Sunday, May 20, 2007

Just thinking

I love weddings,I really do the gown,the cake, the vows, the decorations, the bouquet, etc, etc.

Over the weekend, I went with a friend to shop for her wedding dress. As we entered into the bridal shop, I just started thinking of so many things as I admired a beautiful wedding gown by the window.

I love weddings but always think of the aftermath, marriage and I ask myself "Will I ever be ready? "will I make a good wife?" "Why should I get married?"

I don't know but alot of things pop in my mind when I think of weddings, no body is putting pressure or me or anything like that,I am just thinking.


londonnaijachic said...

i predict yours is coming very soon and i'll be there live and direct. The whole wedding process is beautiful but at the end of the flower arrangements, cakes, wedding dress having a good marriage is where the work really starts.Enjoy your week miss!

Ugo Daniels said...

I like da part dat noone is pressurizing! dont want our durty minds running riot huh?

Simply Gorgeous said...

I think marriage is to be taken lightly and it requires a lot of sacrifice.I am happy that u are weighing in on all the things and most happy that you are taking your time...

TaureanMinx said...

We all think girl, hopefully the anwswers are out there. As for being a good wife, mother...its not magic, it just takes work.

omohemi Benson said...

No play ruff play o, soon ke?
True o! A good marriage s by the grace of God. Thanks love.

lol, am not under any pressure at all,at all.

Thanks love,

True word sis,thanks.

ijeoma obu iheoma said...

havent been to a wedding in a while.. but when i do go. i just love the whole idea.. of making that commitment.. and it always does leave full with questions.. of whats, why, and whens.. its the when that mostly disturbs me. what i am trying to say.. is that you are not the only one...

Uzo said...

LOL...Omohemi...R u sure you are not ready? And this friend would it me Miss B?

Omohemi said...

Good to know am not alone.

lol,am not ready at all.
Ms.B? I know nothing about the horse! :-)