Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Happy new year

Happy new year everyone!

hope you all had a fab holiday, I did.

I love the feeling hope the every new year brings,

I know all I have set out to achieve to this year will be done.

I will blog more and not run off or allow laziness engulf me, even though more work has piled for me,but I shall get through it and blog.

I met a few bloggers last saturday and it was fun! for those that couldn't make it,

you missed! I hope we can do this again.

Happy new year again people,

may this year be your best year yet!

Enough now, Omohemi.


Ugo Daniels said...


ibilola said...


Writefreak said...

I wish you a happy year! Thanks for stopping by my blog, i have updated...thank you all for the!

dolly said...


Tayo said...

ehhmmm ... *clears throat* ... errr ... OK, no comment!

Olamild said...

Happy neU Year 2 U
U shall be well
U shall be lifted
U shall be highly favored.

U should update o.

Anonymous said...

i know... that really sucked esp the fact that we never got to make up for it.. happy new year my darlig/.. i love u

laspapi said...

How are you, Omohemi? Just saw your comment on my ONB post on my blog. Yahoo! didnt notify me. Hope you're well.

In my head and around me said...

Hey, are you ok?