Monday, April 16, 2007

Memories about me

Memories from my childhood.

I remember watching "Nightmare on Elm street"Part 4, I couldn't eat the afternnoon I watched it,the stew on my food looked like blood and at night I had horrible dreams about freddie.

I remember watching a film that had alot of break dance in it and practising the moves in my room. (in my head I can still do it,but the moves? get real!)

I remember listening to alot of music, from country to afrojuju
( I still love SSP, KSA, Lionel Richie &Micheal Jackson)

I remember composing and singing songs in the bathroom, I really wanted to be a musician. I remember telling my mom, the expression on her face was like "NEVER!"
(imagine, I would have been Nigeria's Carrie Underwood! by the way I still sing in my bathroom though)

I remember watching a film in my neighbour's house and then my mom came in during the love making scene.
(When I returned home she beat me silly)

I remember slapping my sister so hard,my finger made marks on her chubby cheeks, I remember mom scolding me and I kept insisting, it was a mistake.
(Gosh,i was just a bad bully)

I remember throwing down my uncle's tapes from our high rise balcony and helping him search for it when he returned in the evening.

I remember looking at the lagoon from my window view and wishing I could fish with the fishermen and sleep in their canoes.

I remember how mom tried to get me to eat snails, she spiced and fried them, but I just never like it.
(still don't!)

I remember my mom mixing gin with our tea, on cold rainy mornings,I remember the warm tingling feeling in my chest. I remember my yellow popeye raincoat.

I remember reciting the memory verses that my sunday school teacher taught me in front of the church, I remember learning some more from the Doughnut man series.
(All the verses are still in my head)

I remember the big bucket of Icecream my mom used to buy for festive seasons and birthday parties,I remember stealing cakes with lots of icing, it gave me a bad tummy ache at night,I was just crying but couldnot confess.

I remember my mom teaching me fractions with biscuits and match sticks, I remember when she tried to explain a sum, 1 and a half plus 1 and the half, I answered confidently, 2 and 2 halfs(lol,olodo like me!)

I remember my first blood test,I was terribly trembling as blood spilled on my uniform, I screamed as loud as my lungs will allow me. (I still hate needles,bloodtest, hospitals,drugs!)

I remember my 1st radio advert, I never got tried of listening to it over and over,I dubbed it for my friends. I remember going for the recordings of tales by moonlight with Aunty Nkem of NTA (Any one know where she is?)

I remember so many things about me, some memories are bleak,others vivid. I thank God, I have all these memories to keep.


Simply Gorgeous said...

I am first! So what is my prize?

Your memories remind me of mine. Especially the freddie ones. I cried and hid underneath my bed just so he wouldn't slice me with his claws.

Love your post!

omohemi Benson said...

My darling,
you get an all expense paid trip to Paris.
I never watched any freddie film ever since.

Ugo Daniels said...

I remember the first time i left school(high school) to go and watch porn movies in a friends house...LOL!

I remember my mum reprimanding me for bringing a girl home (4 yrs ago). C'mon i'm no longer 'that kid' you used to know.

I rememeber a lot of things, some good, some bad.

Hmmm....good old days

adumaadan - Blacktinkerbell said...

to sit back and remember, it's a wonderful thing

omohemi Benson said...

In the eyes of our parents we are still kids,
Memories are forever.

Very true.

phazzzed... said...

i remember when i was younger and on holiday, my mum wud go to work and tell us not to watch tv but to read our books. when she'd leave i'd watch tv till i saw her car drive in. i'd quickly turn off the tv and video, pick up a book and pretend to be reading.
she'd just come in, touch the tv and descend on me with slaps.
alas! i was always shocked that she knew i'd been watchin tv. daft me... the tv and video wud be hot!

londonnaijachic said...

so u bullied your sister abi, i totally bullied my brother i remember those days and i start laughing now when he starts doing tough guy.How are you?

omohemi Benson said...

I like your avatar, lol@mom descending on you with slaps, we I was younger me & my younger ones worked together, we'll watch TV, but when it is almost 4(time mum returned)someone will be on the look out for my mum downstairs, while the other will soak our kitchen napkin and spread it on top of the television, she never suspected! lol

Yes,I bullied my silblings and enjoyed it,while it lasted.I am good and u?

UnNaked Soul said...

LOL!!! *sigh* I remember some too... good ol'innocent days...

LondonBuki said...

Nice write up... Thank God for memories...

I actually have a post written up about my childhood... I guess a lot of us are reminiscing right now...

omohemi Benson said...

Memory is a beautiful thing.

I will like to read it,put it up soon. I like the words, you put up for your honey. Nice.

Bella Naija said...

12th YAY!!!!!!!!!! That's what's up lol
First up, I love ur easter dress (2 posts below)...

This one is classic: I remember my mom mixing gin with our tea, on cold rainy mornings,I remember the warm tingling feeling in my chest. I remember my yellow popeye raincoat.

That's the way to do it! LOL
I luv ur blog

Vera Ezimora said...

Girl, you need to sing for us o! Record your singing and put it on ur blog with immediate effect. I dey wait o.

...and yeah, you were an olodo. LOL

I've updated both blogs o...shek it out.

BabsBETA said...

Nice post. i had me a Popeye raincoat too.

law_damsel said...

Those memories.... i know: i remember behind d clouds,ripples, the rich also cry...Thank God 4 memories

lol u dey shack from when u were small?? gin in ur tea??

omohemi Benson said...

@Bella naija,
12! is a good number, for that I'll send you 12 white roses.
Thank you, I shopped for it in hurry though. Thanks for the compliments and for stopping by.

@Princess Fiona aka Vera,
I have been to your blog, cry cry baby.
Me, sing ke! no no I no fit again.
No,I was not an olodo I just did not like fractions and later MATHEMATICS.

Thanks,Popeye rain coat was very popular back in the days.

@Law damsel
Yea, I loved all those programmes.
Yes, oh! I don dey shack tey tey!

chicala said...

yeah good times, i had one of those raincoats too(guess every one who went to a schl in naija did ninja turtles, popeye, orishirishi types),
i remember they used to have this rubber smell(or is it jst me?), i didnt like it so i used umbrellas instead (well, sometimes cos i remember i lost every single one and my mum scolded me for it).
Sure the memories are too much to post, memories to cherish..................

milkan05 said...

I rmember having to take beans and garri to skool every morning and d horror of enduring d nice sweet smell of rice and chicken other kids brot to skul. I hated my mum for it.

olufunke said...


you write with such heart. yes, thank God for memories.

mc_pepe_soup said...

Tales by moonlight.

Everything can be solved with an egg.