Tuesday, July 3, 2007


wetin concern vulture with barber?


Anonymous said...

lmao... you're soooo incredibly weird omohemi! i thought it was 'wetin concern agboro with overload'...

temmy tayo said...


Sparkle said...


londonnaijachic said...

never heard this one before.

wienna said...

lawwwwwlu....what brought dis on?

LonelierThanAkon said...

Wetin concern vulture with barber?

Na the same thing wey concern chicken with toothbrush!


tony said...

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Ugo Daniels said...

Ok, you asked fot it, here goes! What have i done to deserve the terorist act you've done on my page, eh this girl? :) Are you on some kinda Ogogoro or Kaikai...lol!

If i catch you eh! you don't wanna know what i'll do to you...*wink*

omohemi Benson said...

lol, my dear,
There are many variations oh!, the most important thing is passing the message across.

Really? there is a 1st for everyone.

@Lonelier than Akon,
Chicken and toothbrush ke?

I think,it is brillant Idea,
Please add all blogs on my blogroll too.
Well done and keep it up!

Me? poor lil innocent me, terrorist?
Haba! What do i do sef?
Please stop winking at me,*wink*

catwalq said...

abi o jare!!!
or politician with honesty?

Jaycee said...

lolllll @ the quote....

Wassup love?????? Muah muah muah!!! (lolll). I know the 'wetin concern agbero with overload quote,' now this one is just crazy...lol

BiMbyLaDs** said...

LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.... CLOWN... i heard ur v.comment on my bro's blog.. mo fee rerin pa.. lollll

Uzo said...

I guess this helps visualize the adage...LOL

AivyLeague said...

lol.... wetin come concern agbero with overload

Vera Ezimora said...

This ur kweshion get as e be o! But ehm, na who be barber and na who be vulture?

Hey babes!! I kinda sorta did a kinda sorta mini kinda sorta update...if you'd kinda sorta call it that