Monday, September 3, 2007

love your neighbour... love your self.

This scripture keeps nudging me,
Luke 10 : 27
"..... and you shall love neighbour has yourself"
How can one truly love another, if you have no love for yourself.
The first step to truly loving anyone is loving yourself, you cannot give what you donot have.
How can a man begin to truly learn to love himself?


babzent said...

Learn about God first.
God is love.
If you know God, you know love.
God made us in His own image.
When you love God, you indirectly love yourself since we are made in His image.

My thots for now...

LurLar said...

i agree with babzent...then learning to aprreciate urself is the begining of loving yourself.

Rinsola said...

Babzent said it all... Learn and love God first.

Olamild said...

hmmmm true question
it looks simple but it's hard
I guess going an extra mile for u would be loving you.

Naijadude said...

Actually you learn about God, you truly believe, with that, you could start working with the self-esteem with that been on the right course, its so easy to stretch forth the arms of love and embrace your neighbours!

Jaycee said...

so true...but not too many people love themselves.

Misses...I know u've been enjoying urself lately to u soon...trying to get registered for all my new classes this week...gist u later!


Hey, happy belated!

We have to take the time to know ourselves. Figure out who we are, determine who we want to be and aspire to be God fearing human beings. I think once we start down that path towards self awareness and betterment, then we can truly love ourselves.

The Last King Of Scotland said...