Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What makes a Woman?

I was reading through one of my old journals and saw an entry, I wrote 2 years ago.
I wrote
Viney (name of that diary), I was just thinking what makes a girl a woman?! Is it the wicked ritual called circumcision, or menstruation?
Is it the thrusting upon of her hymen or the birth of a child
? Is it the strength of her mind?

Really what makes a woman? I am not talking about good or bad, for we all have our different perceptions of what is right or wrong.
What is happiness for a woman?
Does a woman need a man to define who she is?
Why do most women misunderstand each other?

I don’t have any answers, that is why I ask

Excerpt from an emotional book, I just finished reading GOOD WOMEN OF CHINA BY XINRAN.

How Chinese men describe the different women in their lives, using fishes.

Lovers – Swordfish – Tasty but with sharp bones.
Personal secretaries: Carp – The longer you “stew” them, the more flavor they have.
Other men’s wives: ‘Japanese puffer fish” trying a mouthful could be end of you, but risking death is a source of pride.

Their own wives: Salt cod –Because it keeps for a long time, when there is no other food, salt cod is cheap and convenient and makes a meal with rice.


hihi0926 said...

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zewt said...

What maketh a woman... hmmm... certainly not having their period or a dick crushing her hymen! haha...

I guess when a woman finally realises her own worth and weaknesses, the need to depend on men on certain things (sound sexist eh)... then I guess one has become a woman.

Vera Ezimora said...

I dunno. I think it's mental & emotional. God built us tough. He built us with so much wisdom and endurance. I'm glad I'm a woman

.... oh, it DEFINITELY has nothing 2 do with any hymen being broken....especially if it was done by a tree or bicycle. *cough*

Omohemi Benson said...

Realising her worth and weakness,I like that,though you don't have to be a woman to truly understand who are or what we go through.

I'm glad am woman too!
hymen being broken by bicycle or tree?! lol

Guy Horny said...

Omohemi tanks for stopping bye my blog.

Will read your archives now. LOL

omohemi Benson said...

@ Guy horny,
My pleasure.

Sexiest guy on blogvile in my space,cool,but abeg comot before sis Veracatch u for here I NO want trouble o! lol

Thanks for stopping by too.