Tuesday, May 6, 2008

random ranting

The rainy season is here again,
and I have a hate/love with the rains,
but its all good.

I feel like am living outside by body,
I wake up constantly in pains and not wanting to get out of bed.
Over the weekend though,I had a good rest and felt well,
but by Monday morning the "feeling" resumed.

I just finished a malaria dose, so I do not know what it could be.
Is it Lagos and its madness getting to me?

I am often distracted.

I feel like going on long long holiday, with a masseuse at my side, all day.
All I just want to do now is write, sleep,sing, watch movies, relax and read.

I don't know why, but I am worried by every piece of news,
especially news about Nigeria,
I know you'll say focus on the good, but there so much going on, its so hard to focus.
I worry about Zimbabwe'.

I worry about my weight,
Its rapid the way am gaining weight,
I am loving the new defined hips, butt and boobs,
but the bulging tummy and large arms, no! no!

I am glad things are sorting out,
I need to discipline my self about my finances,
I need to go shopping,
I need shoes, bags and new Sexy lingerie.
I need to get away,
I need space.

I love my mom,
I am growing to love and respect her mom every day,
though sometime her love can exasperating.

I miss my siblings,
wish I could see them everyday.

I hate the traffic,
I feel like dancing,
I feel like hosting a beach party,
I miss my baby.

I am feeling dizzy.
its about to rain,
am at work and cannot concentrate.
I have missed two classes at school this week,
I miss school and am angry.

I need to try and focus,
before boss lady shoots my brain,
but really I need a holiday.

I just needed to do this rant and hope I feel better.
Lord,this is a prayer, sort me out, now now!


Jaycee said...

I hope u can take a vacation soon sweeeerieee...

Travelling somewhere fantastic always helps. You'll get sorted out in no time...mwah!

omohemi Benson said...

Amen o,I hope I get to go on a vacation to somewhere exotic real soon and honestly,I don't want to resume in Lagos, its all crazy here for now.
I trust I'll be sorted soon.
thanks sweets.

temmy tayo said...

You will be. Lets go to India, I need a vacation too.

LG said...

AMEN...but Lord, can i tag along, plsssss(lol)
*hope u r beta now
*tnx for dropping by..come again o,lol*

omohemi Benson said...

@Tayo, when are you looking at? Uzo and daddy's girl went last year and hear it was alot of fun. lets talking about it.

@Lg,lol,sure you can come in my suitcase.
I am better,thanks.

Favoured Girl said...

Hope you feel better babe, I hate that "out of sorts" feeling! If you can't take the holiday straigt away, my remedy is: a long soak in the tub and a long conversation with God :-)

Hope you have a lovely weekend.