Thursday, May 3, 2007

Dear Rain

Today,I remember the nusery rhyme,

Rain,rain,go away,
Come again another day,
little johnny wants to play

Today, I beg to change the rhyme a little and plead with the rain,

Rain, Rain,Go away,
Go and fall in another state,
Lagos has no need for rain.

Dear Rain,
I need not ask how you are feeling today,
I see your wet foot marks all over my front door, my green lawn and the flooded streets.

I know it is your season, your time to shine sorry your time to drench all in your way,
I understand but I cannot fully say I appreciate.
Please rain, let me explain.

You see I work and live in Lagos, where half the routes, are filled with holes; No! not the kind of hole in my old sock, but large potholes,as some are as big as Iya basirat's large cooking pot aka Ikoko and the deep enough to make a human grave.

Even though this not your fault,that these holes exist, and I by no means blame you for this but rain don't you see,when you fill up the pots,the already bad traffic becomes worse,most of our cars and buses are swallowed up.
The filthy blocked drainage bobs up into the street,the putrid smell is more than I can bear.
It is not only the smell thats my problem but the water that flows into our apartments in Shomolu and Aguda. Every time you pour, dear rain,I have to roll up my sleeves and swim to the busstop.

I love the soothing cool feeling, I get when you pour at midnight while I snore, but when am awake, I fret, hoping your winds and thunder has not ruined the electric pole on my street,there's rarely light though but you'll give the authorities a perfect excuse.
Dear Rain, this is Lagos not Benue, or some other farming states, you can take some of Lagos rain and pour it in the farms of those that need it but not here,even if you must just small showers not heavy down pour. Please!

I have come to plead with you,dear rain, hoping that you'll look the other way since I've spelt out my pains and you'll see reason with me.
I write to you because you will listen to my plea unlike my rulers who donot see, care or listen. Their jeeps cannot sink into the holes, their homes are always fully lit and though some live by the sea, the floods donot torture their buildings like it tortures mine.
I have other selfish reasons why I don't want the heavy down pour but I will not state them at all and stick to this for now.
Thank you for understanding.

A lagos dweller.
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Uzo said...

But But, i love the rain.....

omohemi Benson said...

I love it too, lol! but it can be plenty wahala for me, when am not at home cuddled up in my bed.

Anonymous said...

Uzo, you blog stalker you.

Omo, only you would appeal to the rain like that. lol @ swimming to the bus-stop. Trust me, I know.

?the blogger formerly known as Tinks

Ugo Daniels said...

Hmmm..i pray for rain to fall here. It feels so good watchig the rain fall through ya glass window and observing it as it trickles down.

But i understand da gaz in 9ja. no long tin. e go betta.

Maybe Yardua will do da magic and remove all potholes from 9ja's expressways.

dolly said...

Why don't u forward this to Baba God cos Rain might not receive this on time...... But I love the rain sha

exschoolnerd said...

i hate the rain speshally when i have to go to school...but when am all cozied up at home it can rain rain rain...for all i care.

we shud do a book of poems..wachu tink?

temmy tayo said...

abeg no vex let it rain o, lagos is too hawt!

omohemi Benson said...

@ temmy tayo,
for you, for love.
Oya I release the rain let it pour!
But you know you are coming from London, so lagos will be hot to you. pele.Have fun!

Olawunmi said...

lol. that rain does make a hell of a mess though...

MightyMike said...

haha..i remember playing in the rain as a kid. but yeh i feel you. I like this blog sha. Will surely be back