Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Naija Sha

Young Nigerian boy was hung in Singapore,read full story HERE. I am not saying what Tochi did was right or wrong,after all a Nollywood star was also caught here in Nigeria for the same offence and given a "fair" verdict of 1 million naira fine or 3 years imprisonment in jail. Get details HERE.

My main concern is what did the Nigerian government do about Tochi's case. My government started rallying for Tochi a few days to his death sentence. I just heard about the case four days to his death! The CLO tried,but our Government really did not do much,even after he was hung,no official statement was made. Hmm...
In Naija we are on our own o!

This is a country where there is no power supply for several days and finally your bulb blinks but the power surge damages all your appliances;but with that you are lucky because if per chance the electric spark causes fire, you are on your own o! No fire truck in Nigeria has water,if there is ,there is no fuel,if there is,there is no tyre.

In Naija a woman is raped and the question is not where is the culprit?
The question is what was she wearing? What was she doing? Maybe she asked for it!

In Naija when some thief snatches your phone,purse or even pen! you are accused of being too flashy or careless.

In Naija,I am harrassed by hoodlums in daylight as the Governor's convoy speeds past me,the hoodlums hail him but they continue to harass me. It is not the Governor's fault,he couldn't see me through his tinted glasses and moreover he has some serious state matter to attend to.

In Naija, when the drunk, hungry looking policeman questions me rudely, I am suppose to keep smiling so that he doesn't lose it.

In Naija, when the doctor mistakenly(seriously,he didn't mean it, it was due to negligence) transfuses HIV blood to a healthy baby,we are supposed to thank God the child didn't die(at least not yet)
Sue gini? When we never get money eat.

In Naija things are not that bad,life sure is hard,but only we of Naija, can save our land.

Hmm... Naija sha.


londonnaijachic said...

Yeah! i heard the story about the tochi guy.The government and nigerian authorities keep letting us down every bleeding time and its never their fault.Its a shame and disgrace

9jamommy said...

You forgot to add, only in Naija will they be so f'ckin rude to you and then say to you when you're leaving 'Aunty, ah won't you 'do something' for us?'...it's just crazy.

BabsBETA said...

I use to have a good Nigerian blood, I still havr it though but I am not sure it runs vibrantly.

The Tochi case is so annoying because the same judge that gave the MURDER (yeah you heard me right - MURDER) sentence and earlier on (months before) proclaimed Tochi not guilty since all evidence has proven that he didnt know the nature of the drugs he was transporting.

BUt the Sg govt wasnt goin 2 release him since they dont their own citizens.

The only thing that wasnt surprising is that the govt (in the absence of another label) confirmed what everybody always thought they were by waiting till the death was certain

Mutiu said...

Thanks for reminding us of what is happening in Naija. It is very dishearten to hear that Nigeria government just woke up few minutes to Tochi’s execution. Besides Wunmi (the actress) was released (after paying 1m Naira) by court for the same offence. We know that Tochi was executed in Singapore while Wunmi case took place in Lagos Nigeria, but I would have expect the judge to sentence the actress to jail for carrying drugs in order for others to learn from.

temmy tayo said...

Tochi's case was really sad. BUt then the law in Singapore is death by hanging for any drug offence.

It is a pity there is no law in Nigeria. That is why Wumi is a free bird today.

omohemi Benson said...

They keep letting down,and not only sad but hurtful,I hope things will change,but in between now and that change what happens?

It is crazy!
Thanks for stopping by.

Please let the Nigerian blood in you still run o!
We'll call upon the blood someday to help our nation.

About Wunmi's case it is not surprising,from the minute the caught her,I knew how the case would turn out,I was even shocked that they charged 1 Million naira.
We donot only need strict laws,we need a serious system in place to enforce them.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sure the SG govt. are strict,but our government did not even put up a fight like their Australian counterpart.

Waffarian said...

So true! I remember those days in Warri, when mobile police with bloodshot eyes flagged you, as the taxi or bus was slowing down, all you could hear were comments like:" chei! abeg take am easy oh, dem don smoke igbo," "careful, careful bros, dis one don smoke oh" "abeg give dem money quick quick make we dey go", can you imagine?