Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My body, my story

I flip through my baby album,
and smile at the cute lil me,
Chubby cheeks, toothless smile,
Smooth skin, soft baby bottom
The birthmarks and immunization mark
I see now had not become visible,

I could show up naked at anybody's door,
Unashamed, unafraid,
I only start running,
When I see my mom's strong palms,
Ready to spank my cute lil bottom

Had an eye operation,
Had to wear glasses for 3 years,

I feel as light as breeze
As shobare’s soft lips brushes mine,
My first kiss.
Puppy Love,
Silly crush.

The faded bruises on my knees,
Remind me of my stubborn tomboy days.

Everyone in class is laughing,
At the tribal marks on my face,
Granma says it will stop my turbulent dreams,
and heal all of my pain,
But the razor was the pain,
as it cut my face and hands
and the black power fed the bloody marks

omo rogun (the ladle) leaves temporary marks on my back,
My already dislocated right arm suffers the most,
The ijaw man called German,
Comes home every Saturday evening,
To put back in it place.
Gosh, it was so painful.


Had to cut my hair,

Mum says long hair is prohibited in my new school,

The truth is: She justs wants me.

to focus all my attention on my books.

I walk shirtless into the bathroom,
Ease myself and examine my face,
The tribal marks remain,
I walk back to my room,
Mum reminds me of my protruding boobs,
I never walk shirtless around the house again,
I am self-conscious.

Boarding school
Nickname: Breakable
I was thin, tall and frail
And still very self-conscious,
Boils leave marks on my smooth slightly bowlegs

Food and drugs add no flesh
To my skinny body,
Just my cheeks,
menarche appears

Out of school
The thin and dark damsel,
I used to be gave way,
to light and chubby new me,
Venus relaxer disflowers my soft vigin hair.
I started blooming,
I smiled at all the compliments I received,
But did not believe any of it.

My first ride on an okada,
The silencer scalds my left ankle,
I forsake my short skirts and mini gowns.
Long skirts and trousers conceal my scar.

1st love,2nd real kiss,
Fill me with wonder.

Mummy brings to my notice,
I am adding weight!
What?! What!?
I run to the mirror,
My thin thighs had become hips!
I have hips.
Hips, hips, hooray!

I'm not so conscious anymore,
Tribal marks, birthmarks, body frame,
Nothing really disturbs me,
My body is not just nipples & vulva
She has brains. She has soul
She is not a source of shame.

Working late,
Eating late,
My flat tummy is becoming bulgy
Exercise every morning,
To keep my tummy in and bum out,

My freedom dress fits perfectly
I love my body, It is my story, I love me.

Show me your body, Tell me your story.


adumaadan - Blacktinkerbell said...

You should love you, Omo. I love me too

Ugo Daniels said...

Your last paragraph covers it all. We shuld always believe in ourselves and have the ability to reach inside our innermost self.

You'd be surprised that the love you find will def. make yu smile.

Muchas Gracias!

laspapi said...

I really like the train of though that birthed this. Well done, Omohemi. Its the kind of stuff that should be part of the Naija Bloggers Book.

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Anonymous said...

Very very nice

exschoolnerd said...

I thought this was very lovely...

kudo's am loving ur poetry.

omohemi Benson said...

It was a long road learning to love myself, but I love me very much now!

Well said,thanks!

Thank you,I will join the train.


Thank you love,
You should do this too,
I wanna hear your story.

londonnaijachic said...

well done babe! Enjoyed reading this and await my call during the weekend

9ja Opeke said...

Reading this...takes me back memory lane...nice post...

omohemi Benson said...

Thanks love,
I will like to you to try it too.
I will await your call.

@9ja Opeke.
I hope the memories are good.

Sparkle said...

this is nice...good old days when I used to run around naked and not have to worry about anything
dem no beat me with omorogun though
lol, I had a low cut too

I love dis post...brings back memories

dolly said...

Really nice post, it brings back memories

omohemi Benson said...

Thanks love,
I was very sturrborn not naughty o!
Sturrborn! hence the need for the ladle,lol.

Thanks, glad am taking everyone down memory lane.

internationalhome said...

What a fascinating account of your life!

The Pseudo-Independent said...

I'm very intrigued by your site, you paint fantastically with your words. Quite sublime!

Oh and when that pendulum swings back I will pop around to read some more.

omohemi Benson said...

Thank you.

Thanks! you are welcome anytime.

phazzzed... said...

very nice... wen it comes to loving the body we're in, most women have issues (me inclusive!). love the way u'v made all this come together...

Daddy's Girl said...

Powerful stuff... our bodies really do tell quite a story...

omohemi Benson said...

For almost everywoman loving their bodies is a journey,I hope we will all arrive at the destination happy, no matter how old we are.

@Daddy's girl,
Very true, thanks.

The Last King Of Scotland said...

I'm not so conscious anymore,
Tribal marks, birthmarks, body frame,
Nothing really disturbs me,
My body is not just nipples & vulva
She has brains. She has soul
She is not a source of shame.

that part blew me away.good stuff. internal beauty is the best one could have

omohemi Benson said...

@Last king of Scotland,
Thanks man,