Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Weather

The weather is cold, breezy and dry but different from the usual harmattan.
I love the weather though it is harder for me to prepare for work in the morning, I still love it.
I love it believing that it will bring forth good tidings in the 007 year, good tidings not just for me but my country.
Maybe the only reason I see hope in the weather is because there is hope in no other. The fuel queues have become longer, the prices of goods soar higher and no fire engine in Nigeria has water; maybe that is why I look to the weather.

Unlike its rainy brother, this weather makes the potholes appear smaller and probably a lot easier to move by. This weather makes the commuters in the danfo bus, move closer not afraid of sweat or a threatening body odour. The weather makes a bloody workaholic like me long for home.

Maybe I love the weather, because it protects my oily skin or unlike the hot season, I can protect myself from it and keep warm and clean (all washings dry quickly). Maybe I love the weather because I believe it will make all Nigerians happy though it reminds me that I am young single woman with no one to share the weather


NaijaBloke said...

I heard the fuel issue is crazy now and the weather is a lil' bit harsh as well.

Hmmm.. single woman with no one to share the weather.

exschoolnerd said...

i like the weather too..though at times it a lil too cold.

Omohemi Benson said...

@ Naijabloke
Yeah,the fuel palava still prevails we pray it gets better.

Uhmm... No one to share the weather.

I agree.

aretheydayour? said...

what a poet! i underestimated u, u kno? u just kept on keepin on. i mean i can imagine u talking to me like dat. but sha u've got good good stuff and dont worry about the weather i will soon get hotter
by then u won't need the pillow case (lol)

omohemi Benson said...

Thanks man,
The weather is better now,infact it is hot!

Thanks for stopping by.