Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fave Female Singers

I was on TLK blog and saw his post on his fave female singers and decided to do mine, He stuck to ten but its impossible for me to do so, even this list I have here is not enough. I was exposed to alot of music growing up fromTina Turner,Sidney Lauper, Onyeka Owenu, I could on forever. These are songs that will last forever. I sneaked a group in to the the list, TLC, how can I leave them out. I love brandy,Monica and Aaliyah too. There are new acts everyday, that are winning my heart, Asa, Nigeria's soulful artist is just the boom! Can't wait for her album to be released.
So who are your faves?


Macy Gray

Sade Adu

India arie

Lauryn Hill

Shania Twain

Natasha Bedinfield


Anonymous said...

So your new lover allows you still come to blogsville? I must let you know that serving two masters will not pay!!!

Here's my list:
My Chemical Romance, Cradle of Filth, Lagbaja, Fela, Red Hot Chili Pepper, Prof. Linkin (I'm listening to him right now) Ozzy Osborne, The Rolling Stones, The Four Seasons, Sting, Jimmy Hendrix, Wyclef, U2, UB 40...if you leave me, this comment will become a post.

I will sign in with my id and continue listing that way you'd not know I have left more than you have....hehehehe.

I hail thee ukwu nnu (hope I spelled that right)

omohemi Benson said...

LOL! yeye child you are.
shebi you be my new found love now,ebelebe like you!

Olodo,I said fave FEMALE not this yeye combo you have put here.
if I catch you!

Uzo said...

I love the musical direction that a lot of blogs are taking...Impressive list...

Ugo Daniels said...

where's maria carey? and whitney houston? Aaargh

Apart from brandy, there're my next top 2.

I've had this HUGE crush on brandy ever since she came into limelight and it stil do :)

babzent said...

Jill Scot, Macy Gray, India.Arie, Colline Bailey Rae, Tracy Chapman, Whitney, and so on...

omohemi Benson said...

Thanks love,

I love brandy too and still do.
It was hard putting up this list.

nice list.
I love Colline Bailet rae too,
shes fabalous.

Miss Opeke said...

I don't have any particular favorites...I juz love music as long as it sounds gr8

Anonymous said...

i absolutely loveeeeeeeeeeee sade.. with every fibre of my being... celine dion is my number one female artist... she represents more than music to me... i love amel larrieux, amy sky, leann womack, dolly parton, jill scott, anita baker... if i start i wont even stop... great list though darling

Olamild said...

You've got
a good selection right thurr..

Whitney rocks anyday anytime