Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tuface please!

Tuface is one of Nigeria's foremost artiste and I love him! Read more about him HERE.
I love his story, the humble beginnings from one of the best male vocal group in Nigeria, Plantation Boiz. I loved them, they young, fresh and unique. I was one of people that was really upset about the their breakup, even though they are back in the studio together now, but just for an album, not as a group.
After the breakup,2face, stood out! He shone like a true star, his looks, his voice and the his songs. His first solo album, Face to face was one of the hottest album of the year 2005. Everyone single song in that album was good,every single one.
Early this year, he released another album, grass to grace, it was also another hit, every song was good,lyrics, beat, rhythm. I fell in love with artist.
But I do I have a lil problem with the 2 daddy, 2 problems actually.
Problem 1: His diction, Have you seen a television interview with Tuface?
Its really sad, please let no one say diction don't matter, it sure does. Especially has a Nigerian International artiste, your diction is really important, not jaw breaking vocabulary but simple basic grammar, not the regular YES O! YES O! he adds before,in the middle and the end of every sentence. With no disrespect to Fuji artistes,even Fuji artistes are working on their diction on the daily, so why not tuface?
His label Kennis Music, do they not see a need to brush up their artiste? A popular radio presenter on one of the local radio stations in Nigeria, once mentioned it and all hell went loose!
Oga kenny will not have any of it, clearly it had to be some bad belle for the ariste.

I am wondering can't Mr.Ogungbe hear him, can the whole world be crazy and Mr. Ogungbe sane?
I would have assumed that he will get Tuface a private tutor to help with his grammar.
Has his grammar improved? No.
2nd problem with Tu daddy, is his videos, the best so far in my opinion is his African queen video,very simple could have been better, but I like the idea.
Last week, my brother bought the Video CD of Tuface with great anticipation, only for us to have our hopes dashed. The videos were just not it,I cannot find any other word to describe how I felt when I watched the videos. I expected better, he is exposed now, worked with foreign directors and even shot the video outside Nigeria(These are not factors determining a good video).
So what happened?
Do his mangers not realise the power of a good video, he won an award at MTV Europe in 2005 , does that not indicate he steps up his game? I cannot emphasise the need for a good song and even a much better video. Why is it taking Tubaba so long to get this? Did he not see the videos of his former group members? Does he not see the final cut of his videos? Or he does not know any better? Or he does not have a say in the whole matter?
What about other videos he has featured in? like Jim jatts, Stylee video.
I will like to see Tuface improve,I do agree he has come a long way, he has evolved and I repeat he is one of the foremost artistes in Nigeria, and with time Africa. If he steps up his game, he might just be one of the foremost truest Nigerian International artiste reckoned with across the globe. His songs are tight, his looks is right, his style is evolving, simple and cool but his videos and vocabulary need major mending, someone explain to Tuface please!

Kolomental --- FAZE

True Love --- TUFACE



wienna said...

I understand what u mean about 2face ojare. Some naijas just don't like criticism. It's like when u say something negative, u're insulting them or something. I'm sure Kenny & D1 have noticed dis problem with his diction ages ago but they're too ignorant to do something about it. Whenever i see and hear Ayuba and Wasiu interviews, i'm always surprised and impressed with their english. Noone's english is perfect and we come from a country dat english isn't our mother tongue but at least make an effort. I thought i read it somewhere online not too long ago dat another management team r going to take over from them. It's like they're controlling his every step etc. Dis dude should learn a lesson or two from Faze. Faze has always been my fav. out of d plantashuin boyz. Very talented, very soulful songs. His videos r even better. When i first saw d Kolomental video, i never thought a naija artiste could make it. So original and fresh from d usual green-screen dat we usually see on 9ja videos.
D 'one love' video was just a mess, it looked like it was shot in one take and what's with d wannabe beyonce girls dat were dancing behind him like robot chickens. It's like as soon as he takes a step forward, something spoils it and he takes two step back again.

