Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter weekend

Pix: The dress
Brief roundoff of my easter weekend
Tasks: shop for a dress&make my hair
Events: Birthday dinner party.

Woke up late: 7.30am
Took a quick bath& skipped breakfast,rushed out of my house and hit the road.
Thankfully the traffic was light,so I got to the office(yes office) under an hour. Sorted out a few things and was out of the building in time to make my hair appiontment,but alas my hair stylist was late. I had to chill at a friend's place for an hour before she she shows up.
Finally she shows up and made my hair into pretty Ghana weave, style: side shuku),this lasted for 3 hours.

Yes, the dress,I haven't bought the dress for the evening. I have never shopped that quickly in my entire life,I bought a brown gown and some jewellery in 25 mins.
It was 5.45pm, I rush back to my friends place,take a quick shower and dress up.
I am ready at 6.15pm on the dot. We (my friends and I) arrive at the serene chinese restaurant 1omins late.
The party was fun, fun, fun all the way,thankfully there was no dancing (I had on some serious high heels).
A young loser that had been tormenting me with his proposal,showed up with fiancee at party. Unfortunately I know his chick,(Didnot know she was his fiancee until celebrant introduced them). The loser was all panicky not very comfortable,I understood his pain but I did not give a damn, I had no feelings or anything for the loser so why was he tripping(somebody say guilty conscience),anyway he leaves abruptly 10minutes into the party. I couldn't help smiling.
Later into the evening everyone starts to get comfy and introduce themselves,their professions and all, and then the thing took a different swing when some one suddenly asks me "Are you a virgin?" Without blinking I answer truthfully "Yes!" . Omo, see lecture and questions wey I receive,chei,I for answer personal abi! ( it must have been too much martinee,getting into me and forcing my tongue to tell the truth).
Someone even asked me " Are you a lesbian?" shio! I answered all questions but strangely unlike the former me,I wasn't embarrassed. I mean why should I be?
Is it a curse to be a virgin? Yeah, someone told me at the party"Guys don' like virgins you have to teach them everything!" eventually they left me off the hook,phew!
But the whole evening was nothing short of fun and pure laughter.

My beauty sleep was cut short by a phonecall from my boss.
Something had gone wrong,and Omohemi had to fix it.
I rushed over to her place and fixed it temporarily, was supposed to attend a premeire of a film at 7pm,but decided against when my IV had not arrived at 3pm.
Enjoyed the rest of evening with my mom,watching tv,gisting and finally catching up on my beauty sleep.

I WENT TO CHURCH! You don't know how much this means to me,I haven't been to church in ages. I was blessed.

Later in evening
I attended another church programme, Dance drama titled: The day death died. It was a lot of fun, young people displaying their God given talent and strength. I couldn't stay till the end,It was getting late and my home was far from the place.

Home,doing nothing,PHCN aka NEPA,made it boring. My family had decided to leave out the loud sound of our generator for the holyday,so no Tv, except for like 25mins when NEPA had mercy.
I washed my clothes,then slept,then cleaned my room,read,chatted with mom and my brother,slept, called my sis,who was at my granma's place to cheer her up a little more. Slept.
In all I think it was a good weekend.
Check out the other view of the dress and hair HERE


Uzo said...

The dress looks good...LOL....Lucky thin woman

Ugo Daniels said...

hmmm, your easter was very nice and here's also wishing you da best of power un-outages.

But, wait ooo, how can there be a party without 'a dancing'...lol!!!

Anonymous said...

You're beautiful

Mrs Somebody said...

I wish I could wear that dress.Too bad I'm not a size 6 like you.*sigh*. you lucky girl.

Robert said...

Hope that u had a great time at your friend's place.The dress looks simply great on you! While reading your post I recollected some past glimpses of my times spent at my best friend's place. That was amazing!

Anonymous said...

its something cool and a thing of pride to be avirgin at this age and time.