Friday, March 7, 2008

Danfo Driver goes to school

This year has been going great for me and am thankful to God.
Though there a lot of work and orisirisi to it, compounded of course with the Lagos madness but its all good. Talking about Lagos, Lagos is gradually....yes, gradually changing, from a danfo driver I can tell you so, well let me start from my angle- transport.

The Bus Rapid transit buses have not fully rolled out but some are on the road already, new pedestrian bridges are been built, and they are properly done with roof covers,(Note: one on anthony/oshodi expressway and Onipanu/Ikorodu road) the Ozumba Mbadiwe road is fab, almost completed,(I wish the same could be done to Ikorodu road) , the molue is going to be gradually phased out,though I wonder what will happen to existing driver of these molues? Will they be employed by state Government to drive the Brt Buses or some other forms of employment will be created for them?
And yes, the markets,it is a lot of work to get them clean but there is continuing effort, but I miss my Tejuosho market which got burnt last December,I mean it is one of best markets on the mainland, which had everything! I hope it can built back to something better than what existed before, but in the mean time The traders should be relocated to a proper place, some have found(or properly given) shops along the NTA road in Tejuosho but can that place contain them all? And where can the danfo driver shop without having to go all the way to Lagos Island?

Ok... back to the title of this post, Danfo driver is taking a course to help her improve on her work and get a better understanding of it, I started this month,the course is 10 days in a month which will run for four months and it is 9am-5pm and there is only one cute boy in my class...(sigh), yes I know am there to learn and all, but good looking men could speed up the learning process :-),
well am enjoying school,I love my lecturers and classmates and I love lunch time though I see only the option of rice and salad and strangely I don't talk much in class, well it only been two days this week, so lets see how it goes.

I know the month of February is long gone, but I had a very different valentine from last year, it was good. And yes I have not had any severe menstrual pain since then,thanks to my Gynie,I recommend her any day. So that all for now with the danfo driver,I'll try to be consistent with my blog rounds now, I miss Babaalaye,Vera and boorish, I hope they come and update soon.

The danfo driver goes about now with a tape recorder and camera, to capture the sights and sounds of Lagos, but men! to take pictures on the road is not easy. Any body got some tips for a female danfo driver driver, walking around Lagos with a camera, to get good pictures?

orisirisi- meaning:Different things.



she finally updates her blog!!! the Lord is good. how u dey?

Freaksho said...

1. wear a bullet proof vest
2. nice running shoes
3. get someone else to do it for ya!

Anonymous said...

lol i like this... i think isaw that market burn.. either i was driving by there... or i saw it on the news.. my facts are scrambled... lol... lovely pictures... i should put some up myself

omohemi Benson said...

am good love,
how you dey?

lol,thanks for the tips

thanks,I miss dat market,I cannot begin to explain, looking forward to your pictures.

Uzo said...

Nice..An update....A different val's day...Good one...Also, good one on the training program...

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Just stumbled on your blog. Please can you give me some information about your gynie as per you not having severe period pain anymore. I'd be most grateful as i suffer from it and it destabilies me every single month. Please let me know what advise she gave or drugs she prescribed. Thanks.