Mona said...

awwwwwwwwwww we all love tuface :o)

but u are right sha

very cool blog, check out

the milklady always delivers ;o) lol

Anonymous said...

Yes o, truth be told even kenny Ogungbe need to improve is diction, cos it`s as bad .

Omohemi Benson said...

I am so glad you get this,
and you are right about 1 step foward 2 steps back, he needs to shakeoff all this issues about him and shape up.

We love him o :-)

thats why we want him to step up his game.
Milk lady, am coming your way.

LOL! Mr. Ogungbe's diction seems pretty good to me.

Olamild said...

Tell me about it
I have thought about this issue but it's not my job to address it. I am glad tha the is stepping up. All his songs are lovely but the videos are completely WACK... I have seen changes lately and I am impressed.... Watch "If love is a crime, and many other new songs by tu face. He's definitely doing better and getting even better with the video.

I am a huge fan of FAZE right from the on set. I think he's the best of the 3 vocally. Take it or leave it. His ad-libs are SUPERB.

Jaycee said...

I heard tuface's diction on one interview like that...and I became shy. But he's an excellent artiste...

Ugo Daniels said...

You guys forget Tuface was a school dropout. I was only hoping his mingling with fame and other high end activities would have made him have better diction and d a rest, but lie lie

On the flip, it's possible the originality and 'nakedness' of his lyrics and diction may be the reason he's been a success

wienna said...

Ugo, excuses excuses excuses! Pls stop making excuses for him. A lot of our artistes r drop outs. Ayuba, Wasiu, Barrister etc r all drop outs and still they still make an effort to speak even a good sentence in english. D truth of d matter is dat he needs to start pulling his weight off and start improving especially with d rate at which his success is going. He's supposed to be like an ambassador for our country and be representing us in other countries. How would u feel if such a person like dat should stand in front of a huge crowd in a foreign land and can't utter a good command of english. Isn't dat what he did two yrs ago when he won an MTV award? All i heard from him was just 'Yes o' and 'thank u God'.
BTW, just saw a LIVE interview with Faze on BEN now and his diction was good, no crap, no 'yes o', no pidgeon. Straight to d point interview!

ibiluv said...

i love Tuface and to say i am appalled he has REFUSED to improve his diction and vocabulary is an understatement
its funny............
for someone who used to stay in Festac Town in Lagos(heard he no longer stays there)......
people who reside in Festac have the annoying ability to speak with an accent after watching DSTV
so he should know he is bad
and by now should have tried to do better
well said Wienna,Fuji acts ARE making an effort
and Ugo,ALL a person needs to speak GOOD ENGLISH is a primary education
dont tell me he didnt go that far?????
Kenny and D1 speak OK
but y do they laugh like idiots?

Zahratique said...

Yup, I agree with you. Tuface really needs to be polished... especially now that he is internationally known. That's not to say he should pick that annoying habit that nigerians have of faking accents... he seriously needs to brush up his grammar and vocab.

Anonymous said...

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lovita said...

e don do my pple. tell omorere to update o

Sparkle said...

not only do they need to improve the diction..their videos too...phew! I'm not a fan of Tuface'....

Ozymandias said... dem find the guy private tutor now make im no dey throw way bomb for our dear naija make e no go yankee go throw way another one for dat side o..dat one go be terrorist attack no fit shout o !!

Olamild said...


wienna said...

Iya wa....pls update o. Your hiatus don do o.

Anonymous said...

finally I have found someone who shares my opinion on the bad vocab and diction of tu-face. its really appalling that someone who is always on our tv screen speaks and acts as he does, his fine boy antics can only get him so far. He should be aware that there are up and coming artists who sing better, speak better and beat him hands down in the looks department. So pls bro tu-face if you ever get to read this u have got the dough to employ a teacher to teach you the basic vocab and diction and please stop the yes oh its getting irritating.
p.s and pls tell ur mafia i.e chimp teeth kenny ogunbe to stop harassing ppl when they give u constructive criticism