Friday, February 23, 2007

Break In Transmission

Please pardon my break in transmission.
The list of children's programmes will continue later.

The Lagos traffic hawker

Before dawn,
You are awake,
Preparing your wares for sale.

You have hope that today will be better than yesterday,
Even though yesterday was no different than the day before.

Like a child is to the barren woman,
So is the building traffic to a Lagos hawker.

Running, Panting,
Cursing ,Sweating,
Smiling,all at winning me and selling your goods.
Even as I frown at your sweaty palms staining my windscreen,
You smile back at me.

You sell everything from purewater to newspapers
To recharge cards and fancy hand bags.
To cleaning my windscreen with the soapy liquid,
The liquid reminds me of our economy.

I wonder if that little change,
Makes a difference,
Difference of one meal in a day at least,
Difference of taking something home to the large or small family you keep.

To others you may be another faceless hawker,
And truly sometimes you annoy me.
To me you are a hustler,
And I respect the fact you haven't restorted to stealing.

Dedicated to the young hawker who lost her life in Mile 12 yesterday morning,trying to make a living.


Mutiu said...

It is very sad seeing the children on the street hawking. I wrote about the state of the Nigerian child, it was my experience while doing my youth service in Sokoto State. Nigerian children need us to help them in growing in for the betterment of the country. Besides, the coalition that can help Nigerian child is what we needed now.

londonnaijachic said...

very sad indeed.mutiu said it all.May her soul RIP!Thanks girl for the birthday congratulations.lots of love

bibi said...

may she rip!!!

exschoolnerd said...

very very sad indeed..but a lovely poem..May she r.i.p.

confusednaijagirl said...

very hearfelt poem dedicated to someone just trying to survive. well done omehemi benson!!

Daddy's Girl said...

Beautifully written. May her soul rest in peace.