Friday, June 1, 2007

Ying Yang

I fell in love with the Ying Yang twins when I heard their whisper song,beautiful song.
This particular song, Dangerous, has been playing in my head all week, I love the acoustics of the guitar and the touch of Wyclef in it.


Naijadude said...

I heard whisper at a wedding last week, come see the excitement in me... asking myself how I liked such a song... but ooh well, it was a nice song!

Ugo Daniels said...

Great song!

Sparkle said...

anything with Wyclef in it...I love it
very nice song

Anonymous said...

nice song!

boorish male said...

Great song!!!

Vera Ezimora said...

I like the beat of the song too. Really nice.

S'up sweetie. Longest time. Yes, I got your voicemails...all of them, LOL.

Omo, why do u keep calling "that" number. Call me on the other one. I know I emailed you the number one time; it's easier to get me on that one.

Hugz n Kisses

laspapi said...

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The Pseudo-Independent said...

Omohemi thanks for stopping by. Great video as am into a wide variety of music. BTW: I do not think I will be able to stay away from you guys. I love all you guys to bits. Also, going by the general consensus I think Ill be staying in blogsville for much longer although ill be heading to Nigeria in a week.
All the best and God bless

Anonymous said...

update o, lol. Heard this song for the first time on ur blog, and i had to download like immediately, lol. its addictive!

omohemi Benson said...

T5he whisper concept is really cool and the beat of dat song is fabulous!

You can say that again!

Love, love wyclef too!


@ Boor,
I agree, welcome back!

No mind me jere, I playing those pranks,LOL!will call this week.

Cool but will be at work,

Welcome home bro,
Make sure you holla when you land.

I don update.
Fell in love with the song 1st time I heard it.

wienna said...

I'm sorry but i can't stand any of their songs. Although dat whisper song is starting to grow on me a bit.

omohemi Benson said...

It is different strokes for differnt folks.
Let it grow on you, you will like it.