Monday, May 28, 2007

Ruff Rider

I imagine everyday I see a power bike, that this is me(SEE PICTURE BELOW), looking all fly doing all the danger moves.
I love power bikes,can't ride, but willing to learn. I have been on a friend's bike twice and it was more than magical! I fell in love with bikes on the TV, but love the increased when the boys in my hood started owning bikes. I remember seeing Dare Art-Alade race to work(Cool FM) on his. I would have given anything to date him, lol! just to be on that bike with him, holding his waist, while we sped past the world.

I love the feel of the elements, I love the smell of danger,I love the admiration of the world as I put on my full gear.Am a ruff rider! Please donot compare the speed and recklessness of an Okada to my bike(Yes, my bike!, if you claim it, you can have it!).

I love power bikes and the men that ride it, I am sorry I can't help it.
Now you know, it one of my weaknesses.

Dear Lord, I want a bike and a very good riding tutor for Christmas.
Thank you lord.



Ugo Daniels said...

Hey, i've gat one super bike, wanna ryde wit me??? :)

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

lmao @ this post.. hilarious.. i love it cos i'm a big fan too.. i swear i always wanted to learn how to ride now.. but i gotta learn how to drive a car first.. lol... im so lost.. and wow i didn't know this Dare Art-Alade was an actual person.. i got an email a couple days ago asking me to check out the persons album on some myspace thingie... i thought it was spam.. i guess now... so who exactly is he then?

EssaBanty said...

Lol, the most powerful bike i've been on is an OKADA next to bicycle, don't get me wrong i love speed but on 4 wheels, although i don't mind your idea of grabbing unto my waist while we do the deal. In fact i love speed so much that i think no cop can catch me if i were to be running from them(God no go gree)driving the same kinda car.

9ja Opeke said...

Please donot compare the speed and recklessness of an Okada to my bike(Yes, my bike!, if you claim it, you can have it!)

I almost did...but thanks for the warning...
Anyways, I hope you dream becomes reality...

Nigeria Politricks said...

1st time I have been on here and I'm loving it! I have a need for speed as well, but I'm currently spinning it on a 4 wheeler. dat's why I got all the ATL popo' on my back all da time with their speeding tickets. But surely gonna be cruising on a power bike soon; you can get one for as cheap as $15gees and insurance is def cheap as hell!

Naija Vixen said...

lmao! I used to be crazy bout bikes...dont know why my love dulled tho...uhm...

EssaBanty said...

Nigeria Politricks i don't quite agree with you, i know you can get one for as cheap as 6thousand but trust the insurance is hell. As for me record clean no speed ticket but i love speed.


i love power bikes too
cant ride (cant even ride a bicycle)
but i would definitely have one (after i buy my range rover ofcourse)

adumaadan - Blacktinkerbell said...

Darling, you don kolo finish. You never hear say with okada, sorry, power bike, ara ni bodi? I don warn you o. Meanwhile, seeing as Baba Alaye is blogsville's new Santa, you may present your request to him o.

p.s nne, biko, turn off this music.

Sparkle said...

I'm coming back to read

lost-not yet found said...

Hmmmm... interesting points have been made about women and speed...
What exactly do u need in your blog bobo? Williams Shakespeare or Ghost Rider?

meanwhile...ermm.. reconsider that your music thing...its difficult to pretend as if I am working hard in d office while it is playing..

omohemi Benson said...

Yes! YES!! YES!!!

Yes my sis, better to own and ride a car 1st o!
Dare Art-Alade,is a Nigerian music artiste,very versatile, very good.
You can read more on him on

Please my broda try ride a bike and feel the power!

@9ja Opeke,
*LOUD* Amen!

@Nigeria Politricks,
Thanks for stopping by.

@Ibo dude,
lol! you can always learn.

I will stop by his santa shop and drop my request, lol

I have turned it off!

Ok,I still dey wait.

@Lost not found,
lol@bout the music thing,
I apologise. I have turned it off!
Ati ghost rider ati shakespeare all join, lol
I have given up on blog boo thing sef!