Monday, January 22, 2007


Orisirisi means different things.

The stories I tell today,are different stories of young people,I read about in the papers and listened to their stories in the news.

Story 1
Over the weekend,the Saturday punch carries the story of a young gir,Blessing aged 12,who was bound arms and feet and starved for 2 days by her own father! Reason: She had a quarrel with a young boy whose mother came to report to the little girls dad.

Blessing's father is now on the run,as the Nigeria police are looking for him. Blessing's hands are so bad bow she needs a plastic sugery to fix them.
Her mother does not live with her father,but efforts are being made to find her.
Blessings says she will stil return to her father and apologise because she believes he intended no harm.

Story 2
A 7 year boy lost he two eyes to ritualists in Nasarwa,because one bloody idiot wanted to be invisible?! The culprits were caught and charged to court. If you ask me I'll say an eye for an eye, babau wahala!

Story 3
A young lady,who is mental ill runs away from home and is found by good samaritans and is taken to a National TV station,who puts her on TV and ask for her relatives to come forward.
While they wanted for her relatives,they hanede the young lady to the police.

Well, her mom and brother show up the followiing week to claim their sister and the police say she no where to be found!!!

Hmm... Orisirisi!