Thursday, February 15, 2007

An awful Valentine

I don't think I have ever had an eventful valentine in my life! yeah,[I will spare you the boring details}
But yesterday's own was by far the worst, I was in the hospital for the whole day!
Yep, I was in the hospital for bloody menstrual pain, damn! it was awful,I literally died!
I coludn't go to work,couldn't eat,couldn't take drugs,couldn't sleep until I was taken to hospital by my parents. I couldn't even cry,I just groaned!

When I got to the hospital,I had a real argument with doctor about putting me on drips but finally I succummbed and was put on my first ever drip in my entire life! It was painful,putting the needle through my vein but after I got past that it was ok. I didnot feel relief instantly but I feel asleep like a child. When I woke up,I was still in pain,so the doctor had to give me another injection,that I can still feel on my butt right now! Gosh! It was indeed an awful valentine.

I was discharged last night and the oversabi male nurse at the hospital,kept coming to my room "to check up on me" winking at me,touching me "to feel my skin sorry temparture." It was not funny,I was just too weak to really scream at him,but I snapped at the idiot severally and asked the doctor to change my nurse. Abi na by force?

I am healthy now,though still bleeding tremendously. Now you know why I hate the damn period thing. I am going to see a gynecologist next week and she will examine thoroughly and let see what we can do about the whole thing. I wish there was a way we could pause the period till am ready to have kids,is it possible?

I am truly tired,if I go through this for menstrual wahala alone,childbirth nko?

How was your valentine? abeg gist me o!


Jeremy said...

pele. Two things:

1. You must make a stink about the male doctor who kept trying to touch you up. If he does this with you, that means he tries it on regularly. You must write a letter of complaint to the hospital and shame the fcuk out of the guy.

2. My partner Bibi used to go to hospital for every period and still loses a lot of blood each month due to fibroids. There are quite a few things you can do to make it less painful/bloody - seeing a well recommended gynaecologist is a good first move. Send me an email and I'll put you in touch with Bibi for more advice:

Please write the letter - I hate hearing about stuff like that.

Tminx said...

Pele Girl. Are you feeling better?

Vera Ezimora said...


That was absolutely horrible. Your xperience takes the cake 4 worst Valentine ever, lol.

My period started yesterday too (but nothing like urs; in fact, i had no pain yesterday). Biodu's period started yesterday too, I believe.


All these periods sef. If only we could borrow it 2 the guys for a day @ least

Simply Gorgeous said...

O- I am so sorry that you had such a horrible Valentines. I am glad you got rid of that perv of a nurse. What is his problem? The bleeding is caused by fibroids. This is my specialty. They can put you on birth control pills to shrink the size of the fibroids. But hte first step would probably be ultrasound therapy to see how big the fibroid is and the location. Sorry for your suffering. It is very important for u to take iron tablets during this period. I hope you feel better.

LondonBuki said...

Pele, hope you feel better today o!

You, Vera and Biodun are in sync ;-)

Take care of yourself... and have a good weekend.

omohemi Benson said...

Thanks bro,
Will mail u ASAP.
Have complained to the doctor already.

Thanks love,
Much better.

Thank you,I'm good
How are u&Biodun?
Hope u guys get better soon.
LOL@ Giving the guys periods for one day.

Iron tablets? No babe,maybe like 1 week after.
Done ultrasound therapy,will do again,I am fine though.
Thank you.

I do, will do.
Thank you.


exschoolnerd said...

there i was thinking i had a horrid vals day..and u were somewhere in pains..

..hope ur much better now darl...

NaijaBloke said...

Aunty e pele o ..but me I get one cure for that sha ..LOL

Take care and hope u r better now

londonnaijachic said...

sorry sweerie! so much pain to go through.Next year vals day will be better.

Waffarian said...

Sorry dear!Friend of mine had the same problem, she's on pills now, says her life has changed! take care!

Calabar Gal said...

Soory you have to go through so much pain each time. Hope you feel better now.

Jola Naibi said...

Oh you poor thing, I think you might need to see a doctor to get a diagnosis on this...I'll email you and we can chat about this... the reason, I say so is I had the same issues in the past, in fact twice it got so bad, that I actually passed out out of the pain and the nausea.

I can totally relate to being in the hospital on Val's day - I went into labor on Vday of 05, I was 18 weeks pg so the baby was not due for quite a bit...I had to be rushed to the hospital, spent two nights and was sent home and put on bedrest...although everything ended well and I had my baby at the right time but for a while it was touch and go.

And to answer your ? on childbirth...after years of enduring serious menstrual pains...for me childbirth was a breeze...and it will be for your...the combination of your threshold for enduring pain being elevated after years of painful monthlies and the anticipated joy of holding your child in your arms...sure the pain is there but believe me, it is not like the mental anguish of period pains.

Shola said...


yes o! i wish we could switch places with the guys for a!

pele o! what a valentine day

Adunni said...

pele just when u think u're having it bad u find some one who is having a worse time of it.
you're welcome to the club of uneventfull valentines of which i think i'm queen.

Milkan05 said...

U see this Salary thin hen i.e d monthly period stuff that comes once a month, lasts for about two or three days and if it does not come... EVERYBODY IS IN TROUBLE!!!)
... I dont understand it o! Anyway pele sha ma good sis. Hope u get better.

The child birth thing, Hmmmmm I dey wonder hw u go take cope o!!God dey sha. just kiddin. Hope u get well soon. Mad luv

UnNaked Soul said...

oh dear. pele... anything I can do to help?

even me sef, my own period na wahala. I no know wetin to do. *hiss*

anyhow, shey u dey better now... I know I read this quite late...


omohemi Benson said...

Thanks love,I'm so much better!

Wetin be your cure?


Thanks love,
was using pills,stopped but back on it now,
So I guess I'll be better.

I am great,hope not too go through such pain next month.

Thanks mummy Jola,
And your advice on childbirth,
thanks I believe you.
I'll email you.

Thanks,next year val will be great,Amen!

Queen of uneventful vals,
I hope you will leave that throne soon o,becos it not agood place to be.Thanks love.

It's woman thang,you can't understand it,forrgerrit!
Childbirth,I will cope just well.
Mad luv.

@UnNaked soul,
Thanks love,
I'm good now.
See your doc and ask what drugs to use.

Thanks for stopping by.

Favoured Girl said...

Awww pele dear. I hope you are feeling much better now? First time on your blog. I'll be back!

adumaadan - Blacktinkerbell said...

wow! i've always had pain free periods. When people talk about cramps, I imagine a twinge in your back like i get sometimes. Pele o. Hope you've gone to see a gynaecologist now and please, let me at that foolish nurse.