Monday, April 2, 2007

In the papers

I read in the papers on saturday,about a woman that was burnt to death in Gombe state,northern part of Nigeria.
She was supervising some students who were writing Islamic studies exam,she caught one of them sneaking in the Quran and seized it. The students beat her up and eventually killed her because, she "disrepected" the Quran!. I was really sad after reading the story,where did all that come from? They are secondary students for goodness sake? What went wrong?
What happened to the school authorities? What is the Gombe state government planning to do?

Just thinking of what I read in the news.


bimbylads said...

wow.. is that for real? oga o... this world is turning into something else.. they KILLED HER?? ehhhhhhhhh... al'qu is spreading fast..

nna, i am odikwa feri quiet o.. ehen.. ! have a burifool month..

bimbylads said...

IM FIRSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.. and SECOND tooo.... ill be third again if u want.. okay, ill be quiet!

Simply Gorgeous said...

Yes Bimblads, be quiet. I am here now. Isn't that right Omohemi? I have read that story also very tragic and depressing. What is going on in nigeria. But you forgot to mention it was an all girls school. The attackers were secondary school girls. I don't understand this excessive violence in nigeria. I blame the officials for the laid back atmosphere that allows intolerance to thrive.

omohemi Benson said...

Yes you are 1st,I am send you cowhead with some strong ogogoro.
Yes, they killed. I don't know if it a'l anything o,but it is so sad.

It didnot specify in the paper,I'll read it again.
I blame the official too but the officials themselves are not any better.

londonnaijachic said...

Yeah i heard that story too.Because she disrepected the quran she is killed?What is this world turning into?

Idemili said...

Disrespected it by seizing it in an inappropriate situation? See wahala! Ah-ah! What if it were the bible nko?

Waffarian said...

Look ehn, since that whole big episode with the "Mohammed cartoons" in Denmark, me, I dey fear people oh! The way the "Quran" is being used to intimidate others is crazy! I have a Quran at home, english version, being the curious person I am, I have read it like a novel and it is with my other novels on my bookshelf. Everytime I see it, I can not believe that it is "the interpretation" of this book that is the source of so much terror and violence around the world. I have tried to read where these people get it from, I can not find it. The book is ordinary, its pages made of paper, like any other book. I can't figure it out.

law_damsel said...

Thank u oh waffarian!! i think ignorance is d prob.. they are highly unexposed n uneducated.. i dont think anything can be done..dis ignorance id deeply entrenched in their system... they either get it or they dont! well dats life... nuttin can eva b perfect. ..

adumaadan - Blacktinkerbell said...

There is something wrong with anyone who would burn a woman for disrespecting a book but have little respect for human life. So, it is okay to cheat in the presence of this almighty god in whose name they claim to have killed. These things defy sense. They annoy me and make we wonder if it wouldn't be best to give up on the human race and cast my lot with the apes.

Confused Naija Girl said...

i am really tired of muslim extremists in naija. when will all this nonsense stop! poor woman!

Ugo Daniels said...

Wtf, this is really pathetic. I wish a law would be passed that any muslim fanatic that kills another should be killed immediately without even going on trial.

All these religious fanaticism should STOP right now.

Am only scared cos our annointed incoming president is the President of Islamic Fanatics in Nigeria

I weep for my dear country!

Beyond said...

m'n i dont really know what to say than, God should take control.
As i don dey daydream of how i go waka go naija go settle down after all the schooling shit in yankee. most of the news about naija is not encouraging at all.
i wish naija all the best.

mimi said...

wha! that is so barbaric, direspectin the wha..
even Jesus said he who is sinless cast the first stone, besides, is cheatin a proper thing to do. at times i wonder if they relly do have human beings as rulers in the north or perhaps, the cows are elected king