Friday, February 2, 2007


This post is for those who are current in the celebrations happenings in blogsville in the Valentine month.
I shall make it short and sharp!
Overwhelmed will be having a birthday bash,she is going to be 21!!! Please get details from her.

Vera,my mentor is getting married again! yeah though she denies it but I have proof
HERE, She and NB did a hush hush thingie jo,nobody can convince me other wise.. For all yea who donot know now you know. She is getting married to Guy Horny for obvious reasons. I thought it was going to be Boorish though I don't really like him,yeah he treats Vera, like a queen but I can't stand his unpleasant and rude attitude towards her friends,excluding me sha,he just called sweetheart some days ago,(see his comment) and his double mindedness. Gosh!

I won't let excitement get into my head and say I'm the sweetheart,helping the
bride with all the planning,but hey I am the official overseer to the success of this wedding despite all the haters!!!

Like you all know the aso-ebi colur of course is green and gold,though the bride hasn't chosen the shade of
green yet! though the aso-ebi distributor, Temmy tayo is yet to come up with the samples I asked her for.

confused and all those who want to be on thebridal train please note the outfit cost a cheap 2,500 pounds only, see gown here,(We cannot afford Guy horny's eyes moving about on Vera's wedding day) if you like it please make payment ASAP,if not please tie your iro and buba to the venue,*Hiss*. I mean where can you get a snazzy gown like that for 2,500 pounds any way.

Please ladies in as much,as it is wedding and there will be eligible bachelors and married men the there, please don't come dressed like
this or else you will be denied entry to the venue. Don't say I didn't warn you!!

One more thing,Please if you know you donot have a gift for the bride,please make no plans of coming. Understood?
For more info on wedding and all please contact
the couple Vera and GH for more details.
I am only a mouthpiece cum wedding planner.

Other Matters arising.
For naija dem dey do wan kind of boring reality show called The intern,see the
website never launch o!
Error number 1, error number 2,they(who soever the organisers are) tried with little success to copy the Donald trump apprenctise show but the whole thing is a joke! Look I like the Idea,copied or not it is not properly executed but all that said it is best reality show done by Nigerians in my opininon.

My Neighbour's daughter.
Miracle worker spoke with her dad again on Sunday, he listened but I guess the dude is a scared of his wife,whom as not answered to any of my greetings recently and has threatened to show the lil girl pepper that will be more than beating!

I am the little girl's friend not confidant yet but friend.
I ask for prayers and support to go through this.

Have a good weekend.


azuka said...

I am going to be there, and I'm going to present the couple of 12 lashes of the cane each.

Guy Horny said...

Thanx Omohemi for all the details. You be proper wedding planner jare!

So, how you gonna get this done?

Are you gonna have some sorta meeting with the aso ebi distributor (TemmyTayo), Stylist (bluntremi) and all?

Just fill us in on the progress.

Thanks Darling.

About the Vera & NB thingy, you're wrong. There was a wedding planned but it never held since NB's disappering acts stood in the way.

Yesso, I think the Intern show is a good idea but like you said the implementation is not top notch.

Why on earth should someone like charles Otudor be 'The Boss' he doesnt quite cut it.

Anyways, Nice blog you got here. Keep the gists flowing

temmy tayo said...

My dear, I spent the better part of yesterday touring the famous liverpool street market o for the Aso Ebi. I have sent the samples of green and gold lace to you.

I think we need like 50 bouncers on that day o. This one that people are beefing VERA AND GHORNY i dey fear o.

Nice blog girl.!

bibi said...

lmaoooooooooooooo i dont think people clicked on the images..hahahahah vera is fine o..see the green eyes..hahaha

Jaycee said...

Lollll....errrrrmmmm...the place u guys are shopping for the bride's dress is odikwa scary. I know Vera has green eyes, but the outfit can still be white abi? Are u sure u don't need a referral???

Lolll...I already bought my grrrrrreeeeenn aso-ebi...he he he...I like it o...LOL...

londonnaijachic said...

I clicked on the gown link and couldn't help but laugh.Nice one gal

Omohemi Benson said...

You told you,you were in invited?
Ehn azuka answer me?
Canes? look we are not in northern Nigeria were dudes are almost flogged to death to marry woman.
I suggest you send sugarcanes instead.

You are welcome jare,my inlaw to be. Just relax and wait till theD- day you see my midas touch!
How is preparations going on your end. Please make sure your all your sexy friends are at the wedding,because I'm sure some bridemaids make get lucky and we'll have some more weddings in blogsville.
About Vera and NB issue,I will say let us not dwell on the past,let focus on this wedding. shall we? Thank you.

The Intern,
Yes o! same thing I thought too! But for fit the picture for nija?
You know a real C.E.O but also comes out well on TV.

Liverpool market? for aso ebi?
Abeg o no put us for debt o! I can hear my door bell ring,I guess your samples have arrived,I will check 'em and get back to you. Thank you.
About the bouncer no worry I am getting some of the US troops in Iraq and some omo-ita from Lagos Island. Everything is under control.

Anonymous said...

Awww... she mentions me in her post... yes oh... 21's a big one.. i'm not havng a party sha(except maybe a small blogsville one) cos i'm dead broke and somewhat busy... next year i probably will though. this blogsville romance stuff self... no be small sha!

boorish male said...

Who was i rude to?