Tuesday, February 27, 2007

On my way to work

On my way to work yesterday morning,I was listening to my favorite radio station 96.9 {cool fm} and my favorite presenter Dan Foster{also a judge on West African Idol},when this young lady called the presenter. She was sobbing so hard,the presenter had to beg her to calm down before her words became audible.
I was wondering what could make a young woman so sad on a monday morning?

Then she begins her short but sad story,her boyfriend of 9 years had broken up with her. She does not know why. They had gone together to abort her pregnancy,because he said they didnot have money to cater for the unborn baby. A few days later,boyfriend comes to meet her asking her to provide the baby,she is dumbfounded! "But we went to abort the baby together!?"
He breaks up with her.
Parts of the story was incoherent to me, parts of like when she said "He is a christain","If I tell him, I am not in mood, he will force me!" {doesn't that mean rape?},then she asks the presenter to please call her boyfriend,to beg him! to take her back.

Well,the presenter calls the boyfriend,and of course he sounds all nice, telling Dan to please beg the girlfriend to come back after a whole 9 years. He says he wants to marry her.

Why am I telling you this story? 1. The caller's naiveness, caught my attention, {I am trying hard not to use the word dumb}but I cannot blame her,maybe she doesnt know better.
She has been dating this boyfie of hers for 9 years? That makes her how old? I am guessing between the ages of 23-30. If one is of that age, hasn't she heard of contraceptives? 2. What does being a christain mean? 3.Doesn't she know that boyfie is giving her bullshit and quit? 3. So what if boyfie disvirgined her?must he be the one to marry her? What does marriage mean to her? 4. What does happiness mean to her?

Why are we as women so gullible? I don't want to start woman palava today.

Small gist along way
So, I am driving my danfo o jeje,then small traffic con hook us for Ikorodu road, I see a skinny,fragile young lady with a funny hairstyle, kissing a young hairy man,who is reeking of pot,{Yes, I can smell him from a distance},he is smoking and drinking{did I mention this was 7.45am} and this skinny chick is happy,I am happy too, the traffic is moving.

So, I try to avoid the traffic on the expressway and turn to service lane,but my fizzle brain forgets that the tax I have to pay agbero on the service lane is double. My conductor is angry but he starts to sing a popular christain chorus, I am puzzled,why is he singing?
The passengers join in and then I get it! If the bloody agberos think we are from church they won't stop us! And oh! my goodness it works. They didnot stop us!
Everyone burst into laughter afterwards.


londonnaijachic said...

lol @ the conductor's tatics.I am not really for the girl whose boyfriend broke up with her cuz she didn't keep the baby.The whole story just doesn't seem right.One of them is definitely lying cuz boyfriend is saying he wants her back and wants to marry her.

Anonymous said...

wow... that's horrible... more so cos she doesn't know the horror of it... will the cycle ever end?

LondonBuki said...

I am no longer surprised when I read or hear about a situation like this... it's puzzling but not surprising. Plus the story doesn't add up...

LOL @ The Danfo Driver! LOL!

My Talking Beginnings said...

hilarious...the danfo story i mean...the other bit is typical!

confusednaijagirl said...

lol about danfo story oh!!!!

about the chick, it sounds unbelievable. MAybe the radio station set it up!!!

Simply Gorgeous said...

The girl sounds naive and a little crazy- why would she call the raqdio station, and wait for 9 years to get married? There is too many holes in this story.

Your DANFO driver is ingenius!!

Jola Naibi said...

The danfo driver story is hilarious...it just goes to show how you need to think quickly on your feet...at least the agberos believe in the sanctity of church folk.

Sad story about the young girl...but how do we know what is true these days...there was a link on Mona's blog which took you to a radio show, supposedly some guy caught cheating by his wife...listening to it, it sounded so fake and contrived like actors having fun...I couldn't help but think it was a ploy by the radio station to get more listeners...who knows these days

stuck in my throat o said...

Don't blame her too much. there is a young girl i know who was "raped" by her man after he hads beat her and tied her up with a rope. she drank hot water and salt...imagine the irony.

Dede said...

The danfo story was funny,i had already started laughing befor i finished reading it!

As per the girl one never really knws much about these things because either party has a version of what happened.