Friday, January 19, 2007

My Valentine order

Say what you wish,but know this I MUST GET A GIFT THIS VALENTINE!
Christmas no cards, no gift, New year nko? Some chessy text messages. I no go gree, this valentine must be superb for me but first I must find a valentine boyfriend to keep me company for the day.

He must possess the following qualities, in no particular order.

1)He must be drop dead gorgeous with the ability to wake me up with a kiss. Pictures I have in mind: Will smith,Pharell Williams,T.I and Tyler perry.

2) Great sense of humour.

3) He must be Biceptual,possessing great abs,6 pack and strong comforting arms.(NOT BISEXUAL PLEASE!)

4)Very rich and generous;He must possess an innate ability to understand all my unspoken needs.

5)Great voice that can sing to me at any time.

6) Fanstatic cook with outstanding laundry abilites.

7)Definitly must be in intelligent,possessing bedroom PHD.

If you fit or know anyone that fit or surpass the above qualites please contact me with your name and number ASAP and I shall take it from there.


londonnaijachic said...

Hmmm! I didn't even realize it .I wonder why?Vals day is less than a month and i used to be the person who got ready to celebrate valentine immediately after celebrating the new year

omohemi Benson said...

It is less than a month away!
Get your acts together,I see that you are getting your groove on,so go on girl!

Happy Valentine in advance!

Anonymous said...

lol.. babe you're fantastic!!! I love love love your blog and style of writing... putting you on my favorite bloggers list this second.. Thanks for dropping by my blog luv... i'll definitely be back... hehe... bedroom phd... that just blew me away... lol...

Omohemi Benson said...

Thanks babe!
I love your blog too!
You love my style of writing? Thanks(though I doubt if I have a style I just dey write sha!)

erm...*Cough* abeg you know anybody wey fit the qualities?

Anonymous said...

hmmmmmm!! Count me!!! Count me!! Count me!!!

milkan05 said...

In ur wildest dreams!!! I doubt u gettin ur gift! anyway i could help with the bedroom........