Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Is this too much to ask for in a man?

Women may be from Venus, but we sure know what we want in our aliens from Mars.
Check out some of my other sisters list. Beauty,(cHECK MY IDEAL MAN) Londonnaijachic

My Man must

Understand me for me ----- Yes, I am crazy!

Let me be who I want to be ---- The sexy working woman.

Listen to me when I speak ------ Yes, I like to talk

Have a great sense of humour -------- A good laugh a day,wouldn't break your jaw.

Understands the art of love making ------- Please I am not a whore

Has a deep understanding of what life is
and what it means to respect a humanbeing ----Not just some fine boy by branding

Can truly share his feelings ---------- Not ego tripping,saying its a "man thing"

God fearing and understands the word ------ Please don't expect me to be ms. goody two shoes

Ambitious -------- Whatever that means in a good way

Loving ----------- Truly unconditional

Caring & romantic ---------- Everyone needs attention,it will work wonders for him.

Financial steady ----------- My love DOES cost a thing

Educated ------------ Abi?

Style ------------ I need someone to look up to,but we can work on it.

Patient ---------- It is a virtue

Whatever extra good qualities that come along these, I'll take it!
Am I too demanding?


londonnaijachic said...

Girl, its what you want and no u aint demanding.So hope u find what u're looking for

Naija Vixen said...

i luv ur list oh and the real koko interpretation;-)guudluck wiv finding him/them;-)

chidi said...

hope you find wat u r looking 4. nice blog!

temmy tayo said...

Don't ever think about compromise.

Well. I won't!

NaijaBloke said...

Nne .. so this just what u r looking for abi ..

Chikena wahala ..lemme know when u r ready for the man ..

Have a nice weekend

laspapi said...

finally found your blog (and I have searched well for the thing).

Your post on domestic violence is a strong one and I have to sit and read it properly.

On the way to Ibadan now but I'll be back here.

you take care.

Omosewa said...

Hey girl, true talk biko. It's important to know what you want and want what you know(whatever that means, you get the gist abi, lol).

You're funny, i just read your post on molues and co,lmao, those guys are crazy, one time i saw one danfo driver start the bus with two live wires, as in, he just touched the wires together and the bus started, talk about crazy,lolol. Have a great week girl, and yes o, i cant wait to move back to Naija.

Ehen, what abt that one they call coaster??

Vera Ezimora said...

Omohemi, abeg lemme know if you find the man cause me I think he does not exist, but if by some kinda luck you find him, abeg lemme know.... not that I'm saying u won;t find him o! LOL

exschoolnerd said...

it's not too much my dear..dnt worry he's out there.....i think!

omohemi Benson said...

I have a dram,I believe in that dream,
I hope it become fulfilled.

@Naiaja vixen,
Thanks love,
Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks bro.

tahnks girl,
thats the spirit!

yes o! na wetin I dey find be this,
I am ready o! I hope it is not u o!
Don't want any of Vera's exs :-)

Hope your trip was good.
thanks for stopping by.

You'll be surprised they are very few spieces but I am goona get me one.

Coaster,is the blue and white buses,most of them ply Oshodi route(don't know why?) heard most of them have bad breaks,I have be in only two so don't really know.

Ok,Love will letyou know.

why are all of u pessimestic like this ehen?
I will find him or he will find me,
whichever as long as we are together.