Thursday, April 19, 2007

I no do

I no do o!

I say I no do,
Wahala wa nibe ni?
Leave me!

The flashy car,
The fresh smelling mint,
The clean cut suit,
The fineboy look,
They are very tempting
But not enough to draw me to you,
You say I am a fool,
Many will die to be in my shoes,
So why do you still want me,
Abi ara adugbo e gbami!

Go and mother the chicks that want you,
I choose to remain a fool
Than be with you,
Shine shine bobo,
No substance,
So your daddy is the last king of scotland,
Unfortunately he didn't tell you
There's more to being a man,
Than your oversized wand,

I can't teach you,
I can't please you,
I don't want to be your flunkey,
Let be me in peace,
I say I no do!
Move on to those that will have you,
Wahala wa nibe ni?
I no do!


vindication through innocence said...

am i first?lol!!ive never done that before!!but with this moderator thingy you never know!!This babe, no mind am!!Boys are smelly!!

LondonBuki said...

Shine Shine Bobo!!!! LOL!!!

NaijaBloke said...

So shine shine bobo dey disturb u..LOL

Iwo na ma wo awon short skirts yen mo now ..LOL

Anyway just tell him that u be winch and see if he go run..

Moose said...

interesting... nice read!

Anonymous said...

so who is that disturber disturbing u now ehn? abi wahala dey there ni,dont mind him jere.

Anonymous said...

Well written. Funny and simple.

Abeg Shine Shine Bobo, leave Omohemi alone o! FILE!

Ugo Daniels said... wao

omohemi Benson said...

Yes love, you are 1st!
Congratulations!!! You get a full body massage and pedicure. Haba,only dirty boys are smelly o!lol.


@Naijabloke, lol, me short skirt ke? I wear only hot pants!lol


Me,I no send am.

Thanks,I like theD-banj remarks, Fi le!

Na real wah, my brother.

dolly said...

Se dandan ni
shine shine bobo pls leave Omohemi alone oooo.......file ah she no gree

Anonymous said...

Very nice Omohemi. I beg no do jare. I know one bobo like that.I told him I no do and he said "It's your loss." I disagree. I think it was much to my gain...and yours too my dear

UnNaked Soul said...

Omo don't hurt 'em... he he he

NaijaBloke said...

Afi hot pants nah ..maybe thatz why the guy has the hots for u ..LOL

Have a lovely weekend babes

NaijaBloke said...

my email address is

milkan05 said...

Ol gal gree for the guy na!! Haba!! take it ez on d guy

londonnaijachic said...


Idemili said...

Where them? Where them? LOL. Great poem!

Waffarian said...

heheheheheh, You no do! heheheheh, funny, liked it!

TaureanMinx said...

Shine shine BOBO leave Omo ALONE! lol.

Jaycee said...


"so ur daddy is the king of Scotland, but theres more to being a man that ur OVERSIZED WAND...

Amen to that!

law_damsel said...

nice!! So,i hope uv said it 2 one of dem

Kafo said...

i love this.
there's more to being a man, than your oversized wand.


it's like u the lady in Lagbaja "nothing for u"

phazzzed... said...

this is gr8... ara adugbo egbami!
fav lines are
"There's more to being a man,
Than your oversized wand"

BabaAlaye said...

Very well written. Me likes!!!
Esp the Last King of Scotland bit.

mc_pepe_soup said...

shine-shine bobo, u need an overhaul.

Ur reign is fast fading.

The age of inner-beauty is upon us.


Daddy's Girl said...

LOLLLL at his "oversized wand". LOLLL, Omohemi you are a trip, seriously. I like this post!

exschoolnerd said...

this was lovely!!!

The Last King Of Scotland said...

nice poem, errrr it would'nt have anything to do with TLK of scotland[me] would it??? just kidding

Mrs Somebody said...

I was just wondering how over-sized is the oversized wand?