Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Cater to you

For my prospective boo

Man in my dreams, Man of my dreams
I'll complement your void,
Help build and fulfil your dreams,
Everything you want to be, I'll help you achieve,
With my hands, my heart, my knees and all,
Everything I've got,

I'll satisfy your loins, your hunger,
I'll be your queen, your slave,
Moving at whatever pace you dictate,
Every glass you want refilled,
Tell me, my king I am up to it,
Just name the place,arrange the feast,
I'll be there dancing to your favorite tune
Doing everything to please you,
I'll make your fantasies come true,
Now and again,
Over and over,
Trust me, sweet lover
I mean everything I say
Come let me feed you from my deep
my fresh still running water,
Where no one has upturned,
It is not only therapy for your body
But your soul, your whole,
Come let me give you all of me.

I've shared with you my secrets,
Conceal nothing from me,
Your past, your fears, your worries,
I want to hear it, all of it;
I know on our path,
There will be travails and temptations
But we'll make it,
despite all the broken mirror pieces around us,
Look up love, will be our own mirror,
Paint our own picture,
Our love will conquer all,
It'll knock down everything.
Take my hand, trust me

I am imperfect like you,
For I am a being, not a god,
But I am willing to be patient and make this work,
make our union strong
All I ask for you is to love me,
Trust me and be true as true can be.
© 2007, Omohemi All rights reserved.


Anonymous said...

Na wa for this love

?the blogger formerly known as Tinks

exschoolnerd said...

this is serious oh!!!!

NaijaBloke said...

Ogaju ..which loins are u staisfying o ...

Hahahahahaha .. SOS sent out ..abeg help her before she commit o !!!

omohemi Benson said...

lol,na real serious matter.
Naijabloke, take time o! lol

boorish male said...

Lol, Omohemi has a serous love jones......

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

awwwwwww... this is seriously beautiful.. omohemi my sweet... you are really becoming blogsvilles maya angelou.. i like this oh.. this dude go be pretty pretty lucky dude forreal... but he of course would have to answer to me first.. cos i have to do serious interrogation and investigation before i let any guy near my omohemi oh.. no lie.. lol

bill said...




dolly said...

Ah ah... Oga ju

you're really serious about a blog husband o.. anyways sha we'll help u put it in prayers...lol

Ugo Daniels said...

lawd gawd.

*sobs...and sobs again*

Where da fcuk are the other male bloggers nah?

I wish...*sobs some more*

EssaBanty said...

Lol are u serious.
I don't know why u're wasting time I already told you I’m the chosen one, the destiny and the reason it all begins in the first place.
How do I know? What do u ask questions to which you already know the answer.

My lion stay hungry and you don’t get tired feeding, my throne is in need of a queens for its “queendom”. I like it fast but slow and you got the right speed. Oh of course Samba the rumba dance; the dancers’ feet chasing the drummers’ hands as they constantly slap the face of the drum, holding me breathless and spellbound. I c you’ve got enough steppings in your feet for the feast tonight.
Come my dear, let’s break bread and sip from the same cup, lets wine and dine till the walls of our stomach can’t stretch any further, and let whatever happens after that build a house in our greatest fantasy.

Nice one tho.

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

with his latest poetry.. essabanty has sealed the deal.. no need to consider anybody else!!! thats my own verdict!

omohemi Benson said...


Funmie said...

Omohemi is in love oo.Love is good my sista, but who is this lucky guy sha! ur blog is interesting.

omohemi Benson said...

Yes oh! I am.
I am still waitng for all thse blogger men to get their acts together. lol

Sparkle said...

this is crazy

make I go pray some more...anyman u write that for, hmmm he must fall totally

na wa o!!!

Simply Gorgeous said...

Omohemi-I never knew this side of you...Iam definitely feeling it...

chicala said...

ok so this isnt a joke apparently, with the love song..........................hmn serious matter. good luck on the search girl!
But wait oh, how come there are only few applicants, all the male bloggers cant be taken now, u guys bera bring ur heads here now and start applying, lol. Essa has some vibes sha!

Robert said...

Thanks for visiting my site and your comments! Your blog is simply gorgeous and witty all over! I loved the elegant photo of Oprah! She is my idol. Keep visiting my blog for more and best of luck!

Uzo said...

ehn? Wow...Pretty intense stuff here....

Vera Ezimora said...

lol @ satisfying his loins. Hahaha. Ah, Omohemi! Na you be this? You be bad chic o! So you dey find blog boo ehn? You know we can fix that. Why don't you carry out a search?? Believe me, any blogger guy would be happy to have you as a lover (on and off Blogville).

...Still laughing @ satisfying his loins.

Confused Naija Girl said...

who is this dude oh! I like the last verse sha.

Daddy's Girl said...

Na wa o! This is serious stuff oh - hmmm...

omohemi Benson said...

Oya go begin pray o!
I must see you answer quick quick!

I always had this side just never dug into it,Thanks darl.

I have felt some of Essa's vibes but I have not made up my mind.
Where are all the blogger men?

My pleasure,Thank you.
I absolutely love Oprah too!

Yes o!

Na me o! My sister
Search? where I wan start sef?
If they would love to have me on blogsville why they no gree apply abi?

Prospective boo ni o.

@Daddy's girl,
Na real wah!

diary of a G said...

Am late
but thats how every woman should
cater to they men vice vera too

The Last King Of Scotland said...

very well written poem from an artist within the soul