That is it,faith, evidence of things not seen.

@Nigeria Politricks,
We having been demanding, but is anyone listening?

NaijaBloke said...

Afi E go better nah ... na so we go say till Jesus come ..

Well I love Nigerians sha .. when we realize say Faith is not going to work ...we decided to hang on hope ... and hope is slipping outta our hands now ..only God knows what we will hang on to after ...

2ndCorin5:17 said...

Chai, dunno why but I have a strong hope in Nigeria. I know I also want to effect a change in any way I can... I trust that whatever happens, God is looking out 4 His people and He has people in 9ja mehn, abi how u take c am?
Nhow, stay positive....