Thursday, May 31, 2007


Remember my poem Stranger?
I wrote a rejoinder to it.
I know its funny, writing a rejoinder to your own poem.

Title: Stalker

I see your peeping eyes,
Every morning,
Hiding cautiously behind your window curtain,
I smile to myself,
Happy that sneaking footmarks,
Have graced my worn doormat,

I love the shape of your lips,
The sway of your hips,
The rhythmic soothing tune of your soft and seductive whisper,
Everything in your body wishing me more than just goodmorning,
I notice it, I notice you, I notice everything.

I want more than coffee,
I want a picnic at the beach,
I want to listen to all your stories,
And all the dreams and fantasties,
You've woven around me,
As the sand scrubs our feet,

I know that you've been watching me,
Ms. gentle eyes and sunshine smile,
I want to end our from a distance relationship,
Allay your fears, bring you closer to me,
Call you friend,
And maybe lover.


The Last King Of Scotland said...

loving this

Ugo Daniels said...

Hmmmm...another wonderful one. Come sef, where yu dey get all the inspiration from, erhn this!

lost-not yet found said...

Dangerous poetry...
Feel free to stalk me...
In fact, from tonight I am leaving my window curtains open... every nite... I could send you pictures if you want... of the curtains.

Lol.. U dey try!

londonnaijachic said...

even as beautiful as stranger!

omohemi Benson said...

@Last King of scotland,

NA God o!

@Lost not yet found,
Add me to your stalker list,
If you have any?
I want more than the pictures of curtain o!

Thanks babe.

Sparkle said...

LOL@Lost not yet found

OMOHEMI...u've got talent
that was beautiful

Simply Gorgeous said...

I love this poem even though I am truly terrified of stalkers...

lost-not yet found said...

You have been added to my permitted stalker list... Feel free to look up the security layout of my abode on google map... Ignore the pitbull, he has had his rabies shots...

The pictures will come after the results of your psychological evaluations are in... Only true psychos are allowed.

Please note that applications for permitted stalker status would be reviewed at the end of the year...

Pls call me... I wont call you.

Daddy's said...

Very sweet words... lovely poem.

exschoolnerd said...


Tinks said...

girl, you're this is so good.

lol @ lost-not yet found. Now, you're asking for trouble

Tinks said...

did that comment even make sense? i'm too tired.

The Pseudo-Independent said...

chineke! another poet who does not know it. This is so awe inspiring :)