Thursday, February 22, 2007

My Favorite tv programmes when I was a kid.

Where have all the good children programmes gone?

What do kids watch these days? On Nigerian TV now,there is norring,absolutely nothing!
On cable, there are a few but not like the good old days.
I will list the few I can remember.

Voltron: It was about some five kids,who had "lions",pink(Princess Alora),Green,yellow,blue and red. The slogan I remember is "And I will form the head".

Fragile rock: Puppets, living down under a rock,who ran away from some monsters when they went to pick "raddishes". There were some very little guys who coexisted with them and built somethings they could eat. One of the puppets had an uncle that lived in the city that wrote letters to them. There was always singing.

Square 1 : Musical mathematical show. I loved it,it helped with my maths.

Sesame street : Who didn't watch Sesame street? Big bird,Mr.Snoopleup-a-guess,Oscar the grouch,Kermit the frog,Cookie monster,A counting dracula. I loved it!
Is there anywhere I can get to buy like DVD or something? Are the producers of Sesame street still in business,have they made a new programme for kids? Answers anyone? Ok, I'll go google it.

Contact : A simple science programme for kids. All I can remember is the 3-2-1 Contact!

Thundersurb:About a submarine,never liked it!

Birdman: A guy that got his powers by flying towards the sun.

Tales by moonlight: Aah! Breath of fresh air,I love Aunty Nkem. She was the storyteller,telling children stories about people and animals. After the story,she asked the children the morals they have learnt from it. This show used to air on NTA on sunday evenings,precisely 6.30.
I really loved this show because I used to go for the recordings and Aunty lived very close to me. I wonder where she is now?

Globe trotters : A team of basketball players,that saved world? I remember the guy with the afro hair who had alot of stuff in it,I mean he could bring out a car from it!

Inspector Gadget : Can hear the song playing in my head can't sing remember the words though. As the name implied it was about a gadget man,everypart of his body was a gadget. He had a niece that often helped and saved him.

Tom&Jerry : Tom the cat, Jerry mouse. Always getting "along". Still love it.

Danger mouse: A mouse with a little friend saving the world, in his white body suit and little yellow car.

Captain planet: The song "Captain planet, he's the hero ,gonna take pollution down to zero,he is the man and he is fighting on the planetside". I remember there were kids with the elements in their superpower rings.

Rent-A-Ghost : A programme about ghosts running a shop and doing mischeivous things,wasn't scary at all but ver funny.

I think this post is getting too long will continue tommorrow.

You can check Jola's list of Nigerian programme that rocked back in the days. (Check for and then there was Nollywood)


Anonymous said...

lol i think i only partly watched sesame street, captain planet and tom and jerry... but not that often to remember the characters... they spent most of my childhood molding me into an adult.. and now that i'm here... i sort of dont really know what to do... lol.

bibi said...

ohh tales by moonlight..i remember that tv show... then tom and jerry, sesame street..
also speak out, check mate then all dose yeye soaps they show on NTA and galaxy..hahaha memories gurl...

thanks for stopping by

londonnaijachic said...

brings back memories not forgetting superted and transformera.We sure had it good growing up

Favoured Girl said...

This post remind me of the good old days of childhood!I also remember "Storyland" the storytelling show that was on NTA on thursdays I think. There were others: Ninja Turtles, Brightsparks etc. Oh those were the days!

BOA said...

Nice post... seems one of the Ten Commandments of Blogging is "Thou shalt return to childhood!" I did too, a while ago....

And i must thank you for helping me to dig up stuff i had completely forgotten, like CONTACT.. 3,2,1 contact! ;-))

Btw, u no watch TELEMATCH?

UnNaked Soul said...

have u seen Dave Chapelle's opinion on sesame street? LOL.. you should... holla if you want it *wink*

Daddy's Girl said...

Those were really the good old days of childrens TV. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.